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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATE

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Intellect, 218:them that they must be quiet because we want to meditate. This will inevitably evoke a wrongIntellect, 218:sit down in a comfortable chair and begin to meditate. The questions then arise: How shall we sit?Intellect, 228:or the fact that we are attempting to meditate. Then say, with focused attention: "More radiantIntellect, 229:In the sixth stage where the effort is made to meditate definitely upon a form of words, veiling aIntellect, 241:therefore, that the man who is learning to meditate must endeavor to do two things: First: He mustIntellect, 246:being deluded in just this way, when we start to meditate, if the discriminating mind is not on theIntellect, 250:for years totally unaware. Then he begins to meditate and suddenly taps the depths of his ownIntellect, 254:with it. They tell us that, when attempting to meditate, they have an inclination to weep, or to beIntellect, 255:that he is learning to concentrate, and not to meditate, at this stage of his training. So heIntellect, 259:nature requires attention when they begin to meditate. They discover within themselves uncontrolledIntellect, 261:"sit for development." They are then taught to meditate upon some center of energy, usually theMagic, 58:to suggest that in the future as the students meditate on the rules that they make such an analysisMagic, 239:my brothers that they need to do two things: To meditate on truth in daily life, using the conceptMagic, 285:the existence aspect - are unified and realized. Meditate upon these words, for they connote theMagic, 342:capacity, and not to the overwhelming need. Meditate on this. Another basis for discouragement isMagic, 419:sphere of activity should live and work, should meditate and eat, will be regarded as of no specialMeditation, 10:source from whence he came. Then he begins to meditate, to ponder, to intensify vibration until inMeditation, 12:the lower nature has to offer, man begins to meditate. Disorderly at first are his attempts, andMeditation, 12:only forces the man to think and seriously to meditate at rare and separated intervals. MoreMeditation, 47:what must be overcome. (Some of you who meditate are apt to be so engrossed straining afterMeditation, 61:who study these letters... The man undertakes to meditate and seeks to conform to the necessaryMeditation, 64:as used by the individual who begins to [64] meditate, - the effect of its use being very largelyMeditation, 81:guidance of a teacher. The man therefore will meditate correctly or approximately so; thus what weMeditation, 108:in the acquirement of the mental capacity to meditate, the student misses the very thing he cameMeditation, 166:with the Hierarchy. Then he will begin to meditate with his bodies adjusted, and with the vacuumMeditation, 225:and progress is made, and as the ability to meditate results in the faculty of transmitting fromMeditation, 246:group, also, will be a number of people who can meditate occultly, and can, by the power of theirMeditation, 251:to emphasize this fact. They are the ones who meditate along the line of the Mahachohan, or theMeditation, 258:duly strive, who unselfishly serve and occultly meditate, the promise of knowing Those Who alreadyMeditation, 277:except the intensification of the desire to meditate with correctness, the object in view will bePatanjali, 33:with care the "objects" upon which he will meditate, he through these objects, builds himself aPatanjali, 79:not literalise these things nor seek blindly to meditate, for instance, upon [80] the tip of thePatanjali, 98:to the macrocosm, we will find that we can meditate upon the external form of God in Nature bothPatanjali, 98:and by an act of the will, the student can meditate on the subtle subjective nature of God asPatanjali, 252:meditation and [252] the power so to meditate is called sanyama in this sutra. It is the attainmentPatanjali, 259:is aware of three factors as he attempts to meditate: 1. He is aware of the object of hisPatanjali, 302:of the astral world comes to him who can meditate upon the moon." Either is correct and probably aPsychology1, 10:the group, correspond with a fellow aspirant or meditate. Extend the idea, then, from the studentPsychology2, 104:On these three words must all disciples meditate, if they are ever to reap the fruits of sacrifice.Psychology2, 115:of World Servers. If they can aspire, pray, meditate and serve, focusing always in unison with allPsychology2, 141:or Group Life Ray II Servers on this ray ponder, meditate upon and assimilate the new ideasPsychology2, 243:much upon which to ponder, to [243] think and to meditate. Let us search for the thread of goldPsychology2, 395:to the man who is permitted, as a soul, to meditate upon such a phrase as inclusive reason. ThePsychology2, 395:When he has reached the point where he can meditate both as a soul and as a mind, involving alsoPsychology2, 396:appear to you a more simple phrase upon which to meditate and easier for the average aspirant toPsychology2, 397:from the thralldom of the senses can truly thus meditate. The attributes of Deity might be dividedPsychology2, 464:intelligent people of the world are learning to meditate today on a large scale they must be faced.Psychology2, 700:of World Servers. If they can aspire, pray, meditate and serve, focusing in unison with all otherRays, 215:I mean, but will suffice to show (if you duly meditate) a little of what is meant by the silence ofReappearance, 167:can be defeated or in which the aspirant cannot meditate, think, talk and prepare the way for theTelepathy, 31:of sentences and of thoughts. Choose a word and meditate upon it, knowing wherefore you have chosen
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