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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATES

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Discipleship1, 696:as automatically as does the Creator. He meditates; he visualizes; he speaks and that which heDiscipleship2, 224:the needed vital potency unless the one who thus meditates identifies himself with the purpose andFire, 477:stuff. He who ponders these formulas and who meditates upon the method and suggested process willFire, 556:gradually be apprehended by the student, if he meditates and studies: First. That in due course ofFire, 1013:poles vibrate. A choice confronts the one who meditates. Upon the astral plane the thought formFire, 1013:The energy of desire enters it, and "he who meditates" has to energize the form with one of twoFire, 1026:intellectual development is desired. He who meditates and broods over these rules in the light ofIntellect, 81:things will stand revealed to the man who truly meditates. He will comprehend the hidden things ofIntellect, 245:used or some entity comes to the student, as he meditates, and outlines to him some great work thatMagic, 194:assured by those who know that, as he strives, meditates, studies and serves, certain changes willMagic, 219:poles vibrate. A choice confronts the one who meditates. The Battleground of the Astral Plane WeMagic, 231:victory at the end. The phrase "the one who meditates" relates to the soul. Arjuna, the aspiringMeditation, 39:to which the Ego is assigned, for as each man meditates he contacts not only his own Ego but alsoMeditation, 85:(especially in the center in which a man meditates - the head or the heart) which causes reflexMeditation, 86:take up the dangers that confront the man who meditates. I shall seek to point out what he mustMeditation, 150:he loves and he works through devotion. He meditates by attempting to eliminate the concrete mindMeditation, 151:and control, of sheath after sheath. He meditates upon form until the form is lost sight of, andMeditation, 171:eventually absorb all the others. The man who meditates on this line seeks ever to enter into theMeditation, 277:to carry out His side of the work. As the pupil meditates with occult accuracy be brings his threePatanjali, 184:soul. The spiritual man contemplates, studies or meditates upon the world of causes, upon thePatanjali, 266:concentrates on the form, or object, meditates on its quality (the subjective aspect or symbolicPatanjali, 322:who creates, who indwells, The Son who reveals, meditates and links the highest aspect with thePatanjali, 409:effective and safe meditation work. The one who meditates is the soul, the ego, and his work is a
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