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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Psychology2, 586:by refusing to use them any more and by this means causing them gradually to die out. This leads toPsychology2, 598:the disciple. Humanity has chosen to proceed by means of the "trial and error" method and it is inPsychology2, 611:The time has not yet come when this statement means much except to very advanced students, but itPsychology2, 633:illiteracy, hunger, distress and no leisure or means for cultural advantages, are in an inflamedPsychology2, 635:their partisanship which is demanded, and which means success to any leader. They are the ones whoPsychology2, 637:party battle have utterly failed, and that the means hitherto employed on all sides and by allPsychology2, 653:and the realm of intuitive perception. This means that they will be oriented towards reality.Psychology2, 657:and fight, but have no real idea of what it means, or of where they, as a race, are going. [658]Psychology2, 660:but, given opportunity, and the necessary means to go forward with its work, it can make realPsychology2, 661:in the various fields of human expression. By means of right inner activity and wise leadership,Psychology2, 664:every possible language and by every available means, and every available person must be utilizedPsychology2, 667:word, that they may employ every possible means which brains and money can use in their endeavor,Psychology2, 667:all these things are to be regarded as simply a means to an end - the production of worldwide goodPsychology2, 667:and money, but the organization is again only a means to an end. The organization of the New GroupPsychology2, 676:is a systematized process of education. By its means, men and women everywhere are to be trained toPsychology2, 677:with the immediate possibilities. By these means, they will eventually awaken in the masses anPsychology2, 687:usefulness as channels of spiritual force. It means that after due preparation, dedication andPsychology2, 694:by no committee, but governed through the means of the intelligent cooperation of a group,Psychology2, 696:of human beings understand something of what it means to function as souls. Then, under obediencePsychology2, 714:reduction of the pressure upon humanity by the means of a steady stabilizing of world thought.Psychology2, 728:today is the possibility and right procedure, by means of a more specific and definite "push" orPsychology2, 728:It would be well to discuss the ways and means to swing these leaders into a joint activity withoutPsychology2, 730:such as is now possible through our developed means of communication, and the growth of telepathicPsychology2, 730:innocent human beings - who work without the means for pleasure or leisure, who are underfed andPsychology2, 746:upon receptivity to spiritual impression, which means responsiveness to the new ideas which arePsychology2, 748:community, nation or group of nations. This means a consistent policy of non-attack. No leader orRays, 18:awakening group consciousness. In reality, this means that the Hierarchy will be more closelyRays, 33:who is not an initiate has any conception. It means, secondly, the release of the faculty ofRays, 36:point which I have just made. Group initiation means that the bulk of the members are correctlyRays, 45:of the personal lower self. Into the cold. This means that the focus of the life is now in theRays, 56:sounding forth vocally upon the physical plane means little. The important factors are to sound itRays, 61:is the cause of the evolutionary process, and by means of it he perfects his vehicles of expressionRays, 67:aspect of his ray group and of all groups. This means that the significance of the involutionaryRays, 82:the seas behind and know that God is Fire. This means more than its obvious significance.Rays, 82:as you understand it. The phrase therefore means (if such a misleading form of words can beRays, 88:through the education of the masses. This means the paralleling development of an enlightenedRays, 92:Hierarchy (which in the case of individual man means relating the personality to the soul), He nowRays, 99:and to see life as the Hierarchy sees it. This means that life is approached from the angle of theRays, 104:the man). His effort is towards something which means little as yet to those of you who read theseRays, 110:this thought to your consciousness, for it means that two aspects of spiritual work must beRays, 125:adhere to a self-imposed discipline. Through the means of that discipline, the control of theRays, 153:must flow under soul direction, and it also means the perfecting of the response apparatus and theRays, 158:by him under a great uniform plan and are the means whereby salvation (to use an old familiar word)Rays, 163:of what we call Death - which is in reality a means of abstracting the life principle, informed byRays, 164:or rather paraphrase the [164] four sentences by means of which I have sought to embody this law,Rays, 170:The will is too often regarded as a power by means of which things are done, activities areRays, 174:necessarily comes to the disciple through the means of graded revelation and in balanced sequence;Rays, 177:along one or other of the various Paths by means of which a Master can start upon the Path of theRays, 182:of the jewel in the egoic lotus. This means, therefore, that successful work "within the veils ofRays, 197:be correctly assimilated and expressed; by its means, the hurrying seeker is defended from makingRays, 204:was the expression in time and space; that means that there was only a relative and limitedRays, 213:in evolution, is a generalization and simply means that all of them have reached the point whereRays, 216:the [216] causal body - the vehicle through the means of which the Monad has created first of allRays, 223:more easily understood if it is realized that it means the extension of the point of tension intoRays, 226:of extinguishing the lesser fires through the means of the above realization, and the establishingRays, 226:as an integral part of the Hierarchy. This means the enunciation of a dual chord. The stage ofRays, 234:us that "the group toils in Pisces." This simply means that the field wherein the New Group ofRays, 238:under the influence of His will nature. This means that the Members of the Hierarchy, familiar asRays, 241:what the disciple has done with himself and by means of which he is enabled to be the recipient ofRays, 242:and the relation of spirit-matter, are by no means the real explanation of the divine purpose; theyRays, 248:force is transmuted or changed into energy. This means (where a disciple is concerned) theRays, 256:three levels of the triadal consciousness; it means also that these three strands are firmlyRays, 267:do is to fall back upon the Law of Analogy, by means of which the microcosm can arrive at a glimmerRays, 269:with the three Lords of the three rays and by means of which They express Their impelling energy.Rays, 270:proposition will be absolutely necessary. By means of this, each initiate will embody hisRays, 270:revealed to him. This he can do only through the means of group experience, in cooperation with hisRays, 283:have now to say may be made somewhat clearer by means of the following symbol. The Master has nowRays, 289:with the Plan, to Shamballa, the recipient (by means of the Sound) of the creative energy which itRays, 302:seest thou? Beyond the dark, revealed to me by means of light, I see a radiant form which beckonsRays, 315:necessity to express the nature of the soul. It means (behind all other possible meanings) theRays, 336:will be found scattered through all of them. By means of this diffusion and scattering, theRays, 338:divinity more fully than heretofore; this means that he increasingly can function as a divineRays, 345:rays which are at present in incarnation. This means that the three major rays (which are alwaysRays, 360:ordinary field of evolution for humanity; that means the three worlds of ordinary human experienceRays, 382:etheric substance, as is now the case. What this means, how it will be accomplished, and what theRays, 383:to more spiritual living; this, factually, means a definite approach to the Hierarchy. In theRays, 392:Master and the higher Initiate. It is only by means of the divine will that the Master begins toRays, 392:admits Them into His inner deliberations by means of the highest form of telepathic rapport orRays, 394:about. I would have you reflect on this, for it means that, again for the first time, humanity isRays, 403:Sound, under the Law of Attraction - the means employed Precipitation - the intention visitedRays, 425:of Gemini is brought to a point of balance by means of the influence of Libra, and this balancedRays, 431:correspondences of the three energy centers, by means of which the soul, or the indwellingRays, 434:and general picture, involving the goal, the means or mode, the testing point and the physicalRays, 451:in, the solar plexus, and is carried upwards, by means of the aspiration, till it anchors itself inRays, 451:and induces awareness throughout the body by means of the nervous system. [452] These two energyRays, 473:Disciples and aspirants grow through the means of a presented vision - unattainable as yet butRays, 475:of building the antahkarana is one of the means whereby man, the trinity, becomes a duality. WhenRays, 486:these words, the method of construction and the means whereby the antahkarana is built will appearRays, 486:this transmission possible, and it is done by means of the antahkarana. Let us, therefore, takeRays, 489:to visualize the entire process, and by this means sets up a definite rapport (if successful)Rays, 490:and having therefore constructed by its means the desired form, and organized the substance whichRays, 491:soul, in reality, came into being through the means of this anchoring; then came the later process,Rays, 493:as to the work he has done by the dual means of spiritual living and scientific, technical, occultRays, 494:at the one sphere of planned activity by means of the path of Light. In considering this process,Rays, 496:your soul decision for a specific life, but it means that you are not the disciple, with everythingRays, 496:of speed and of organizing for speed. This means eliminating the non-essentials and concentratingRays, 498:To build the antahkarana, using the six modes or means outlined by me previously, and thus evokeRays, 502:in the building process and one of the major means of focusing, prior to projection. This processRays, 504:is increasingly attained. Technically, this means that the energy of the soul ray and of theRays, 506:the part of the builder of the antahkarana; it means that there are indications of it (to say the
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