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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATED

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Bethlehem, 225:speaking here: "Brahma, the self-effulgent meditated. He considered... Come, let me sacrificeDiscipleship1, 260:you and you would profit much if each night you meditated for five minutes upon your capacity toDiscipleship2, 187:and in neither of these two ways have you truly meditated on the given words. It is essential thatDiscipleship2, 566:the Ashram of a Chohan would come to you if you meditated upon the two words: Goodwill and theFire, 33:abstruse and complicated but which, when meditated upon and studied, may eventually proveFire, 172:Another sentence is also added here which, if meditated upon, will prove of real value and willFire, 294:whether man or solar Logos. This concept must be meditated upon by all thinkers and its synthesisFire, 352:and finally, only when all this is meditated upon, and its truth accepted, will this question ofFire, 372:- a thing as yet impossible for us. As this is meditated upon and studied, the wonder and beauty ofFire, 560:to the fore. When this third point is meditated upon with care, it will be noted (as might beFire, 603:is a very important point to be grasped, and if meditated upon will bring to the student muchFire, 834:atom on every plane of the system. If this is meditated upon, and the fact of all our planes beingFire, 838:elemental work and gazed within Themselves. They meditated. * * * The glow became a steady burningFire, 934:side of Masonry is carefully and persistently meditated upon, the work of the Great Architect andFire, 1171:the animal kingdom become adjusted. If this is meditated upon, some light may be thrown upon theHercules, 195:the god of fire in the sun. For seven days he meditated, and then a favor was bestowed on him. AInitiation, 150:there was a period wherein he brooded over and meditated upon the purposes and plans he had inMeditation, 33:things may be imparted, which - when wisely meditated upon - may lead to illumination: The Ego onMeditation, 206:were the product of logoic meditation. The Logos meditated, brooded, conceived mentally, formed anPatanjali, 41:and which has emanated from the soul must be meditated upon and thus woven into the fabric of thePatanjali, 57:It might be added, that this great Word, when meditated upon, gives the clue to the true esotericPatanjali, 98:following words may serve to elucidate, and, if meditated upon by the more advanced students, willPatanjali, 321:that as this fact is grasped intellectually and meditated upon interiorly, awareness of one'sPatanjali, 353:said in degree as is said of the Creator: "God meditated, visualized, spoke, and the worlds werePatanjali, 414:or to the soul from the lower man. This must be meditated upon and the whole trend of one'sSoul, 74:activities; it is the subject of the experience meditated by the body; it is not the mind, but that
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