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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATION

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Astrology, 21:astrology, dependent upon soul contact and much meditation, to determine the processes ofAstrology, 30:of a [30] high moment of contact in your morning meditation produces an effect upon the atom orAstrology, 149:usefulness of the present general trend towards meditation processes which bring about the capacityAstrology, 228:Libra can also be spoken of in terms of the meditation process as taught both in East and West. ItAstrology, 228:which is the explanation given to that stage in meditation which we call contemplation. In the fiveAstrology, 228:we call contemplation. In the five stages of meditation (as usually taught) you have the following:Astrology, 228:taught) you have the following: Concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination andAstrology, 228:and average man. Human experience. Virgo - Meditation - Soul life, as sensed in man, the gestationAstrology, 300:the clue to the basic reality and necessity of meditation as practiced by the disciple and theAstrology, 342:Hence the necessary emphasis ever laid upon meditation when the aspirant awakens to spiritualAstrology, 587:would take this subject as the theme of their meditation and who would try to fit themselves - byAstrology, 615:in itself. This, by the way, is a definition of meditation from the angle of goal and achievement.Atom, 110:the group, is brought about in two ways: through meditation, and through a series of initiations.Atom, 110:series of initiations. Now when I use the word "meditation" I do not mean what is perhaps usuallyAtom, 110:is much misconception these days as to what meditation really is, and there is a great deal ofAtom, 110:is, and there is a great deal of so-called meditation which has been truly described by a personAtom, 110:and wait for something to happen." The true meditation [111] is something that requires the mostAtom, 111:the Eastern Scriptures the man who is attempting meditation and achieving its results, is describedAtom, 111:perfection of austere penance and abstract meditation, by which the most unlimited powers areAtom, 111:with the group life is held to be the product of meditation, and there is no other method ofAtom, 111:the Atom - The Evolution of Consciousness True meditation (of which the preliminary stages areAtom, 112:when he comes to the more spiritual aspect of meditation, he will find that he has covered theAtom, 112:because we live in a cycle in which books about meditation are found. All of them embody someAtom, 112:and to study for ourselves this question of meditation. I would like here to sound a word ofAtom, 112:which combine forms of breathing exercises with meditation, which teach different types of physicalAtom, 113:that which we wish to think, must precede true meditation, which is a thing few people know muchAtom, 113:is a thing few people know much about. This true meditation, which it is impossible for me toAtom, 113:a solution of their problems along the line of meditation. By a brooding concentration, by aAtom, 114:done a certain amount of work along the line of meditation, when we are cultivating group interestAtom, 114:masters, then we shall know the true meaning of meditation. When a man has made his contact throughAtom, 114:When a man has made his contact through meditation with the group to which he belongs, and becomes,Atom, 136:as the result of long discipline and strenuous meditation does this occur. But some day we shallAutobiography, 167:like the ability which the advanced student of meditation can demonstrate to hold one's achievedAutobiography, 179:am recognized all over the world as a teacher of meditation I have at the same time neverAutobiography, 179:believe that the true occultist uses prayer and meditation interchangeably according to need andAutobiography, 179:Some people are too superior to pray and regard meditation as far more exalted and more fitted toAutobiography, 179:but taught us the Lord's Prayer. To me, also, meditation is a mental process whereby one canAutobiography, 183:silence in the house whilst you do your morning meditation? Do you make them get their own supperAutobiography, 191:in those earlier days. In 1921 we formed a small meditation group of five men and my husband andAutobiography, 191:"Initiation Human & Solar," "Letters on Occult Meditation" and "The Consciousness of the Atom" hadAutobiography, 191:you write a book on such a technical subject as meditation that you know all about it. I began toAutobiography, 192:appropriate to send to those inquiring about meditation, about the way to God and about theAutobiography, 194:to take the responsibility to teach people true meditation. It is difficult to tread the narrow,Autobiography, 216:and through people who wrote in to us about meditation or in connection with some problem or other.Autobiography, 216:E.S. that it is dangerous to follow two lines of meditation at once, has not only amused me but hasAutobiography, 216:through the two approaches and, for another, the meditation work assigned in the E.S. is soAutobiography, 237:all subsequent stages of approach. The steps in meditation are identical. This will be apparent toAutobiography, 246:no collaboration from her. Letters on Occult Meditation followed next. These indicated a somewhatAutobiography, 246:next. These indicated a somewhat new approach to meditation, based not on devotion to the MastersAutobiography, 249:or oaths and which would - whilst assigning meditation and study and giving esoteric teaching -Autobiography, 250:is service, based on love of humanity. The meditation work is balanced and paralleled by study andAutobiography, 260:Treatise will only appear after due study and meditation and much collateral reading. The languageAutobiography, 260:interest in these subjects, over twenty years of meditation work, many years of study and thought,Autobiography, 267:the soul. Through alignment, concentration and meditation, he establishes a permanent contact withAutobiography, 275:platforms in all our great cities. The way of meditation and its techniques were closely guardedAutobiography, 276:plus some basic instruction in the nature of meditation, the new schools will teach the followingAutobiography, 277:inner group which is his goal. 4. The Science of Meditation. This with its techniques, and itsAutobiography, 277:its various stages (alignment, concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination andAutobiography, 279:and masters some of the techniques of the meditation process, he is enabled to place himself uponAutobiography, 282:step by step the studies deepen and the meditation work becomes more intensive as the studentAutobiography, 284:his soul and then hastens to obey. The goal of meditation is, first of all, to bring about thisAutobiography, 285:efforts of the student. The help given in the meditation work and the suggestions made concerningAutobiography, 285:works, never studies, and never sends in his meditation reports, we are forced eventually toAutobiography, 287:to humanity, and this is referred to in the meditation work; if, however, this has no appeal toAutobiography, 287:to him, he is provided with an alternative meditation which omits all reference to the SpiritualAutobiography, 293:groups, to aspiration, to the processes of meditation and of occult study. The man whose fixedBethlehem, 52:many religions cultivate the ability (through meditation) to hear the Voice which can tune out allBethlehem, 79:aspirants would remember two things: First, that meditation is a process carried on secretly,Bethlehem, 97:(St. Matt., V, 8.) In an ancient treatise upon meditation, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we findBethlehem, 195:affords such a sublime example to mankind that meditation upon it may be said to produce aBethlehem, 269:is generated through the processes of right meditation; it is an expression of the soul, workingBethlehem, 279:carried on by means of purification, perfecting, meditation and initiation, and above all else, byDiscipleship1, 11:in the occult sense and not the mystical. In any meditation work which you are doing or may in theDiscipleship1, 11:as rapidly as possible the highest point in the meditation process, passing quickly through theDiscipleship1, 11:the stages of concentration, alignment and meditation to contemplation. Having achieved that highDiscipleship1, 12:unity which will have its roots in united group meditation or in the contemplative life (whereinDiscipleship1, 13:and a constant sending forth of love. Group meditation... as a group of contemplative, thus rootingDiscipleship1, 13:of all, all disciples practice regular and daily meditation. These meditations are eachDiscipleship1, 13:and acceptance. Endeavor at some stage in your meditation to link up with me but let this linkingDiscipleship1, 13:and do so in their myriads. Add also to your meditation a short period wherein you will try andDiscipleship1, 17:and to which I referred in Letters on Occult Meditation may be possible if all of you measure up toDiscipleship1, 32:outlined in my book, Letters on Occult Meditation. The recognition on a fairly large scale of theDiscipleship1, 37:the antahkarana and upon the use of the mind in meditation. Again - much of this new educationalDiscipleship1, 46:Next, you must learn to work on the levels of meditation with greater clarity and power. So much ofDiscipleship1, 46:with greater clarity and power. So much of your meditation work is selfish. Do you realize that? IsDiscipleship1, 46:which will make me a better disciple? Will the meditation which he may give me interest me moreDiscipleship1, 46:than the one I am now doing? Will a change in meditation bring me better results (probably of aDiscipleship1, 46:group in my Ashram as yet really work in meditation upon those levels where creative work is done.Discipleship1, 46:is largely at a standstill. The object of any meditation which I may assign to you is to enable youDiscipleship1, 46:assign to you is to enable you to have power in meditation so that you will no longer beDiscipleship1, 50:express itself in two ways: Through the life of meditation. Through the control of the astral body.Discipleship1, 50:and without descent must the attitude of meditation be held - not for a few minutes each morning orDiscipleship1, 51:polarization and are brought about by definite meditation and the cultivation of the meditativeDiscipleship1, 57:grows with the development of power in meditation whether it is individual meditation or groupDiscipleship1, 57:of power in meditation whether it is individual meditation or group work. Meditation is essentialDiscipleship1, 57:it is individual meditation or group work. Meditation is essential for establishing a freer innerDiscipleship1, 59:soul through a cultivated alignment and correct meditation. Rapport or contact with your groupDiscipleship1, 62:to the soul: "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be always acceptable in thyDiscipleship1, 64:doing this work at the highest united point of meditation and with complete obedience to myDiscipleship1, 86:human affairs. I would suggest that your meditation process should be divided into two parts. There
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