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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MECHANISM

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Astrology, 29:is concerned - his response apparatus and his mechanism of reaction remain what is called "occultlyAstrology, 54:is dependent entirely upon the type of response mechanism of the planetary Life and of theAstrology, 69:this should be added that - as man evolves - the mechanism of response or the vehicles ofAstrology, 81:forges the equipment and develops painfully the mechanism which will enable him to arrive at aAstrology, 115:own finiteness. Let us always remember this. The mechanism for divine perception has not yet beenAstrology, 186:multiplicity of energies to which the wonderful mechanism of man can respond and [187] to which, asAstrology, 188:are of a momentous nature - provided that the mechanism of awareness is adequate to respond. TheseAstrology, 198:will be owing to the lack of sensitivity in the mechanism of response which mankind and disciplesAstrology, 257:upon man's vehicles of response and upon the mechanism of reception with which he enters intoAstrology, 267:the receptivity and the responsiveness of the mechanism of reception. This constitutes anAstrology, 367:grasp of what we might call the consciousness-mechanism and of the life processes which enable manAstrology, 403:to build and gradually to develop a better mechanism of reception which [404] will enable himAstrology, 412:differing effects according to the type of mechanism (itself dependent upon the point in evolutionAstrology, 412:man or upon disciples and initiates. The type of mechanism, and the quality of the consciousnessAstrology, 425:- carried on through the medium of the mechanism of response - is dependent upon the condition orAstrology, 509:influences will not be so remote. At present the mechanism of the majority of the human family isAstrology, 518:(personal and egoic). These indicate his type of mechanism and his soul quality. It must not beAstrology, 518:it is essential that humanity relates its own mechanism to the greater mechanism through which theAstrology, 518:relates its own mechanism to the greater mechanism through which the planetary Life functions andAstrology, 519:the most developed - both from the angle of the mechanism and of consciousness - is the point ofAstrology, 584:this time and all for which he has, as yet, the mechanism of comprehension. It is this will -Autobiography, 32:arrived and we unpacked these pieces of shining mechanism. We rode everywhere and had a good time.Autobiography, 212:the general public and unless there was an inner mechanism of spiritual recognition no harm couldAutobiography, 247:The Consciousness of the Atom. The Soul and Its Mechanism. From Intellect to Intuition. FromBethlehem, 88:veil or hide the soul. They are in reality his mechanism of contact with the outer world, theBethlehem, 89:with all these aspects purified and matured; His mechanism was adjusted and ready for the task, andBethlehem, 92:to grasp the fullness of God? May not our mechanism of perception require further evolutionaryBethlehem, 93:reveal, surely as our equipment develops and our mechanism of contact improves, we shall be able toBethlehem, 136:other aspects when eventually we provide the mechanism of knowledge and the intuition to penetrateBethlehem, 277:may require the unfolding in man of powers and a mechanism which will enable him to recognize it,Destiny, 95:it is essential that humanity relate its own mechanism to the greater mechanism (our entireDestiny, 95:humanity relate its own mechanism to the greater mechanism (our entire planetary life) and viewDestiny, 115:The apparatus of the human being, which is the mechanism whereby the soul contacts the three worldsDiscipleship1, 15:in no way disconcert you. The sensitivity of the mechanism of the soul to spiritual vibration hasDiscipleship1, 171:nature, except the reactions of the physical mechanism to the outer tangible environment. This isDiscipleship1, 190:Work, therefore, at the production of that inner mechanism of contact which exists as yet only inDiscipleship1, 190:and the practice of harmlessness can this mechanism be duly developed. When developed, the futilityDiscipleship1, 236:of vibration which wrecks and shatters the mechanism. Your sixth ray personality produces anDiscipleship1, 628:was developed in your last life as a defense mechanism for a very sensitive personality. ThisDiscipleship1, 665:problem (and, with the soul, constitute also the mechanism of service through which the monadDiscipleship1, 680:next few years. A sane handling of the physical mechanism will be required, plus a divineDiscipleship1, 697:the name given to the response of the material mechanism to its environing material world - theDiscipleship1, 697:as an interpreting agency and the nature of the mechanism and of the environment is slowlyDiscipleship1, 697:reflexes are an integral part of the material mechanism. In the case of the spiritual instincts,Discipleship1, 761:have no control whatsoever over the outer mechanism of response; from [762] the standpoint of theDiscipleship1, 765:of vitality and so uninterested in the physical mechanism that chronic invalidism (as usuallyDiscipleship1, 779:The Consciousness of the Atom. The Soul and Its Mechanism. From Intellect to Intuition. FromDiscipleship2, 46:finds few who think and feel as he does and the mechanism of sure contact only exists within him inDiscipleship2, 65:an undue strain upon the emotions and the mental mechanism of the disciple because he is, as yet,Discipleship2, 72:will be the building of an aspect of the mechanism of contact and of approach which can be knownDiscipleship2, 72:on faith by you. It might be regarded as the mechanism of inspiration, for - in the last analysis -Discipleship2, 72:which is the goal of all our work. This mechanism is a subjective fact, and is slowly built asDiscipleship2, 72:aspire and serve and obey. It is an individual mechanism, and a group mechanism, and willDiscipleship2, 72:obey. It is an individual mechanism, and a group mechanism, and will eventually form part of theDiscipleship2, 72:mechanism, and will eventually form part of the mechanism of humanity, viewing it as a whole and asDiscipleship2, 72:to the three subhuman kingdoms. It is this mechanism which [73] will constitute the bridge betweenDiscipleship2, 152:of the seven types of energy to which the human mechanism responds. He must be able to direct theDiscipleship2, 153:and transfer energies which enter into the lower mechanism as a consequence of the three higherDiscipleship2, 155:The Science of Impression, referring here to the mechanism of impression and stating what you knowDiscipleship2, 180:as always, that the etheric body is a physical mechanism. It was this meditation which started theDiscipleship2, 249:which is going on all the time within the mechanism of the disciple or initiate. The death proceedsDiscipleship2, 272:so that the entire man - now become the oriented mechanism of the Monad - is flooded with thisDiscipleship2, 290:the head of the developing aspirant there is a mechanism of great potency, capable of controllingDiscipleship2, 290:etheric correspondence. This is the responsive mechanism to the directing eye of the soul. TheDiscipleship2, 290:and the intelligent utilization of this triple mechanism which is the goal of the initiate up toDiscipleship2, 291:identified with the personality that the [291] mechanism (now developed within the personality) canDiscipleship2, 291:on his own high levels, do this? Through what mechanism does he thus "see"? What is his organ ofDiscipleship2, 294:be unprofitable until such time as the inner mechanism of progressive revelation is more clearlyDiscipleship2, 303:absolutely nothing. Primitive man had not the mechanism whereby comprehension would have beenDiscipleship2, 314:and a paralleling responsiveness of the human mechanism which guarantees the perpetuation and theDiscipleship2, 348:realities - abstruse because the adequate mechanism for their comprehension has not yet beenDiscipleship2, 374:the Masters work through no physical or etheric mechanism whatsoever, but utilize what might beDiscipleship2, 481:disease will, in a few years' time, lay the mechanism of accomplishment low and prevent both effortDiscipleship2, 482:and conscious negativity has been an escape mechanism from the executive and administrative natureDiscipleship2, 484:contacts and the development of a resultant mechanism, plus a habit of magnetic rapport, which isDiscipleship2, 511:are those points of revelation for which the mechanism is inadequate and which, therefore, find noDiscipleship2, 518:leads to silence - not silence as an escape mechanism, but as an "occult retention of speech." ForDiscipleship2, 557:What qualities would your particular mechanism or personality demonstrate if you acted as if youDiscipleship2, 574:consequently (if you are truly to understand the mechanism through which your soul has to function)Discipleship2, 575:about by: Integration - the coordination of the mechanism. Synthesis - the fusion of personalityDiscipleship2, 719:of cases, and no energy is drawn into the mechanism of the personality. But when the mind is activeDiscipleship2, 752:reaction of a carefully considered defense mechanism; with still others, it may be circumstance, orDiscipleship2, 761:creative, build the phenomenal apparatus or mechanism by means of which a Master makes contact withEducation, 12:the subjective worlds are unified. Soul and its mechanism function as a unit. Towards thisEducation, 18:again you know, the life principle controls the mechanism through the medium of the blood stream,Education, 19:should therefore be the training of the mechanism to respond to the life of the soul. The higherEducation, 19:the type and quality of the body nature, the mechanism produced by soul activity in other lives,Education, 19:physical plane through the medium of its triple mechanism, constitute the objective of allEducation, 28:within the brain, straight through to the inner mechanism. This thread, however, is not identifiedEducation, 28:This thread, however, is not identified with the mechanism, but with the consciousness in man.Education, 33:are then so interrelated that the soul and its mechanism of expression are a unity. A higherEducation, 36:It will include also the training of the human mechanism to respond to life impacts, and to theEducation, 37:in man which underlie the tangible and visible mechanism, and will also admit the possibility of aEducation, 65:aspect, he begins to develop the subtle, inner mechanism through which contact can be made with theEducation, 92:center of the head. It controls that response mechanism which we call the brain, and through itsEducation, 127:apparatus, the animal body, and the response mechanism whereby objective and outer contacts areExternalisationthe increased vibratory activity of the human mechanism, with a consequent effect upon the psychicExternalisation, 6:and the undue strain placed upon the mechanism of the bodies, which the world of souls (in physicalExternalisation, 8:powers are, however, tied up with the human mechanism or response apparatus, and serve to put theExternalisation, 8:of the phenomenal world for which the response mechanism, which we call the personality, exists.
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