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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDICINE

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Destiny, 134:we shall see a great revolution take place in medicine, in diet and in the handling of daily lifeDiscipleship1, 28:Hitherto the attempts of men in the field of medicine, of healing and of the various forms ofDiscipleship1, 71:or rallying points for the new religion, the new medicine, the new psychology and education and theEducation, viii:and the arts of the West. Psychosomatic medicine, parapsychology, Jung's analytical psychology areFire, xiii:be brought about in the domains of science, of medicine and of chemistry. The study of medicine,Fire, xiii:of medicine and of chemistry. The study of medicine, for instance, will eventually be taken up fromFire, 89:and the whole aim of preventive and curative medicine will shift to a higher level. All we can doFire, 104:may be subject, and the trend which applied medicine may later take when occult laws are betterFire, 123:comprehended, will result in a basic change in medicine, from a curative to a preventiveFire, 453:religious worlds. The foundation of schools of medicine along new lines, whose purpose will be toFire, 645:use of animal food (and the use of minerals as medicine in a lesser degree) has produced aFire, 945:and chemicals. A hint in connection with medicine is here to be found; it is occultly true thatFire, 1186:admitted, the entire outlook on life, on nature, medicine and science and on methods ofHealing, 28:ameliorative and palliative and curative work of medicine and surgery are proved beyond allHealing, 32:of the methods of the many schools of medicine and surgery, and allied groups. Through the use ofHealing, 44:causes will be of definite assistance to future medicine. How much will be accepted is at this timeHealing, 48:of technical knowledge should be required. Medicine is entering slowly into a new usefulness. OnceHealing, 56:in the many books which embody the literature of medicine and of surgery. There is little that IHealing, 68:revolutionary (from the standpoint of orthodox medicine) that it will take time for even this firstHealing, 86:than the vast system built up by orthodox medicine and surgery. It is because of the lack ofHealing, 106:The dense physical body, of which science and medicine know much. [107] The etheric body, which isHealing, 135:open to question from the viewpoint of orthodox medicine, yet, at the same time, orthodox medicineHealing, 135:medicine, yet, at the same time, orthodox medicine has been steadily drifting towards the occultHealing, 136:the accuracy of my statements. [136] The new medicine will deal with factors which are dimlyHealing, 140:Around this at present unrecognized truth the medicine and the healing methods of the futureHealing, 142:not been as yet adequately developed in modern medicine. Much, however, has been done to relate theHealing, 159:the physical. Modern psychology, when allied to medicine, recognizes that this gland whenHealing, 173:fact to those who are interested in the study of medicine from the esoteric angle; rightlyHealing, 197:of nadis, and nerves. The next great move in medicine will be to recognize the fact of the ethericHealing, 206:includes the best that the tried science of medicine can give - he must then begin to work throughHealing, 208:much force to the areas they govern. In esoteric medicine and its philosophical interpretationHealing, 219:this weakness often produces mortal disease. Medicine in the next century will be built aroundHealing, 219:built around certain major premises: Preventive medicine will be the goal, producing the attempt toHealing, 235:as methods of cure are developed, as preventive medicine comes into its own, and as man himselfHealing, 242:been well considered and dealt with by ordinary medicine. I seek only in this part of ourHealing, 250:the magnificent work of scientific and academic medicine, plus a truer comprehension of rightHealing, 253:picture. Against the ills which it discloses, medicine is today battling; scientists are searchingHealing, 253:to recognize that the knowledge accumulated by medicine and by those who work scientifically withHealing, 255:should I say, unthinking?) public. The field of medicine is a most difficult field in which toHealing, 255:by the newer schools of thought. Orthodox medicine is slow, and rightly slow, in adopting newHealing, 255:However, within the last few decades, medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds, the science ofHealing, 255:added to the various other sciences of which medicine avails itself. The demands of the intangibleHealing, 256:and to their unceasing attacks upon orthodox medicine and other channels of proven helpfulness andHealing, 256:of experimentation) of the academic schools of medicine and surgery. They forget that many of theirHealing, 256:apart from the already God-given knowledge which medicine down the ages has accumulated; they needHealing, 256:are in no way so numerous as those of orthodox medicine and of the beneficent work done by theHealing, 257:cures (and this is the case also with orthodox medicine) are cures because the hour of the end hasHealing, 257:instance, and take the measures which orthodox medicine enjoins, rather than stand by and see theHealing, 257:- of which humanity is capable. Orthodox medicine is more open to cooperation with the newer cultsHealing, 270:basis of your approach. I have indicated that medicine and medical treatments of the future willHealing, 271:down and refuse to admit the findings of modern medicine. This I have earlier emphasized. I want toHealing, 271:today so often goes astray. The old approach to medicine, with its physical investigation and itsHealing, 271:to lay the foundation for this new approach to medicine. I am handicapped by the idealisticHealing, 272:There is present today, in the science of medicine, a situation paralleling that to be found in theHealing, 272:which may or may not give them the key to the medicine of the future but which certainly puts theirHealing, 273:yet in the field of advanced research. The new medicine cannot be scientifically formulated orHealing, 274:as an existent fact, from the angle of orthodox medicine, though there is a modern drift towardsHealing, 274:nervous system comprises the field of the new medicine and indicates the new major field ofHealing, 275:Tuberculosis, Syphilitic diseases. Some day medicine will realize that behind every single diseaseHealing, 275:of his karma. This lifts the whole subject of medicine into the psychological field and posits theHealing, 276:have been carried forward, the science of medicine will be built upon the fact of the vital bodyHealing, 276:complicated than present medical science. Today, medicine has reached such a point of complexityHealing, 276:the anatomical necessities of the human frame; medicine will shift its focus of attention, beforeHealing, 277:of the soul, and will completely revolutionize medicine (among other things). It must, however, beHealing, 277:soul charts, but will also enter the field of medicine, particularly in relation to the ethericHealing, 277:astrological investigation done in the field of medicine has relation to physical disease withinHealing, 278:I have to face (as I seek to present to you the medicine of the future) is that I think in terms ofHealing, 278:of research in this field exists. Modern medicine is of very ancient origin. Over the centuries itHealing, 278:for karmic limitations. The success of modern medicine is today so great that millions of peopleHealing, 279:is full of groups in revolt against orthodox medicine - wrongly in revolt, because in theirHealing, 279:systems which are completely divorced from medicine but which undertake to bring about cures, areHealing, 280:and so unwilling to cooperate with orthodox medicine that, in many cases, they constitute aHealing, 280:within the ring-pass-not of academic medicine. Yet within the ranks of medicine are manyHealing, 280:of academic medicine. Yet within the ranks of medicine are many enlightened men who would gladlyHealing, 280:and the older and proven methods that the medicine of the future will be developed. The value ofHealing, 280:trends and indicate the lines along which the medicine of the future can enrich itself and becomeHealing, 280:willing to compromise in the present. Academic medicine is the result of the God-given gifts of theHealing, 281:ill health which are not recognized by orthodox medicine, which deals with the effects of theseHealing, 285:of medical science, in the early days of modern medicine and surgery. But this never deterred theHealing, 288:today as little known as the science of modern medicine was known in the year 1200 A.D., you willHealing, 288:literally nothing, has been done in relation to medicine and the science of the centers in anyHealing, 310:disease, but the difficulty is that modern medicine does not yet permit the hypothesis of hiddenHealing, 318:the psychologist in collaboration with orthodox medicine (which undoubtedly has its place, as, forHealing, 324:of modern disease is being handled by modern medicine primarily in three ways: through the scienceHealing, 324:the science of sanitation, through preventive medicine, and through inoculation. These are theHealing, 333:plan, very sketchily outlined above, all ancient medicine (particularly the Tibetan, the Chinese,Healing, 339:and Psychoses One of the departments of esoteric medicine in the future will concern itself withHealing, 353:and increasingly into the realm of preventive medicine and the psychological adjustment of theHealing, 373:by color and sound, and radiation, Preventive medicine, The essential practices of osteopathy andHealing, 381:blending which will inevitably come of orthodox medicine, psychology and spiritual methods ofHealing, 452:demonstrated time and again in the annals of medicine, for it has been proven that as long as theHealing, 463:that still remain to be discovered by orthodox medicine, and which will be revealed as the race ofHealing, 474:its effect will be questioned as yet by orthodox medicine, but its presence will later beHealing, 480:and what is today vaguely called "preventive medicine" will come into its own. I prefer to defineHealing, 481:painting; in the meantime, the contribution of medicine is indispensable. In spite of mistakes,Healing, 482:conditions have been long developing. Modern medicine must become far more open-minded, more readyHealing, 482:is unusual. The barriers erected by specialized medicine must come down, and the new schools mustHealing, 482:and by their constant attack upon orthodox medicine. The latter, in its turn, has limited itself byHealing, 482:of scientific methods. The desire of orthodox medicine is to protect the general public. This theyHealing, 482:basis for disease and other troubles; modern medicine, therefore, faces its major opportunity. A
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