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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MECHANISTIC

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Fire, 426:points, nor can we enlarge along the line of the mechanistic development of forms to utilize theHealing, 9:down the ages has wrestled. In our present mechanistic age we have wandered far to the surface ofIntellect, 12:We know much about Man, the machine. The mechanistic school of psychologists have placed us deeplyMagic, 336:will involve the recognition of the soul. The mechanistic school of psychologists has served and isMagic, 337:two great lines of thought, such [337] as the mechanistic and the introspective or subjectiveMagic, 337:roughly speaking in the field of psychology. The mechanistic, laying the emphasis upon structure,Magic, 337:and problems as insoluble under the pure mechanistic process. They approach more nearly the occultSoul, 14:an hypothesis to prove the correctness of the mechanistic school, and the equally correct positionSoul, 15:concerned with endorsing or rejecting the mechanistic philosophy of the Behavioristic School. IfSoul, 19:[19] and the instrument he uses. It is therefore mechanistic and deals only with that which can beSoul, 21:interpretations of inorganic nature; namely mechanistic, or strictly determined, and thereforeSoul, 25:in the mass is clearly materialistic. It is mechanistic, thriving in an age of machines andSoul, 25:and machinery. The position of the Western mechanistic psychologist is, therefore, almostSoul, 55:or vitalistic conception, and the Western or mechanistic conception, and so bridge the gap betweenSoul, 90:and so carried the idea forward. The modern mechanistic teachings of psychology have temporarilySoul, 155:the nineteenth century incline to do, that the mechanistic hypothesis, valuable as it has proved
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