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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEANT

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Astrology, 44:and others "subsidiary hierarchies." By this is meant that certain of them are expressingAstrology, 446:is frequently used as a blind when Uranus is meant. Today the Moon is a dead world and the reasonAstrology, 670:the One or He alone, and the Greek name 'Helios' meant Most High." (S.D. Vol. III, 279) "TheAtom, 82:before, Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To be united in some wondrous whole, ImperfectAtom, 134:with that group. This is all that is really meant by the teaching given about the Path in theAtom, 135:more dangerous than that which is usually meant by the term of "medium." The average medium is aAtom, 145:you and I now are, to a realization of what is meant by group consciousness, something as yetAutobiography, 2:from within, and that when I did, it always meant a step forward in understanding and a greaterAutobiography, 17:only passed over two years ago and it has meant a real loss to me and my husband, Foster Bailey. WeAutobiography, 17:I Another aunt, Margaret Maxwell, has perhaps meant more to me than any other relative in theAutobiography, 45:something which I believed would be useful. I meant, however, to be free at any cost. [46] Autobiography, 52:of very ancient terms and hence, also, the well meant but crude interpolations of the earlyAutobiography, 61:every evening to their Army Temperance Room. It meant getting there at 6 p.m. and returning veryAutobiography, 76:when they shouted for the "chicken hymn" they meant, "Foul I to the fountain fly," etc., and thatAutobiography, 77:men in each coffee-shop every evening and that meant much buying and selling. My afternoons wouldAutobiography, 81:angry God, or unless he became converted, which meant that he confessed his sins and gave upAutobiography, 82:by your gate." I could not imagine then what she meant and she was wise enough not to say any more.Autobiography, 126:even when claiming to know exactly what God meant and intended, and sought to solve all problems byAutobiography, 142:some learned preacher or scholar said that God meant this or that that we should accept it. HeAutobiography, 149:get to me via my bathroom or the other bedroom meant breaking down two doors in each case and theAutobiography, 181:should be. This entirely new cycle of living meant the adjustment of all of us to many changes. ForAutobiography, 186:choose to go with our American soldiers when it meant chicken and bread for their families. I sayAutobiography, 189:their interpretation of what H.P.B. said and meant was accepted one cannot be a good Theosophist.Autobiography, 196:cannot say that I blamed him. It was not that I meant to be derogatory in my statement for to myAutobiography, 206:period that I established a friendship which has meant to me more than anything else in the worldAutobiography, 303:military warfare. This explains many things. It meant that the effective work of many members ofBethlehem, 39:that each age provides its way out. This, Christ meant when He said, "I am the way, the truth andBethlehem, 39:before, Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To be united in some wondrous whole, ImperfectBethlehem, 108:man and therefore subject to temptation? What is meant by the devil? And what was the relation ofBethlehem, 117:studied this becomes glaringly apparent. Christ meant something much deeper than "The Bible says."Bethlehem, 117:something much deeper than "The Bible says." He meant that the signature of God was upon Him; thatBethlehem, 136:of the presentation of Christ as we were meant to get it. The three initiations which, in the lastBethlehem, 170:beginning to get a faint vision of what Christ meant by service. He "carried this actuating motiveBethlehem, 218:mean? Below Christ stood the two people who meant the most to Him, and from the agony of the CrossBethlehem, 221:felt entirely deserted of all that had hitherto meant so much to Him, both humanly and from theBethlehem, 228:unselfish subjection: in the case of Jesus it meant the bitter suffering of death. Both count asBethlehem, 234:news about Jesus. They assumed that men already meant something when they spoke of God, and,Bethlehem, 273:kingdom of God we begin to understand what is meant by the Church of Christ, and the meaning ofDiscipleship2, 49:I ask you two questions: What has this work meant to you? Have you grasped the importance of theDiscipleship2, 254:initiate. He, therefore, realizes what St. Paul meant when - talking in hierarchical terms - heDiscipleship2, 289:his work under the Law of Sacrifice. What is meant here by the words, "in the heart"? The soul isDiscipleship2, 293:the activity of the five senses. This is what is meant when we use the phrase "the mind's eye," andDiscipleship2, 309:but these concern him not as yet." What is meant here (to bring it down to the bare factualDiscipleship2, 550:which constitute in the last analysis what is meant by occult obedience. You, my brother, are nowDiscipleship2, 672:implications, and you are today wondering if I meant all that I said there and if your spiritualDiscipleship2, 743:called the Law of Fulfilment. By this is meant the full compliance of a disciple with the serviceExternalisation, 154:and from the Hierarchy to Humanity, but this has meant no direct interplay between Humanity andExternalisation, 257:interpretations of what they think Christ meant, at the same time excluding that real love whichExternalisation, 290:Messenger pointed the way. But always it has meant progress, a moving forward, a rejection of someExternalisation, 406:the centuries, and each time one took place it meant a clearer understanding of divine purpose, aExternalisation, 487:you always even until the end of the age," He meant no vague or general idea of helping humanityExternalisation, 487:called "the Throne of God in Heaven." He meant just what He said - that He was staying with us. TheExternalisation, 494:doomed to destruction. Their fusion would have meant the appearance of the Kingdom of God on earth;Externalisation, 533:vital concern, and to whom love and its practice meant light and the basic motif of all living,Fire, 160:fourfold revolution of any atom. By this is not meant the ability of any atom to make fourFire, 323:Man is undergoing on our planet. By this is meant that there are masculine and feminineFire, 563:which the emanator has a place. This is what is meant by there being no karma attached to theFire, 652:before, Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To be united in some wondrous whole, ImperfectFire, 653:the animal, therefore he contains all that is meant by the term animal. - S. D., II, 179, 187.Fire, 663:some understanding will come of what is meant when the deva evolution is spoken of as being aFire, 691:Logos is manifested objectively. This is what is meant by the statements that devas are found onlyFire, 810:- See S. D., II, 553. By man the divine Monad is meant. - S. D., II, 196. 60 S. D., I, Proem., pp.Fire, 1005:bring in an unworthy vibration. This is what is meant by attending to the "condition of theFire, 1055:thus displays its own inherent energy. What is meant by this phrase? Surely that the milliards ofFire, 1093:everywhere the sparks. 14 Color. - Originally meant a "covering." From root "celare" to cover orFire, 1131:aware of the forces latent in himself. What is meant by the "three periodical vehicles" and theFire, 1202:and others "subsidiary hierarchies." By this is meant that certain of them are in this solar systemGlamour, 262:stronger and vital thing than what is usually meant when the word is used. It is active repudiationGlamour, 267:from a point of tension, focused in whatever is meant by the word "Monad." Do you know what thatHealing, 377:that they cannot stand electricity. What is meant is that they cannot stand electricity as it is atHealing, 392:His Father. Being an initiate of high degree, He meant that He was, occultly speaking, "makingHealing, 594:ambiguous statement and one that is purposely meant to be so: The conflict of the first and secondHealing, 629:the use of the "esoteric sense" (whatever is meant by that) in order to arrive at understanding.Healing, 676:that they can apply Rule Six with ease. What is meant by the words "to keep the will in leash"? TheHercules, 105:first magnitude. Its Egyptian name, we are told, meant "a pouring out", the Nile giving its fullestHercules, 134:The catastrophes that befall a man are meant, not to punish, but to restore equilibrium in hisHercules, 182:to dawn upon many of us that what was really meant was that the sign Pisces, in which Christ, theHercules, 187:You will get a little understanding of what is meant by the wielding of forces if you watch yourInitiation, 12:[12] whilst wisdom blends. What, then, is meant by the understanding? The understanding may beMagic, 268:work. [268] The question might be asked: What is meant by occult work? True occult work involves:Meditation, 345:and greater ones in the correcting of his well meant mistakes, and he serves no end but his ownMeditation, 345:to be solved, and is not guided by the well meant though often ill-judged suggestions, requests andPatanjali, 32:but some idea can be gained as to what is meant by the consummation of non-attachment when appliedProblems, 122:the days, even unto the end of the world", He meant exactly what He said. The approach of the humanProblems, 126:dogmas on this basis of what they thought God meant and their words and ideas have, therefore,Problems, 149:down the centuries; each time one took place, it meant a clearer understanding of divine purpose, aPsychology2, 62:ageless from the human angle, and what is really meant is the length of time that a soul hasPsychology2, 426:a series of at-one-ments; each step forward meant the bringing together of certain types of energyPsychology2, 728:work must be put behind this effort. By this is meant considered mental work, subjectiveRays, 26:seem to be almost tritely familiar. If they meant exactly what they appear to mean, there would beRays, 82:the third initiation the initiate grasps what is meant when the One in Whom we live and move andRays, 215:show (if you duly meditate) a little of what is meant by the silence of the initiate. Within theRays, 219:to the group by the Master. That is what is meant by the next sentence in the rule: Rays, 304:orientation and preventing what is really meant by spiritual perception. The attitude of theRays, 316:universality and the livingness of whatever is meant by the word "Being." He knows and is beginningRays, 318:be relegated to its destined place, and what is meant by the "display of life" will dimly be sensedRays, 325:given and has become public property; it has meant very little for most people and nothing at allRays, 347:point in this section and see what is really meant by the hackneyed words "door of initiation," andRays, 395:this way, They become familiarized with what is meant by the words the "Central Spiritual Sun,"Rays, 486:of Initiation 1. Intention. By this is not meant a mental decision, wish or determination. The idea
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