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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDIATORSHIP

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Astrology, 100:being the Messenger of the Gods. This mediatorship, in the first instance, produces an inevitableAstrology, 122:of the three highest kingdoms through the mediatorship of the human kingdom which, through itsAstrology, 122:is of much importance, as it is the sign of mediatorship. Mediumship in its true meaning isAstrology, 124:positive soul control. [124] Mediumship into mediatorship. Clairvoyance into spiritual perception.Astrology, 124:of the higher correspondences in their work - mediatorship and interpretive activity - have not gotAstrology, 132:to you at present for it is not a mediatorship between differences but a fusion of what is alreadyAstrology, 182:Child. Gestation. Pisces - The world Savior. Mediatorship. Astrology, 445:at this time in any way comprehend is that of Mediatorship. This is the energy of mediation, ofAstrology, 574:the beginning." [574] He recognizes his task of mediatorship which is the major task of theExternalisation, 8:Controlled - Positive - Intelligently applied - Mediatorship Lower Psychism: Animal - UncontrolledExternalisation, 225:that when humanity awakens to the fact of this mediatorship and can then avail itself of theMagic, 39:of group consciousness, of inclusiveness, of mediatorship, of attraction and of unification. ThisPsychology2, 559:Inspiration. c. Mediumship. Intercourse. Speech. Mediatorship. d. Materialization. Invention.Rays, 170:that He is now achieving facility in the higher mediatorship which will bring about a closer
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