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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MECHANISM

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Magic, 165:those words, and request their careful study. A mechanism in the natural body comes into use in twoMagic, 165:when, the apparatus is used. An animal employs a mechanism, analogous in many respects to thatMagic, 189:vital importance to the modern aspirant, for the mechanism of the heart, the throat, and the eye -Magic, 192:of spiritual being, and bringing into activity a mechanism and a vital structure which has hithertoMagic, 213:so does the apparatus of vision develop, and the mechanism whereby he can see things in theMagic, 214:the mental plane, including the mental mechanism. Similarly on the emotional plane, the soul isMagic, 222:the onlooking soul to dissociate its own astral mechanism from the astral mechanism of humanity asMagic, 222:its own astral mechanism from the astral mechanism of humanity as a whole, and from the astralMagic, 222:of humanity as a whole, and from the astral mechanism of the world. One of the first things thenMagic, 249:pouring in of pure spiritual energy to the mechanism of the personality. That vital spiritual forceMagic, 310:mind and is not so entirely occupied with the mechanism which registers sensory impression, weMagic, 316:choice depends upon the quality of the astral mechanism of the man concerned. A fourth methodMagic, 331:his soul and recognizes its relationship to its mechanism of expression, the threefold lower man,Magic, 333:and working as a soul and in control of his mechanism (physical, emotional, and mental) can workMagic, 335:will disappear and the response of the human mechanism to this world of sound, uproar and [336]Magic, 338:and each aspect of it is correlated. There is a mechanism through which the real man functions, andMagic, 338:the outer world. When the "I", the user of the mechanism, can do this he becomes aware of anotherMagic, 338:signs that the soul is beginning to use its mechanism. No longer does the man live in the interestsMagic, 340:has carried forward the perfecting of the mechanism to such an extent that it is now a coordinatedMagic, 340:scientists in their varying branches to the mechanism the soul seeks and eventually will use, [341]Magic, 394:have been successfully fused and merged and the mechanism or instrument of the indwelling self is aMagic, 395:a Mussolini or through a Pope. In both cases the mechanism of expression modifies and steps downMagic, 404:far less understand it. The development of the mechanism whereby a disciple may be en rapport withMagic, 412:mankind, with the varying types of humanity, the mechanism employed, and man's urges,Magic, 414:amount of at-one-ment between the soul and its mechanism is essential, and that inner triplicity,Magic, 422:is therefore largely a matter of perfecting the mechanism of the brain so that it can rightlyMagic, 425:an organization, and so producing all the mechanism which goes with such a method of work. RememberMagic, 432:registered through the medium of the personality mechanism. The quality of these energies isMagic, 453:or vital body and in connection with the solid mechanism of the tangible form through the spleen.Magic, 463:but it is the soul as controller or ruler of the mechanism, of the form-apparatus. This control isMagic, 463:with the soul as the creator of the human mechanism, or with the man as he attempts to master theMagic, 495:points, the spiritual man seeks to control the mechanism. Thus functioning on the physical planeMagic, 496:evolution and the consequent development of the mechanism. That mechanism is triple in expression.Magic, 496:consequent development of the mechanism. That mechanism is triple in expression. There are first ofMagic, 496:and becomes centered in another apparatus or mechanism. In death, both the threads are withdrawn orMagic, 516:slips out of what we call the personality, the mechanism aspect, and becomes a changedMagic, 516:place. There is a point of inspired waiting. The mechanism is entirely quiescent. The mind is heldMagic, 516:materialize. This of course delineates a mechanism, trained and adjusted and rightly responsive - aMagic, 581:two things: Recreate his instrument or mechanism of contact, so that the solar Angel has a vehicle,Magic, 591:dangerous undertaking, when induced before the mechanism is ready to deal with it. This tripleMagic, 601:the position of the Observer, detached from the mechanism of observation [602] and contact; he mustMagic, 624:enough is what might be called the "defense mechanism" of the soul in this present period of worldPatanjali, 16:held that the mind is that part of the human mechanism which utilizes knowledge. The "process ofPatanjali, 25:a correspondence to the aspects of the human mechanism found upon the mental plane. This latterPatanjali, 158:The element of touch or that which produces the mechanism of touch, the skin, etc., - the rudimentPatanjali, 158:The element of taste, or that which produces the mechanism of taste. The element of smell, or thatPatanjali, 158:The element of smell, or that which produces the mechanism of smell. Back of these five lies thePatanjali, 189:from the human being, or acting upon the human mechanism, that what may be called "scientificPatanjali, 392:or mind control and thus the creation of that mechanism which renders to the soul the control ofPatanjali, 395:All that a man can do is to build the mechanism which will make this comprehension possible, and toPatanjali, 399:principle, and then the work of using that mechanism and its employment in right directions and forPatanjali, 410:comes much trouble when a tiny part of a big mechanism refuses to function correctly. FrequentlyPsychology1, xxiii:this time (as a general rule) possess that inner mechanism of thought and that intuitive perceptionPsychology1, 5:apparatus and the quality of his physical mechanism, the mode of his thinking and the sum total ofPsychology1, 12:that apparatus of response and that sensitive mechanism which will enable him to register a widerPsychology1, 73:for there is not to be found that perfect form, mechanism or expression of the ray quality, norPsychology1, 90:schools and with the fuller understanding of the mechanism of the human body, has tended to provePsychology1, 90:prove that the soul is a superstition, a defense mechanism, and that conscious thought with all thePsychology1, 90:selection, man has developed; he now possesses a mechanism which is responsive to the naturalPsychology1, 91:the germs of trouble. No man possesses a perfect mechanism, but owns one that must inevitably breakPsychology1, 91:and that fails somewhere, in some portion of the mechanism, to meet the needs (physical, emotional,Psychology1, 94:are right in their conclusion anent the mechanism and the form nature, and that the spirituallyPsychology1, 98:This sensitivity is the response of the mechanism of man to the approaching developments, and thePsychology1, 99:flows through the soul is admitted, and when the mechanism of the force centers is [100] studied,Psychology1, 101:and illumination. Men will learn to subject the mechanism of the body to a downflow of spiritualPsychology1, 105:soul powers, and in the trained control of the mechanism, that evidence so produced will be seen toPsychology1, 109:and is not man's method of building a defense mechanism; nor is it an illusory way of escape from aPsychology1, 136:he is also aware of himself, and his response mechanism is capable of reacting, not only toPsychology1, 136:through the medium of some type of response mechanism. Thus we have the establishing of a universePsychology1, 156:mastering matter and making more adequate the mechanism of awareness and of contact. Little byPsychology1, 193:contact. Through the gradually unfolding mechanism of contact (itself the result of active quality,Psychology1, 194:the response apparatus and to a wise use of the mechanism of contact. It leads also to anPsychology1, 194:brought about through the medium of the response mechanism. This other response apparatus may bePsychology1, 195:apparatus of humanity as a whole, to the mechanism of awareness of the great Life in which we livePsychology1, 196:the outer world through the medium of his outer mechanism. As he learns to do this, the nature ofPsychology1, 199:is such that he can, through an inner mechanism as yet unevolved in the majority, respond to thePsychology1, 200:intuition. This is after all the response of the mechanism to the symbolic appeal of divinePsychology1, 226:(and what else is possible when dealing with a mechanism as yet so inadequate as the mind and brainPsychology1, 249:and are in the nature of an automatic mechanism. It is the mechanism, nevertheless, with which wePsychology1, 249:the nature of an automatic mechanism. It is the mechanism, nevertheless, with which we havePsychology1, 249:ourselves, and we have forgotten that that mechanism is but an expression of an aspect ofPsychology1, 282:and the many expressions of an ill-regulated mechanism, responding to an impersonal force. But itPsychology1, 326:(surely and inevitably) corresponding changes in mechanism and structure, and in sense perceptionPsychology1, 326:also the blood stream. Thus the outer form or mechanism is ever an indication of the point ofPsychology1, 365:and by environment) which affect the mechanism through which the soul functions. It is interestingPsychology1, 370:the head center), is destroyed in man's mechanism by the activity of certain forces found in thatPsychology2, 9:supposes that man's quality is determined by his mechanism, whereas the reverse condition is thePsychology2, 17:of the soul ray and whose inner, sensitive mechanism is vibrating to the measure of that soul rayPsychology2, 22:the at-one-ment between the soul and its mechanism, man in the three worlds. From the angle ofPsychology2, 59:relationship of the soul to its instrument - the mechanism whereby or wherewith it expressesPsychology2, 60:First, we must consider the utilization of the mechanism on the Path of Outgoing. Second, thePsychology2, 60:Path of Outgoing. Second, the utilization of the mechanism upon the Path of Return. In the firstPsychology2, 60:here for a moment and deal with the idea of mechanism and divinity, for these are apt to be aPsychology2, 61:and many [61] other such qualitative phrases. Mechanism, after all, implies the creation of a formPsychology2, 61:the fuel which, in conjunction with the mechanism, provides the motivating principle and makesPsychology2, 62:we will pass on to the consideration of the mechanism and of that which infuses it and motivates itPsychology2, 62:very briefly mentioned: 1. The soul informs the mechanism in two ways and through two points ofPsychology2, 62:of the soul, or its authoritative grasp upon the mechanism of the body, is dependent for its extentPsychology2, 62:3. The result of this twofold hold upon the mechanism during the past ages has been thePsychology2, 63:the hold which the divine Thinker has upon the mechanism. This will lead to a wiser, fuller
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