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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEASURE

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Education, 54:petals opened in Lemurian times and brought a measure of light to the physical plane consciousnessEducation, 65:his integrated personality. Having arrived at a measure of this knowledge and having orientedEducation, 110:modes of meditation, and has achieved thereby a measure of inclusiveness of past, present andExternalisation, 19:Let them train their minds with a normal measure of study and learn to think intelligently, so thatExternalisation, 19:correctly that which they contact as their measure of awareness increases and their consciousnessExternalisation, 29:factors in their consciousness in some small measure, and having established enough soul contact soExternalisation, 34:as you well know, has been done with quite a measure of success and this large group now exists andExternalisation, 34:the material and the spiritual with such a measure of success that, in due time, there can exist onExternalisation, 35:indicate to you in what manner these groups can measure up to the threefold demand or opportunityExternalisation, 39:meaning, for you are all working in some measure upon the plane of illusion and of glamor, and forExternalisation, 59:the other groups, for they will have had a fair measure of training in their preliminary work. TwoExternalisation, 111:- I believe - to bring at least some measure of light to you. Later I will try to explain theExternalisation, 121:far-off times, the only people who had any true measure of intelligence were the disciples andExternalisation, 126:emancipation. There is, therefore, a certain measure of free will displayed, and this constitutesExternalisation, 143:when this conflict has worn itself out and some measure of peace and calm has come about. Each ofExternalisation, 152:and as those who are in touch in some small measure with the Hierarchy. When the note of humanityExternalisation, 168:directing the individual energies, once any real measure of personality integration has beenExternalisation, 210:other nations. There must, therefore, be some measure of centralization of the work and some way inExternalisation, 270:adequate number of people, those who can in some measure employ the enlightened will may succeed inExternalisation, 274:evil situation is, therefore, a cooperative measure; and here, in this connection, we have theExternalisation, 279:potencies, Will, Love and Activity, in some measure. The demand goes forth to the Coming One to aidExternalisation, 281:is unpredictable, though we may see a certain measure of inevitability in future happenings. ButExternalisation, 281:family and upon those who have achieved some measure of vision. With these thoughts upon the newExternalisation, 287:love and light, humanity can grasp in some measure the nature of divinity. They are greater than isExternalisation, 305:inability to call forth and receive the higher measure and more potent vibration of divine energy.Externalisation, 309:happening if the world disciples and aspirants measure up to the opportunity. Externalisation, 315:relief, light, love and healing in increasing measure. Brood then upon the plan to be carried outExternalisation, 317:and will not be able to judge accurately the measure of accomplishment. Only the Members of theExternalisation, 337:made, and the new group of world servers can measure up to the need, if there is a more consciousExternalisation, 363:truths - truths which can be realized in great measure and for the first time if the lessons of theExternalisation, 372:proper standards of life and conduct and some measure of understanding control. This is essentiallyExternalisation, 390:pending distribution, so dispersed that the full measure of good can be evoked? Can the evocationExternalisation, 393:of you who have vision and love humanity are to measure up to the immediate opportunity. It isExternalisation, 394:I might point out that the reasons for a measure of failure in 1936 can be traced to two sources.Externalisation, 444:no call to serve, then beware and seek a deeper measure of soul contact and spiritual relationship.Externalisation, 450:It was realized that there was an ascertainable measure of hemispheric unity upon which statesmenExternalisation, 454:very soul of humanity; it will have expressed a measure of its willingness to sacrifice in orderExternalisation, 458:three Easter periods - can be poured in in full measure, if the men and women of goodwill willExternalisation, 503:may have opportunity proffered them, to the measure of their receptivity. Did not the greatest ofExternalisation, 517:may be averted if the aspirants of the world measure up to their proffered opportunity and make dueExternalisation, 520:of this modern world, and the initiates, can measure up to their present and presented opportunity,Externalisation, 523:communication with some Ashram can profit in any measure by information on this subject. ForExternalisation, 528:to the love-wisdom of the universe in some measure and who work via the intelligent people inExternalisation, 531:on earth and will experience the least possible measure of handicap; They will thus be enabled toExternalisation, 534:synthetic thinking and so bring in a definite measure of enlightenment. SHAMBALLA HIERARCHYExternalisation, 540:as you attempt to understand, even in a small measure, Their problems. There are other problems ofExternalisation, 550:world planning. These they have received in full measure from me. There are others who desireExternalisation, 557:I would warn you that, if you do succeed in any measure of participation, it will be necessary toExternalisation, 568:and are simply men who have achieved a relative measure of perfection, there are aspects ofExternalisation, 575:a general quietude and has acquired a certain measure of right human relations. His coming in theExternalisation, 616:with clarity; He will come unfailingly when a measure of peace has been restored, when theExternalisation, 623:with the idea, and bring about the required measure of peace on Earth - a peace based upon rightExternalisation, 658:dangerous energy and cannot be applied in fuller measure until the race of men has learned toExternalisation, 672:that new future which will demonstrate a large measure of world unity, and which will steadily andExternalisation, 681:within any ashram to those in other ashrams in a measure or rhythm of telepathic relation. FromExternalisation, 691:contact; upon acceptance into an ashram, a large measure of the needed purification has beenFire, 132:refinement, and vibrating to a different measure. In these three thoughts lies much information, ifFire, 142:jivas carry a vibration which is their main measure, though they may also have lesser vibrationsFire, 219:Law of Vibration, dealing with the key note or measure of the matter of each plane. By knowledge ofFire, 219:mentioned laws. An atom vibrates to a certain measure. It rotates at a certain speed. [220] It actsFire, 229:body is fully alive and vibrating to a uniform measure, will He be "full grown" and perfected. NotFire, 230:"manhood" cosmically. The cosmic Christ must measure up to the stature "of a full grown man," as itFire, 248:of differentiated matter, vibrating to a certain measure, tinctured by a certain color, andFire, 251:vibrate to His key note, and who respond to the measure of His life. All are held together andFire, 251:planetary scheme. He vibrates to a certain measure, which can be estimated by the activity of theFire, 253:coloring manifests as the vibration setting the measure of the major three spirillae and the minorFire, 256:of the Heavens vibrates to a steadily increasing measure; the entire system is tinctured by aFire, 256:Divine Ray; and the system rotates to a certain measure, which is the key of the great kalpa orFire, 256:ethereal Dhyan Chohan. This sevenfold vibratory measure is the key of the lowest cosmic plane, andFire, 258:the extent of the subjective control, by the measure of the solar sphere of influence, or theFire, 259:the time factor [259] being controlled by the measure of the unfoldment of all the conscious unitsFire, 273:in fact: This involves the idea of a key measure, or sound of any particular group of atoms that goFire, 273:series of circumstances and will repeat the measure or sound when an animating factor is brought toFire, 283:third aspect. The mental vibration sets the key measure and seeks to utilize and coordinate theFire, 283:deals with the quality, with the attractive measure. It is the psychic element. The physical is theFire, 283:is the result produced by the union of the key measure and the quality of tone. Seven centers ofFire, 499:of them, for the mental concept of man could not measure up to the magnitude of the theme. InFire, 574:motion the matter of that plane. It is the key measure. We might sum up the significance of thisFire, 577:them into the needed aggregations. It is the measure of the subplanes. The atomic subplane sets theFire, 590:the sixth cosmic Initiation, just as He should measure up in this system to the fourth. The Ray ofFire, 593:whilst love in the Monad demonstrates a measure of cosmic love, and embraces much that is outsideFire, 594:attributes of divinity, in evolving to fullest measure the kingdom of God within. Love in theFire, 646:who form the center which vibrates to the measure of kundalini in its many forms andFire, 837:alone. All things are God according to the measure of the Spirit in them." That is to say, aFire, 838:will afford the possibility not only to measure the heat of the remotest of visible stars, but toFire, 904:his own nature, and the law of analogy. 82 "Measure thy life by loss instead of gain, Not by theFire, 939:during the years of full manhood so that it can measure up to the purpose of the subjective life.Fire, 956:in its due form, keeping it vibrating to its own measure, and eventually bringing about itsFire, 958:to concentrate - have developed a certain measure of thought control, and who desire to understandFire, 989:taken certain initiations and thus achieved a measure of planetary consciousness, it is useless forFire, 1043:The planetary Logos expands His consciousness to measure up to the will and purpose of the SolarFire, 1071:to the type of energy they display in fullest measure, remembering that only in the fourth kingdom,Fire, 1084:The night of time is lost in it, and kalpas measure less than seconds in the little day of man. TenFire, 1084:to conceive of these whirling constellations, to measure their interaction, and to realize theirFire, 1131:to the point where he has produced a certain measure of alignment through self-induced andFire, 1226:up as the disciple knows himself to be in tiny measure also a Lord of Sacrifice and Love. It canGlamour, 7:must be awakened more fully before aspirants can measure up to their full opportunity. In the studyGlamour, 35:who has fought his way through to a greater measure of light... [36] During the past six months,Glamour, 36:later to be given to the group - if they measure up to the opportunity - which will enable them toGlamour, 60:and his best, and though he may be able in some measure to hold his mind steady in the light, yet
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