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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANS

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Rays, 510:Triad clear of all impediments. It reaches (by means of its vibratory activity) the center of powerRays, 539:in which he has worked and lived; it simply means that new fields of responsibility and ofRays, 541:to that which is being invoked, and by this means another and positive point of tension can beRays, 551:[551] The end of the Piscean Age. This simply means that the energies coming from Pisces during theRays, 564:of the sacrifice which He has made by means of the entire process of manifestation. As The SecretRays, 580:testings which ever precede initiation, and by means of which those capable of taking the secondRays, 586:and forming the nucleus of the Ashram by means of which he may some day serve the world. All thoseRays, 595:existence of the press, the radio and the rapid means of transportation have done much to furtherRays, 600:and is based upon the Principle of Privation, by means of which the planetary Logos chooses toRays, 605:Ray of Harmony through Conflict. This is by no means an easy subject to handle or to make clear,Rays, 607:voiced, that death is the great Liberator; it means that the Principle of Conflict has succeeded inRays, 610:parts of the world), the conflict is by no means over or yet resolved. It is still being violentlyRays, 622:impose restrictions in other countries. By means of these sources of control, the growth of trueRays, 642:should not. From the exoteric angle, evolution means growth and development and is largely appliedRays, 642:However, from the esoteric angle, evolution means a steadily increasing sensitivity to light andRays, 645:slowly brought to the attention of humanity by means of the three phrases: God is Love. Goodwill.Rays, 651:realization which will enable him to live by means of its light. You have, therefore, certain wordsRays, 656:process on Earth among men. This naturally means in relation to our planetary Logos. It must neverRays, 668:of the Christ Child in the heart." It is by means of the touchstone of relationships that worldRays, 672:symbolized for us in the word "Bethlehem" which means the "house of bread"; he has to learn theRays, 683:it should also be remembered that it is by no means the hardest period. The hardest period for theRays, 694:Initiation of Decision. He determines then (by means of His enlightened will and not His mind)Rays, 702:which are in prison" for three days. This means that He worked with humanity in the three worldsRays, 711:will be to handle this type of energy. It is by means of this impulsive energy that the HierarchyRays, 715:will (implementing divine intention) is that by means of which Sanat Kumara arrives at His goal. OnRays, 723:of that of which he forms an integral part. By means of this statement you will see how impossibleRays, 730:with the dictionary shows that the prefix means "back to an original state" by rising. This returnRays, 763:silent, quiet and calm within, who sees all by means of light divine and is not led by lightRays, 764:within, entering thus the Heart, through the means of wide compassion. How many gates are there, OReappearance, 7:by kings or rulers; in regard to the gods, it means accepted favorably when a sacrifice is offered.Reappearance, 23:the need, the objectives involved, the means to be employed. The resurrection period which theReappearance, 29:The word used is the Greek "sun-teleia," which means the end of the time period, with anotherReappearance, 29:is not yet," the other word telos is used for it means "the end of the first period has not yetReappearance, 45:of the most familiar; it is, however, one which means little in our modern civilization. The factReappearance, 57:"the place of peace" (as the word "Jerusalem" means). A careful consideration of the worldReappearance, 71:God. That will is often regarded as a power by means of which things are done, situations areReappearance, 86:the basic ceremony in the new world religion. By means of this ceremony, the masses of men in allReappearance, 95:and narrow Christian churchman to accept; it means primarily that [96] Christ will work in theReappearance, 97:is significant of building, of construction, and means (in its derivation) someone who is anReappearance, 115:animals or of lower forms of life. Such is by no means the case. As the life of God progressesReappearance, 127:this does not mean that the masses will by any means take the fourth initiation); they willReappearance, 134:light shall we see light." (Ps. XXXVI, 9.) This means that when the personality has reached a pointReappearance, 151:Man invokes divine Approach in various ways: by means of the inchoate, voiceless appeal orReappearance, 156:will be kept throughout the world and by their means a great spiritual unity will be achieved andReappearance, 157:a revelation of divinity. They will present a means of bringing about relationship, first of all,Reappearance, 172:only to train people to give (according to their means) but, in many cases, they have - first ofSoul, 14:"If the behavioristic theory is retained it means that we must have two psychologies, an externalSoul, 35:as the physical response apparatus, and the means by which physical response to the environment isSoul, 35:and emotional response apparatus, and the means by which actual response is made. It is claimedSoul, 76:their interaction possible - will or spirit - by means of which reason conquered desire. PlantsSoul, 80:in all primitive cultures the 'soul' is by no means identical with the consciousness, and that thisSoul, 80:identical. The Greek word psyche does not by any means signify merely consciousness, but canSoul, 89:in the brain, secret communications by means of which they may act on one another. The part whereSoul, 90:of the religious theologians. Secondly, by means of the conclusions arrived at through the work ofSoul, 112:with the principal vital activity, it must by no means be concluded on this account that they canSoul, 129:through the use of medicines and by other means is essentially repair work, and is limited to theSoul, 130:soul? Can divinity be unfolded through physical means? Or, accepting the Eastern position that theSoul, 131:or through the centers ? Is there a third way by means of which we can avoid the purely physicalSoul, 132:employed aspiration and emotion, plus physical means, and there are those who are more purelySoul, 150:many students of psychic phenomena, has shown by means of actual experiments that every human beingTelepathy, 12:wherefore of the effects produced, for by this means you will learn. The third type of telepathicTelepathy, 21:meaning of intuitional telepathy. Through this means of communication the mind of the disciple isTelepathy, 28:and waiting - will attract to himself by the means of his conscious love for you. 2. By the use ofTelepathy, 41:esoteric equivalent of what the average person means when he says, "I have an impression."Telepathy, 42:of Their own "impulsive energy." This is by no means an easy subject for me to elucidate, and theTelepathy, 70:the details of the Plan; these are protected by means of this very Science [71] of Impression. TheTelepathy, 73:meditation process. It is a slow process by means of which this method of intercourse must beTelepathy, 78:will get increasingly [78] less attractive. This means when the soul becomes of greater lifeTelepathy, 103:possible and their fellowmen can be served. By means of this conscious registration of invocativeTelepathy, 141:Atlantean or astral in their natures, and this means a far larger percentage than the averageTelepathy, 146:spiritual man must learn to use and through the means of which he can direct energy where needed.Telepathy, 154:which the man concerned has reached. This always means that several energies are pouring throughTelepathy, 169:oriental appellation; it is the point of life by means of which the Monad anchors itself upon theTelepathy, 183:therefore, in your conscious imagination and by means of the innate symbol-making faculty which allTelepathy, 184:of dynamic livingness, so the basic science by means of which the Hierarchy works could be calledTelepathy, 184:Human Kingdom, which is brought into being by means of the energy of the third [185] Ray of ActiveTelepathy, 188:both these Centers work entirely through etheric means, wielding and controlling energies; the
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