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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEASURE

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Rays, 122:grasped and there is indication of some measure of real success. By that time the school of theRays, 125:- he is conscious of having brought about a measure of physical purity; but at the same time, he isRays, 129:goal for those who have attained a certain measure of understanding. The words of importance are:Rays, 145:has consequently moved onward into a greater measure of light. Good and evil stand out in clearerRays, 146:I did this in order that you might grasp some measure of the synthesis underlying the entireRays, 151:Seven, but all will eventually express in some measure the seven types of ray energy. The Law ofRays, 153:This all takes much time, but when a certain measure of success has been achieved, when theRays, 164:simultaneously, will cause a stirring, a changed measure, a new movement and momentum, an uprisingRays, 196:further human progress, for until some greater measure of light had been let in it was not possibleRays, 209:the significance of this rule unless there is a measure of clarity in your minds anent true groupRays, 211:of individual desire, and that until some measure of this united liberating process is attained,Rays, 212:time or mine in their delineation. The group can measure up to the occult necessity if unitedlyRays, 239:it is now found to be possible to make a certain measure of the training objective and exoteric.Rays, 276:must be expressed simultaneously in some measure, before the significance of these Rules can beRays, 294:Ashram has assumed responsibility for a measure of it; that responsibility he seeks to shareRays, 297:of the soul. When the disciple has achieved a measure of vision and is "in sight" of his goal, heRays, 341:The moment a man realizes this, even in a small measure, it is the group of which he is conscious.Rays, 348:stage of unfoldment and automatically now has a measure of self-control, of mental understandingRays, 369:freer from the spirit of separateness, and a measure of peace, unity and cooperation will beRays, 377:of the Hierarchy but also, in an increasing measure, to the "magnetic pull" which emanates from theRays, 377:of all the above information, you may find some measure of enlightenment. It is the greatRays, 381:that the Hierarchy withdrew as a penalizing measure because of the wickedness of mankind. This isRays, 390:useful here, if there is to be any real and true measure of clear thinking and understanding. TheirRays, 446:in the powers and uses of thought. He achieves a measure of mind control; he can turn theRays, 459:as its primary objective (for that has to some measure been attained), but the building of theRays, 467:will automatically take place after a certain measure of soul contact has been achieved, and thatRays, 492:three egoic qualities - when functioning with a measure of potency - produce an increased activityRays, 493:by the disciple and he has at least some measure of clear perception as to the work he has done byRays, 501:is one, and they all have to attain the same measure of tension and of preparation for theRays, 507:Activity and love are still present in full measure, but the focus of the initiate's attention isRays, 514:has to be consciously attempted and to some measure achieved, and then these blended factors areRays, 556:Energy Itself." I shall not be able to avoid a measure of symbolic approach and I am forced to useRays, 565:of the initiatory self-directed activity, of the measure of love energy which his soul can express,Rays, 574:between the soul and the mind. Produce a measure of order in the emotional processes of theRays, 576:to discipline his lower nature and to achieve a measure of mastery over his physical inclinations;Rays, 626:[626] leadership will not be lacking once a measure of security and better living conditions haveRays, 630:of each of the three Nations arriving at a real measure of internal harmony as a result of its ownRays, 647:the Hierarchy which will bring into expression a measure of the second aspect of the first Ray ofRays, 657:only manner in which we can grasp even a small measure of planetary intention is through a study ofRays, 669:progress and you should aim at achieving a measure of real understanding. You have been taught thatRays, 696:its significance. They are known to you in some measure, because I have dealt with the significanceRays, 709:of Discipleship, the disciple works with that measure of the energy of his soul ray to which he canRays, 709:to that soul energy. In doing this a great measure of discrimination can be developed, and it isRays, 714:for you the nature of the will in some clear measure, though complete understanding is notRays, 721:paradoxical statement, but [721] a certain measure of light can be thrown upon it if it isRays, 753:forced (much against its will) to withdraw some measure of its protecting power (though not all ofReappearance, 39:It is essential that today there should be a measure of fuller knowledge concerning the "centerReappearance, 75:a new high at this time. A proportionate measure of the energy of love will demonstrate later asReappearance, 75:eventually into the Kingdom of God and "unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ."Reappearance, 93:and the nature of the recipient nation, on its measure of true enlightenment and on its point inReappearance, 109:what He has to face, and the necessity for some measure of order to be brought about in the world,Reappearance, 119:of Christ-like perfection reaching unto the "Measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ."Reappearance, 163:with clarity: He will come unfailingly when a measure of peace has been restored, when theReappearance, 171:idea of His coming, and bring about the required measure of peace on earth - a peace based uponSoul, 22:of his soul, are demonstrated [22] in a great measure by the character and amount of the internalTelepathy, 18:sometimes a little heart activity and always a measure of solar plexus reaction. Hence our problem.Telepathy, 79:the human and had, therefore, generated a measure of karma - both good and evil - prior to theTelepathy, 102:self-conscious, and superconscious have a real measure of value here. It must be remembered,Telepathy, 104:upon the minds of those who have attained a true measure of focus upon the mental plane.Telepathy, 115:impressions can play. This I dealt with (in some measure) in the preceding section. It should beTelepathy, 122:with the Plan until the antahkarana is to some measure adequately constructed, though not yetTelepathy, 126:the first clear fact which indicates the measure and the magnitude of a human being; and until twoTelepathy, 132:upon the serving Hierarchy. The Plan is that measure of possibility of immediate importance whichTelepathy, 160:made when the etheric body has in it an adequate measure of the substance of the lowest of theTelepathy, 161:moment that that initiation has been taken, a measure of buddhic energy can enter and the processTelepathy, 190:contact with the soul has been attained in some measure and the aspirant is on the way to become aTelepathy, 191:as soon as there is life in that center and a measure of activity, the other two major centers can
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