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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATION

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Discipleship1, 86:be a definitely planned individual and group meditation and also a methodical cultivation of theDiscipleship1, 86:- of the disciple whilst the more formal meditation would aid in the process of focusing the lightDiscipleship1, 86:second phase, which is embodied in the formal meditation, is that of a definite and [87] consciousDiscipleship1, 87:sensitive to the higher "gift waves." The entire meditation (in its two parts) involves, therefore,Discipleship1, 88:a succumbing to old rhythms. The success of the meditation work assigned and regularly followed mayDiscipleship1, 89:- Part IX PART IX The secret of all true meditation work in its earlier stages is the power toDiscipleship1, 89:out the Divine Plan. All the new processes in meditation techniques (for which the New Age may beDiscipleship1, 100:of your light in the world through love and meditation, so that others may turn to you as to aDiscipleship1, 104:should come the forgetting of the form side in meditation, for your intuition needs awakening.Discipleship1, 104:are as follows: First drop all form out of your meditation work and sit in perfect silence withDiscipleship1, 104:the seed thought. Listen and aspire. Close each meditation by pouring out love to all beings. ThisDiscipleship1, 104:experience. Till May, center your thought, your meditation [106] and your service on being and seeDiscipleship1, 107:nurtured. You can now resume more active meditation and a breathing exercise which I will give toDiscipleship1, 107:exercise which I will give to you. In your meditation seek to keep the whole process in the headDiscipleship1, 107:Love and the note of love should color all your meditation. Proceed therefore carefully to followDiscipleship1, 107:emphasis on the form side. The subject of your meditation could be summed up in the followingDiscipleship1, 109:in your breathing exercise and also in your meditation work and I would ask you in connection withDiscipleship1, 112:breathing exercise every day prior to doing your meditation work... You can do this exercise twiceDiscipleship1, 113:to a greater power in service. As to your meditation, my brother, after you have finished theDiscipleship1, 113:finished the breathing exercise, proceed then to meditation, beginning your work at as high a pointDiscipleship1, 114:I outlined to you in June 1935 a full quota of meditation work. Your growth in understanding hasDiscipleship1, 122:Way of the Heart. To this end, I will give you a meditation in this personal instruction which IDiscipleship1, 127:to the soul. To aid in this specific meditation must be followed... NOTE: This disciple is noDiscipleship1, 130:I am going to ask you to add to your morning meditation an evening review upon detachment... As farDiscipleship1, 130:evening review upon detachment... As far as your meditation is concerned follow your usualDiscipleship1, 138:in this connection I am giving you a very simple meditation - so simple that you may be tempted toDiscipleship1, 144:harmless and good producing. Persevere with the meditation upon which you are now engaged...Discipleship1, 157:lies in the emphasis I lay on steadfastness in meditation. Etheric vitalization lies in meditationDiscipleship1, 157:in meditation. Etheric vitalization lies in meditation where you are concerned and the bringing inDiscipleship1, 157:in all your work lies in your persistence in meditation and your contemplative endurance. TheDiscipleship1, 157:have told you, you make not adequate use of the meditation period and your physical body suffers inDiscipleship1, 157:your work. There is much to be done and through meditation you can accomplish much. You might askDiscipleship1, 157:You might ask me, my brother, how to utilize the meditation period so as to benefit from itDiscipleship1, 157:- to be made by yourself - of the attached meditation would be in order for you, omitting theDiscipleship1, 157:a rapid and definite manner and the rest of the meditation period should be given to group work,Discipleship1, 159:I have in view as I consider the nature of the meditation which I must assign to you. The conditionDiscipleship1, 159:persistence - throughout the day. Your morning meditation should be of a brief and yet potentDiscipleship1, 159:Clear-cut realization. Steady Will. For you, meditation is an assuming of an attitude and itsDiscipleship1, 161:of non-separativeness. But to do this, much meditation and much clear thinking will be involved...Discipleship1, 162:I can but enjoin upon you a consideration of the meditation work I gave in my last instruction toDiscipleship1, 169:brief. I seek not to impose upon you a definite meditation, beyond suggesting that, as you face andDiscipleship1, 169:responsibility, you persist in that brooding meditation in relation to the problem which I gave youDiscipleship1, 174:this instruction, that I [174] have given you a meditation which makes this alignment it majorDiscipleship1, 175:wherein they sense the change. To change your meditation is not my intention but I am going to giveDiscipleship1, 175:will ask you to concentrate upon them in your meditation period. Otherwise keep the meditation theDiscipleship1, 175:in your meditation period. Otherwise keep the meditation the same as earlier indicated. These sevenDiscipleship1, 176:and if you endeavor to incorporate them into the meditation upon alignment which I earlier gave toDiscipleship1, 177:the significance which may appear to you in your meditation work, you would crystallize your vagueDiscipleship1, 178:brother, I will give you and all in my group a meditation which will aid you in balancing yourDiscipleship1, 180:ponder on this and do the following first ray meditation... Go forth to the day's work expectingDiscipleship1, 180:and looking for the results of this first ray meditation. Know that those results are assured justDiscipleship1, 181:than to give you a few brief words, a suggested meditation and a short elucidation of certain wordsDiscipleship1, 181:bestows upon the initiate. Prior to your group meditation, my brother, I would have you do theDiscipleship1, 188:time is fully occupied in service. I suggest a meditation to you... Discipleship1, 190:must be upon the heart center. To this end a meditation which you will find in this instructionDiscipleship1, 190:ring-pass-not. Remember that only through right meditation, useful thinking, and the practice ofDiscipleship1, 191:will inevitably destroy. Keep on with the same meditation. Later I will give you an entirely newDiscipleship1, 191:Later I will give you an entirely new mode of meditation, if you proceed with this as desired. IDiscipleship1, 192:Secondly, I want you to lay emphasis in your meditation on the simple, and apparently elementary,Discipleship1, 192:watching each day your use of energy, and your meditation practice in alignment will produce in youDiscipleship1, 193:In the production of alignment during meditation, I will ask you to do the following exercises, inDiscipleship1, 193:be the easiest and most effective part of the meditation work. An interlude, properly held andDiscipleship1, 194:to say to you this half year, my brother. The meditation work and the exercises assigned to you inDiscipleship1, 195:to you can be summed up as follows: Keep your meditation as heretofore. Follow carefully the reviewDiscipleship1, 196:to soul illumination is yours. The goal of your meditation should be light. I would point out,Discipleship1, 196:am not, therefore, going to give you a definite meditation upon light, but am going to ask you toDiscipleship1, 197:concise definition. Continue also with the group meditation, but write those brief reports, notDiscipleship1, 201:of conflict be facilitated? By a strongly mental meditation which will bring in the light of theDiscipleship1, 202:defined answers. I will give you a fourth ray meditation which must be carefully followed by youDiscipleship1, 202:by you until you next hear from me. Do this meditation rapidly, at a point of tension and ofDiscipleship1, 202:carry forward regularly before doing the group meditation. This exercise will aid in swinging yourDiscipleship1, 206:ask you to take five minutes, prior to the group meditation, for pondering on the familiar words,Discipleship1, 209:never regret doing. As regards your personal meditation, we will pursue the same theme. You have aDiscipleship1, 210:these qualities are desirable. [210] PERSONAL MEDITATION Relax and focus yourself in the soul. ThenDiscipleship1, 212:plexus center to the ajna center? Through right meditation, my brother, and right breathing. I willDiscipleship1, 212:- each day. This need not interfere with any meditation which you may choose to do, provided thatDiscipleship1, 212:suggest that you work as follows: 1. Start your meditation work by imagining (great is the power ofDiscipleship1, 217:upon this task I ask you to meditate. The only meditation which I would suggest to you is alongDiscipleship1, 218:to you, I am leaving you to handle your own meditation. I suggest, however, that you center itDiscipleship1, 220:mind, and your major objective in life and in meditation should be the mind, and increasedDiscipleship1, 220:increased service to your fellowmen. Hence the meditation which I have outlined for you and which IDiscipleship1, 221:as a powerhouse of Light. Give five minutes to meditation. Note down any thoughts which may comeDiscipleship1, 227:man thinketh, so is he." We will now change your meditation and for the future, until I again makeDiscipleship1, 227:make a change, I would suggest the following: Meditation Work: 1. Alignment with the soul and aDiscipleship1, 228:the personality. 4. Next, do some mental work in meditation, holding the mind steady in the light;Discipleship1, 228:on two days in the week, you can follow any meditation which you find useful and helpful. I seek toDiscipleship1, 228:You have for some time been working on the meditation assigned. You have made progress - moreDiscipleship1, 230:suggestions I have made to you. As regards your meditation work, I would change it somewhat. ForDiscipleship1, 230:yourself to the form that that aspect of the meditation will be automatic and your inner attentionDiscipleship1, 230:lines of activity accurately and simultaneously. Meditation Work: Give five minutes to alignmentDiscipleship1, 237:progress you have made warrants my giving you a meditation to be followed with care during the nextDiscipleship1, 238:you. But be true to the situation as, in sober meditation, you see it; no higher attitude can beDiscipleship1, 239:and with meticulous care. In connection with the meditation work and the energy you gather, willDiscipleship1, 243:You can resume your active study work and your meditation work as outlined by me below... When youDiscipleship1, 243:achieving comfort and self-forgetfulness. The meditation given will produce a needed reorganizationDiscipleship1, 246:exercise. Please continue with the same meditation. Do a simple breathing exercise each morning andDiscipleship1, 246:morning and as you work at it, regard it as your meditation process, and so run a dual line ofDiscipleship1, 248:of the reasons for which it is done. As to your meditation work, I seek at this time to change it.Discipleship1, 248:that which I gave you earlier. I now suggest meditation work to be most carefully followed andDiscipleship1, 248:with due watching of the effects. This entire meditation is to be carried forward in the heart -
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