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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MECHANISM

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Externalisation, 9:soul becomes consciously active and controls its mechanism through the mind and the brain. WhenExternalisation, 13:and intelligent possession of the lower mechanism of their bodies; they must know which center inExternalisation, 37:are conditioned and limited by their physical mechanism. They are then entirely freed from the timeExternalisation, 345:this time and all for which he has, as yet, the mechanism of comprehension. It is this Will -Externalisation, 353:and discipleship. I have outlined to you the mechanism of service which already is in existence andFire, vi:the technique was so perfected and the etheric mechanism of A.A.B. so skillfully attuned andFire, VII:was concerned - a single joint projecting mechanism. Even to the end A.A.B. often spoke of herFire, 81:solar system being conceived of as one vast mechanism, with an exquisite adjustment of its parts inFire, 238:brain, and to the lack of development in the mechanism whereby the spiritual may be known, andFire, 872:so be expressed, and the intricacies of its mechanism revealed. The following are the three basicGlamour, 60:frequently stepped down into futility. The [60] mechanism for right understanding is lacking, andGlamour, 91:aspect of divinity as expressed in the human mechanism, and this third aspect must eventually beGlamour, 92:note that all the rays play their part in the mechanism of man, making all circumstances theGlamour, 96:body and the vital or etheric body. One is the mechanism of contact upon the physical plane, theGlamour, 96:upon the physical plane, the other is the mechanism of contact with the inner forces, energies andGlamour, 114:eventually to the soul assuming control of the mechanism, the personality, and thus giving to thatGlamour, 120:and the results of their impact upon the human mechanism is, as yet, in its infancy. I have,Glamour, 255:understanding of the [255] occidental or of his mechanism and equipment which, as the result of aGlamour, 262:about changes and readjustments within the mechanism which handles force, and when this can beHealing, 2:This automatically affects some aspect of the mechanism which is used by the souls they contact.Healing, 2:the souls they contact. When I employ the word "mechanism" in these instructions I refer toHealing, 3:not be forgotten that these four constitute one mechanism. Five percent of all modern diseaseHealing, 4:response apparatus, and is today forcing a mechanism that has been constructed essentially forHealing, 41:exoteric diseases, but his ignorance of man's mechanism is deplorable, and he fails to realize twoHealing, 56:sciences which have grown up from a study of the mechanism of the human being, connected as theyHealing, 57:and of inner tensions in some part of the mechanism. Inhibitions, psychical starvation, and thoseHealing, 59:over-expression and overuse of one aspect of the mechanism of man. Today, owing to the vast reachesHealing, 69:time. The increased sensitivity of the human mechanism is also such that men "tune in" on eachHealing, 76:might be pointed out that the etheric body is a mechanism for intake and for outlet. There isHealing, 79:which forms such an important part of the human mechanism. It is thus definitely, with the bloodHealing, 95:certain diseases which appear in the physical mechanism and which are definitely rooted in the factHealing, 151:body The carotid gland thus presenting the mechanism through which the Spiritual Triad, the soulHealing, 159:each find a point of contact within the etheric mechanism of the initiate who is functioning uponHealing, 162:about danger; it is the failure of the physical mechanism to measure up to the inner unfoldmentHealing, 174:to be found in that area of the human physical mechanism. As I have earlier pointed out, thisHealing, 200:the circumference of the head, constitute the mechanism through which: The soul controls itsHealing, 243:arising from within the patient's own interior mechanism - tangible or intangible - and those whichHealing, 273:must inevitably take place within the subtle mechanism of the patient. The area of the body whichHealing, 273:adjustment will have to be made within the vital mechanism of the patient. Along this line there isHealing, 273:etheric body is accepted and its existence, as a mechanism of energy supply and as the vital aspectHealing, 274:etheric weakness. That the etheric body is the mechanism of vital, pranic life, and "substands" orHealing, 278:and in this aptitude in the care of the physical mechanism, is today to be found a major worldHealing, 319:and the scientific students of the human mechanism, then the whole attitude to death and itsHealing, 321:or small. They find their way into the human mechanism through the medium of the life force which,Healing, 326:equipment is concerned, and as far as the total mechanism can stand the pressure of the soulHealing, 329:and produces the pouring into and through the mechanism of the patient of pure soul energy. It wasHealing, 331:into incarnation and activity the physical [331] mechanism, the body, through the galvanizingHealing, 333:apparatus through which we work and of which the mechanism of the five senses is one of theHealing, 337:a correspondence to the aspects of the human mechanism found upon the mental plane." Bear in mindHealing, 340:exact its toll from the race until the human mechanism has adjusted itself to light. Remember thatHealing, 341:astral body, the etheric body and the physical mechanism. People who are definitely aspirants andHealing, 350:will by souls who consciously serve, and use the mechanism of the body as the instrument wherebyHealing, 362:medium of the thought world and the use of the mechanism of thought in man. There is no dangerHealing, 371:vibratory reaction is due to our possessing a mechanism which is responsive to impact, I amHealing, 382:perceptive faculties of man but in the physical mechanism also. There will be a much greaterHealing, 454:and becomes centered in another apparatus or mechanism. In death, both the threads are withdrawn orHealing, 465:states is not a principle - the dense physical mechanism. The minor centers are therefore to beHealing, 525:healer's part and the right functioning of the mechanism of received and directed force within theHealing, 526:radiance. Power to control the activity of the mechanism of the head. The healer must have "linkedHealing, 529:himself - through the medium of his own inner mechanism. The healer in the New Age will possess theHealing, 575:and complex detail [575] anent the human mechanism and its diseases with which the modern physicianHealing, 586:a clue to our general theme. Up till now the mechanism of approach to the life aspect - theHealing, 593:to the appropriation in full control of its mechanism in the three worlds. These secondaryHealing, 597:from the planet has a free flow through the mechanism. It is this energy which the Master, workingHealing, 612:as aspects of a divine response apparatus, of a mechanism which enables the Heavenly Man, theHealing, 612:the divine plan and through the medium of a mechanism. At present, the physical body is the onlyHealing, 612:evolutionary stages through which this divine mechanism passed in preparation for the task to beHealing, 615:another form, and always through an appropriate mechanism. This is true in the involutionary sense,Hercules, 20:a fourth, a soul in conscious possession of its mechanism, the developed personality. HavingHercules, 60:objectivity. It is the place also where the mechanism of contact is developed, where, little byHercules, The So:along similar lines. [The Soul and Its Mechanism by Alice A. Bailey. Lucis Publishing Company, NewHercules, 188:is of no importance, my personality is only a mechanism, and my consciousness is one with all thatHercules, 199:when a person makes certain contacts before the mechanism is sufficiently tuned up. World saviorsInitiation, 168:be so expressed - and the intricacies of the mechanism revealed. Intellect, 10:purpose shall we put this composite, complex mechanism which we call a human being?" Have weIntellect, 12:wherein the emphasis has been laid upon the mechanism, upon the sumtotal of cells, which constituteIntellect, 35:a wider world than the one revealed to us by the mechanism of the nerves, and investigated by theIntellect, 41:utilizing the physical body as its functioning mechanism on the physical plane. Finally, theIntellect, 53:empirical self is the mixture of free spirit and mechanism, of purusha and prakriti... Every egoIntellect, 54:himself towards the soul, as detached from the mechanism, and thus, therefore, towards a new stateIntellect, 57:are covered in my book, The Soul and Its Mechanism, and will not be enlarged upon here, beyondIntellect, 57:by life." - Bailey, Alice, The Soul and its Mechanism, page 62. There is also another body which isIntellect, 58:physical and emotional organisms, this mental mechanism is at first entirely objective in itsIntellect, 101:Some regard it as a separate entity; others as a mechanism, of which the brain and the nervousIntellect, 101:the self, with a life of its own; as a defense mechanism built up during the ages; as a responseIntellect, 163:and Intuition, page 130. Here we have the mechanism guided and directed in its physical relationsIntellect, 183:words that I used in my book, The Soul and Its Mechanism, will be found true that "there willIntellect, 183:of the future there will be seen not only a mechanism and a structure, but a soul, an entity, who,Intellect, 183:structure, but a soul, an entity, who, using the mechanism, will manifest its own nature, which isIntellect, 183:intelligence." - Bailey, Alice, The Soul and Its Mechanism, page 130. It is interesting here toIntellect, 211:been produced certain changes take place in the mechanism of thought and awareness in the humanIntellect, 212:the theme of my earlier book, The Soul and Its Mechanism, and cannot be enlarged upon here. Three:Intellect, 228:direct to the brain. From thence the physical mechanism can be controlled. Then a definite act ofIntellect, 255:will find its way to some part of other of the mechanism. In mental types, or in the case of thoseIntellect, 260:in during meditation pours down through the mechanism and stimulates the entire sex apparatus. TheMagic, 31:or vital body and, in connection with the solid mechanism of the tangible form, through the spleen.Magic, 40:intelligence of all cells in the threefold body mechanism. By a close study of the above it becomesMagic, 48:is on the verge of discovery. The structure, the mechanism, is now ready and developed to its pointMagic, 128:soul is beginning consciously to utilize its mechanism? In connection with this last question, aMagic, 165:in which an intellectual understanding of this mechanism of heart, throat, and eye, will be found.
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