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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEASURE

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Statement:has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will readAstrology, 8:quality or qualities. You thereby, and in some measure, affect your environment and those whom youAstrology, 19:beating in an almost violent and somewhat new measure and tempo upon our planetary life, areAstrology, 31:of least resistance. The rising sign in a small measure. This indicates the life goal for thatAstrology, 115:on any large scale and is only achieving some measure of usefulness in the initiate of the thirdAstrology, 158:of the law of karma. Again and again, a certain measure of concreteness is achieved, only again toAstrology, 202:for the new astrology and to provide some measure of technical information from the point of viewAstrology, 261:returns to the same directed method, rhythm and measure of the earlier mass movement but this timeAstrology, 289:is that there is mental perception and some measure of integration. To be motivated only by emotionAstrology, 319:the life of two kingdoms, at least in some measure, and is a developed human being and also aAstrology, 377:brings to other peoples and individuals a measure of illumination - an illumination which revealsAstrology, 394:of Vulcan will be dominant. Because he has a measure of light - his power to be thus destructiveAstrology, 499:of the war will change all this. Once there is a measure of nervous release from strain and onceAstrology, 512:the ray type does not emerge until there is some measure of advanced development, it will beAstrology, 554:in a technical sense until he has attained some measure of soul contact and has had some touch ofAstrology, 594:be pointed out to those of you who have some measure of occult perception that this synthetic Life,Astrology, 596:spirit and not soul. We are attempting in some measure to formulate the life of the Father, theAtom, 42:a wider consciousness, and vibrates to a larger measure than the little atom of the chemist. [43]Atom, 65:is the great escape, the entrance into a fuller measure of activity, and the release of the lifeAtom, 66:more satisfactory means of expression, and thus measure up to the mission upon which it was sent.Autobiography, 18:I have done anything to bring people into some measure of spiritual realization, it is largelyAutobiography, 36:unpleasant little girl and must try and get some measure of self-control. My future usefulness toAutobiography, 51:learn that "the love of God is broader than the measure of man's mind and the Heart of the EternalAutobiography, 101:five years patient endurance - come through to a measure of usefulness that would otherwise beAutobiography, 133:they are ever in any particular life to attain a measure of surety and usefulness, it will be atAutobiography, 159:or loving, and love and intelligence, in full measure, are the hallmark of the initiate. AmongstAutobiography, 182:York, that all of them could attain a certain measure of spiritual realization if they cared enoughAutobiography, 257:goes out and, on his own initiative and with the measure of wisdom and love which is his, endeavorsAutobiography, 267:Contact with the Master is contingent upon the measure and [268] the quality of the serviceAutobiography, 269:lived as dose to the truth as possible, plus the measure of truth which he can present to hisAutobiography, 269:as basic essentials and as present in some measure, but their further development is regarded asAutobiography, 271:for a group of aspirants. According to the measure of his soul contact, his sensitive response toAutobiography, 272:are impelled thereto by a love of teaching, a measure of love for humanity and some personalAutobiography, 276:fundamentals, and a period of ascertaining the measure of understanding possessed by the student,Autobiography, 283:preliminary work, to have assimilated a certain measure of technical and academic knowledge, toAutobiography, 284:to make its presence felt. When, however, a measure of balance or equilibrium is attained, when theAutobiography, 284:the physical plane. Others have attained a fair measure of this personality integration and are nowBethlehem, 24:that as long as the aspirant has achieved a measure of tolerance, of kindness, devotion, sympathy,Bethlehem, 24:"For the love of God is broader than the measure of man's mind, and the heart of the Eternal isBethlehem, 27:Son of God, unto [27] a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ."Bethlehem, 41:and so wide is the general interest, that a measure of clear thinking is badly needed, andBethlehem, 52:will be given into the custody of our race if we measure up to our opportunity and, through the newBethlehem, 115:which we all wrestle in some form and in some measure. It matters not whether we do so from theBethlehem, 163:until he stands perfected, having achieved "the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ."Bethlehem, 240:such a life and such a fellowship involves some measure of suffering, sacrifice, or humiliation.Destiny, 48:disciples and the spiritually-minded people measure up to their opportunity. Today there are manyDestiny, 55:are dependent upon the point in evolution, the measure of control of the personality ray, theDiscipleship1, 10:awakened and alive and have achieved a certain measure of alignment. So it is with all of you in myDiscipleship1, 17:Occult Meditation may be possible if all of you measure up to opportunity. This should be borne inDiscipleship1, 17:any case eventuate.... That you may one and all measure up to the opportunity and carry the workDiscipleship1, 20:your conformity to the requirement is met in the measure of your [21] physical strength, bearingDiscipleship1, 25:It can, in a smaller way and according to the measure of your consecration, be your glory and yourDiscipleship1, 30:to contact me as a disciple in my group will the measure of your success be rated. This contact isDiscipleship1, 52:yourself as a group member and so ascertain the measure of your contribution to the group need andDiscipleship1, 55:"enlightenment" in its occult sense. The full measure of what can be done depends (as far as theDiscipleship1, 75:is definitely curtailed when one member fails to measure up to, opportunity or recedes into, theDiscipleship1, 89:of the imagination, plus mental energy, as a measure to further the ends of the Hierarchy and toDiscipleship1, 94:illumined mind - illumined through some definite measure of soul contact. The Master's problem isDiscipleship1, 95:not this constant emphasis upon her inability to measure up. She owes it to my group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 109:in this department of your being that there is a measure of arrested growth. The mental tension forDiscipleship1, 109:if you seek - under my supervision - for a measure of psychic unfoldment. But along that line weDiscipleship1, 120:means that (even though you may have some measure of soul contact) you cannot radiate that soulDiscipleship1, 124:the hour. This you have learnt to do in no small measure, only to make the discovery that this pathDiscipleship1, 139:inwardly from ties will spell for you that measure of liberation which will release you to fullerDiscipleship1, 148:intensification of the essential and a certain measure of physical discipline) becomes possible toDiscipleship1, 160:of that love which you have in full measure. In this will lie the recognition of those whoDiscipleship1, 162:to stabilize your work, but also a larger measure of physical strength. Your body nature is soDiscipleship1, 165:of some one clear note. If this cyclic measure is kept thus in mind, no serious mistakes will beDiscipleship1, 167:work but still hold back assistance in full measure. There are those also who do not realize theDiscipleship1, 170:inner lines. The disciple who has achieved a measure of sensitivity to the whole must learn toDiscipleship1, 180:identifying aspects of love are yours in great measure; much will come to you however if you useDiscipleship1, 190:The attempt to define the undefinable and to measure the mind of immensity is futile. Work,Discipleship1, 200:from criticism which you have in some real measure achieved, seeing to it that this stability doesDiscipleship1, 217:no concern as to their individual capacity to measure up to opportunity. We look for those who areDiscipleship1, 217:bewilderment or anxiety as to their failure to measure up to opportunity or their failure to liveDiscipleship1, 221:the quality of your soul ray and to an achieved measure of control, your effect upon those you seekDiscipleship1, 236:into a greater liberty these must be, in some measure, overcome. The one that looms the larger inDiscipleship1, 262:seven years and you have broken loose in great measure from certain very definite handicaps. ThatDiscipleship1, 263:You have this life stepped out into a greater measure of release than was anticipated by your soulDiscipleship1, 268:year and that you may give to the group the measure of your strength is my prayer for you. Discipleship1, 280:on the plane of the emotions. You have a fair measure of the intuition already developed, and - asDiscipleship1, 282:organizing faculty demonstrating in ever fuller measure. Much of your usefulness to this group hasDiscipleship1, 282:thinkers and workers in the world, so that they measure up to the need and the demand of thoseDiscipleship1, 291:if in any way available, they must be used. Your measure of detachment to those you love and to theDiscipleship1, 308:during the month of May if the world disciples measure up to their opportunity. Continue with theDiscipleship1, 316:you were one of those in the group who are in a measure freer than the majority from the blindingDiscipleship1, 331:that you have - in past lives - achieved a fair measure of soul control. Note my words with care. ADiscipleship1, 331:is the exact reverse of yours. You, realizing a measure of divinity, impose upon your personalityDiscipleship1, 331:to respond to this. She, realizing the same measure of divinity, is so conscious of the failure ofDiscipleship1, 337:ago. By so doing, you will be able to gauge any measure of growth to which you may have attainedDiscipleship1, 357:one does embody some divine attribute in some measure - large or small - one can act as a channelDiscipleship1, 357:of strenuous work before the personality can measure up to the demands ahead but your devotion andDiscipleship1, 363:indicated to you, it will spell for you a large measure of release. You can aid in the work withDiscipleship1, 371:of divine carelessness before their service can measure up to demand. Others again come into ourDiscipleship1, 393:have grown much thereby and there is a greater measure of freedom to be seen in you subjectivelyDiscipleship1, 416:equilibrium, which will result in a greater measure of glandular balance. It will come more easilyDiscipleship1, 420:with at this time, would give you the maximum measure of release and so increase your power inDiscipleship1, 453:asking you, first of all, to achieve as stable a measure of alignment as you can, to raise yourDiscipleship1, 457:the personality can react simultaneously in some measure to the life and energy of the soul. AllDiscipleship1, 473:her unfoldment. Let not your anxiety for her to measure up to your ideal force her to tread a way
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