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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Patanjali, 428:be known as the instrument of the soul and the means whereby the brain of the aspirant becomesPatanjali, xi:to us, as we study the life of Christ, what it means to develop the powers of the soul, to attainPatanjali, xi:of that becoming, and the rules, methods, and means which - when followed - make a man "perfectProblems, 5:the various modes of primitive communication by means of drums or bonfires have been replaced byProblems, 23:for a new world consciousness, and through her means, a new planetary expression will gradually beProblems, 28:vision and deliberate humanitarian purpose. This means for each nation the overcoming of pride andProblems, 34:power and which have striven with all available means to increase their membership and to imprisonProblems, 36:the beautiful, the true and the good and by means of the creative arts to prove their existence. ItProblems, 36:as a disaster. All of us are distressed that the means of its dissolution have brought so muchProblems, 60:with the recognition that many of them are by no means new but that they require new emphasis. NowProblems, 75:fresh industries and the growth of worldwide means of distribution provided new fields ofProblems, 89:good of the comity of nations and not as a means of self-glorification; it defends itsProblems, 112:evil conditions and fighting by every possible means to prevent their being changed; they play uponProblems, 112:from the animal instincts of the Negroes means nothing, for they need equal protection from theProblems, 136:work for the restoration of the world? By what means will the spiritual Guides of the race lead menProblems, 160:which distinguish human thinking; through their means also the Scriptures of the world have beenProblems, 175:capitalism; it must also be remembered that the means of distribution by sea, rail and air areProblems, 177:in any direction and in any country; by means of this free intercourse, members of the human familyProblems, 179:The propagation of these ideas by all available means and the spread of the principle of goodwillProblems, 180:have its own newspaper or magazine, through means of which the educational process can bePsychology1, 17:It is as yet but an intellectual phrase which means little except the enunciation of a truth,Psychology1, 50:Religion. Ray III - Higher Expression: Means of communication or interaction. The radio, telephone,Psychology1, 76:His six brother rays have done. This statement means little to you, but the tremendous sacrificePsychology1, 101:thousands of years ago, are now extinct, and by means of their bones we endeavor to reconstructPsychology1, 116:a saying to you? If it is indeed so to you, it means that you are as yet somewhat self-centered andPsychology1, 122:discovery. The ceremonial ray brings with it the means whereby that knowledge may be acquired andPsychology1, 125:will be given. They teach in three ways: By means of intuitional telepathy. Through demonstrationPsychology1, 126:and their power will be utilized. By what means will their presence be realized and their powersPsychology1, 130:or sensitive response to contact, and by that means the subsequent growth in knowledge.Psychology1, 132:happen in a few cases in the universe. But it means that, from the standpoint of a clairvoyantPsychology1, 133:of God's will and His beneficent purpose. By means of the Eye of God light shines forth upon thePsychology1, 155:the number of the adept. This simply means that the adept is one who comprehends the nature of thePsychology1, 185:spiritualists will make a discovery whereby the means of contact with those who function out of thePsychology1, 227:of the same potency under another aspect. This means therefore that: The power or will of GodPsychology1, 232:and wherein they can find sustenance and the means to develop. Few people can evolve from withinPsychology1, 255:a measure of purposive objective; and one means towards this end is to be found in the turning ofPsychology1, 257:be the controlling factor, and through its means the three subhuman kingdoms will be brought underPsychology1, 258:concerned) was the method employed. This really means that, when the evolving life within the formPsychology1, 281:and secrets be shouted from the housetops. By means of this process of revelation, within the humanPsychology1, 299:underlying the sexual relation, and by its means grasp the scope of the spiritual realities. ThePsychology1, 299:pairs of opposites are brought together, and by means of which they become at-one and produce aPsychology1, 299:and the real significance has been lost. Sex now means the satisfaction of the male desire forPsychology1, 330:life and expression of Deity, and through its means he arrives at a knowledge of some aspects ofPsychology1, 331:sense, and as an instrument of discovery by means of which a man unfolds the truly humanPsychology1, 356:books) kama-manas. This phrase simply means a blend of desire-feeling-lower-mind, - a curiousPsychology1, 379:development is an accomplished fact, we have no means whereby to express the true significance ofPsychology1, 411:Religion. Ray III - Higher expression: Means of communication or interaction. Radio, telegraph,Psychology1, 411:or interaction. Radio, telegraph, telephone and means of transportation. Lower expression: The usePsychology2, 7:the monadic realization. This is a phrase that means absolutely nothing to us, for it concerns thePsychology2, 44:perfection and to personal work through the means of that inner silence which broods over thePsychology2, 53:(under the present planetary experiment) is by means of graphs, which give these crises - racialPsychology2, 88:world Saviors, by Their death and sacrifice as a means of salvation and eventual release andPsychology2, 88:a. The Significance of the Law of Sacrifice It means the impulse of giving. The whole secret of thePsychology2, 96:of Salvage or Salvation The Law of Sacrifice means also salvage and underlies all the evolutionaryPsychology2, 99:of great importance. Let me be more explicit, by means of the following statements: Only threePsychology2, 102:be Three, IV. 7. (1-5-3) This, when interpreted, means Monad - third ray. Ego - fourth ray.Psychology2, 103:beginning of the real Way. The Law of Sacrifice means also Psychology2, 105:learn to serve without attachment to results, to means, to persons or to praise. This I will dealPsychology2, 107:of your thought and criticism. The ways and means are many; the points of view vary with everyPsychology2, 112:of human beings understand something of what it means to function as a soul. Then, under obediencePsychology2, 135:occur) the mental agility of the server to find means for the justification of his own ambition. ItPsychology2, 151:at the Path of Initiation, but which as yet means but little in his development. There are, then,Psychology2, 152:via the soul nature. The Law of Fixation. By means of this law the mind controls and stabilizes.Psychology2, 163:does its appointed work. Some idea of what it means may appear, however dimly, to our vision as wePsychology2, 164:Path and these soul potencies. The eight Means to Yoga or union of the soul, and this septenate ofPsychology2, 164:relation between the seven laws and the eight means to Yoga, because this will give us anPsychology2, 164:of the difference existing between the means to Yoga as understood by the average yogi orPsychology2, 177:learn effectively to decentralize himself. This means that He will ask nothing for the separatedPsychology2, 183:give some of the elementary requirements and, by means of a broad generalization, to indicate thePsychology2, 192:aspect of money. They will regard money as the means whereby divine purpose can be carried forward.Psychology2, 196:in the center of our circle of influences. By means of this augmentation - during the comingPsychology2, 222:quality or instinctual nature through the means of which humanity expresses the first Ray of WilledPsychology2, 247:seeming to the inner side of phenomena. By this means, a focusing of consciousness is producedPsychology2, 255:the basic rules of soul control and it is by no means an easy one for the student to grasp. It is aPsychology2, 261:their highly developed understanding and by means of their "self-willed power," frequently wroughtPsychology2, 291:be well for us to elaborate this a little by means of certain tabulations: Psychology2, 292:the man is nearing the probationary path. This means that the mental vehicle is governed by anPsychology2, 298:his first ray egoic force enables him to use all means to plan for himself, and to use the willPsychology2, 323:Bodies From the standpoint of psychology, this means that the glandular equipment, the physicalPsychology2, 324:and is the apparatus of contact and the means through which the experiencing soul arrives at a fullPsychology2, 325:environment from the standpoint of time. This means, in the first instance, the right use of timePsychology2, 326:subjected, and from which there seems no escape, means for them the learning of some lesson whichPsychology2, 335:The integration of the personality, or the means whereby the consciousness of the person Shifts outPsychology2, 347:the personalities, will be conveyed by means of a formula of integration. This will itself bePsychology2, 369:- may be equally stimulated. This statement means, for instance, that if all the emphasis of thePsychology2, 384:is awakened by an act of the will, which really means by the mind, functioning forcefully, underPsychology2, 400:activity of the image-making faculty. By its means, subtle divine attributes and purposes can bePsychology2, 401:Fusion and Duality, and have shown you how, by means of them, the three rays of the Personality,Psychology2, 436:personality. Then the mystic can emerge. This means that he has achieved the point wherein thePsychology2, 443:and controlled by a third ray mind. This means capacity for intellectual achievement of a veryPsychology2, 443:fourth ray energies of the personality. This means that the personality goal is the achievement ofPsychology2, 448:between the mind and the emotional vehicle which means the attainment of peace, and the otherPsychology2, 454:problems of thought-form making, and by their means the man becomes the victim of that which he hasPsychology2, 456:some teacher is often regarded as a definite means of psychological salvation, for it tends toPsychology2, 463:gradual breaking down of the walls of thought by means of which a man has separated himself offPsychology2, 482:needed step but people should understand what it means and steadily change the sense of dualityPsychology2, 522:are also energized from two sources: by means of the energies raised up and lifted into the headPsychology2, 527:"midway between the pairs of opposites" and this means (as far as our particular interest at thisPsychology2, 556:contacts of which they become aware and of the means whereby these contacts are approached andPsychology2, 563:the essential unity of all manifestation by the means of sight. Extract 4 Hearing - Beatitude. This
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