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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATION

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Discipleship1, 505:also exists and I suggest to you that in your meditation work you imagine to yourself the pouringDiscipleship1, 505:an exercise of value to you. Long experience in meditation should enable you to do this withDiscipleship1, 515:following words and thoughts as seed thoughts in meditation: 1st month - Detachment from that whichDiscipleship1, 519:and steadfast service. For you the group meditation is peculiarly suited and useful; it brings theDiscipleship1, 523:eight sentences as seed thoughts for your meditation and would ask you to ponder them with careDiscipleship1, 532:I am asking A. A. B. to give you a copy of a meditation used in the Arcane School. I have madeDiscipleship1, 533:of your alignment and the success of your meditation. Before the time comes for you to pass over toDiscipleship1, 533:sentiment, my brother. The seed thoughts for the meditation work during the next five months willDiscipleship1, 533:apparent simplicity of these seed thoughts for meditation, my brother. They are deep and profoundDiscipleship1, 535:the other. I seek now to change entirely your meditation. The earlier one given has accomplishedDiscipleship1, 535:in each month substitute that for your usual meditation work. As a soul, link up with your groupDiscipleship1, 536:I shall be interested to know, after six months' meditation, what you have done in your littleDiscipleship1, 542:to the few. I would suggest that you follow the meditation suggested below. It is definitely aDiscipleship1, 542:suggested below. It is definitely a fifth ray meditation and has for its purpose the revelation ofDiscipleship1, 542:Instructions to Disciples - R.L.U. SUGGESTED MEDITATION Alignment. Focus attention in the mindDiscipleship1, 544:of your service. I give you no change in your meditation. I would ask you to continue with the oneDiscipleship1, 544:deeply upon it. Then proceed with the group meditation, for the united group work and theDiscipleship1, 546:For a year you must proceed with care in your meditation work and for six months (until I nextDiscipleship1, 546:useful purpose. I outline for you below a simple meditation exercise to be duly carried forward.Discipleship1, 546:use not too great an intensity as yet. It is a meditation which I give at times to my pupils and isDiscipleship1, 546:I give at times to my pupils and is called a "Meditation on the Path of the Inner Light." ThisDiscipleship1, 546:on the Path of the Inner Light." This meditation comes at the close of this relatively briefDiscipleship1, 546:of the link already existing between us. This meditation with the general work assigned to myDiscipleship1, 547:aspects of the personality, then pause in your meditation and realize - quietly and silently -Discipleship1, 550:to endeavor to get in touch with them through meditation and by going out to them in love and anDiscipleship1, 552:needed understanding and technique is through meditation. To you, the way of meditation is of noDiscipleship1, 552:is through meditation. To you, the way of meditation is of no profound difficulty. In earlier livesDiscipleship1, 552:the technique whereby: You learn to utilize the meditation period in order to bring about anDiscipleship1, 553:to you. Ponder on it. I suggest the following meditation and breathing exercises. ...It may take aDiscipleship1, 553:and remembering that you are the soul, do your meditation work with an increased intensity andDiscipleship1, 553:and there has not been time, therefore, for the meditation, which [554] I assigned you at my lastDiscipleship1, 558:during the last three months will you repeat the meditation but this time within the heart and seekDiscipleship1, 559:love and understanding. Continue with the group meditation and with the work of the Full MoonDiscipleship1, 561:the angle of knowledge, carefully thought out in meditation. In this sentence, I give you the clueDiscipleship1, 561:In this sentence, I give you the clue to your meditation work... After your meditation, say theDiscipleship1, 561:the clue to your meditation work... After your meditation, say the following obligation: "I play myDiscipleship1, 563:you care enough, I know, to take it. As to your meditation, carry forward as before. I make noDiscipleship1, 564:you to take the ideas, cited below, into your meditation and to reflect deeply upon them, makingDiscipleship1, 568:not to give up. I would have you do the group meditation but, prior to doing it, will you ponderDiscipleship1, 569:particularly if you apply the results of your meditation in a practical way, seeking to get theDiscipleship1, 570:give five minutes each day, prior to the group meditation, to meditation upon one of the followingDiscipleship1, 570:each day, prior to the group meditation, to meditation upon one of the following terms or phrases:Discipleship1, 570:phrases should form the theme of your personal meditation. You have much to give, my brother and myDiscipleship1, 573:the first ray. We will, therefore, begin with a meditation which should aid you in this shift ofDiscipleship1, 573:in other states of being. . . Carry forward your meditation in the heart and not in the head,Discipleship1, 573:which I have given you, please do the following meditation work: Sound the Sacred Word, the O.M.,Discipleship1, 574:to be. That, my brother, will grow out of your meditation. It is not for me to tell you whatDiscipleship1, 583:very definite problems. For you the group meditation is essential; it will serve to aid your soulDiscipleship1, 592:psychological outlook and a right technique of meditation. It is group work that the world needs atDiscipleship1, 595:speaking, your contribution [595] is meditation, and aiding in the meditative life of the group;Discipleship1, 597:and in the purification of the sheaths. In your meditation each morning, eliminate again all formsDiscipleship1, 598:on the light of your own soul, and keep your meditation very simple. That you may learn to walk inDiscipleship1, 599:of the light of your own soul, fostered by meditation, expressed in selfless service, andDiscipleship1, 599:be a devotee of the Tibetan brother. Follow the meditation I here give you... Discipleship1, 603:in which I can best help you is to give you a meditation which will enable you to clarify the fieldDiscipleship1, 604:and almost elementary but if you carry this meditation forward for the next three months, doing noDiscipleship1, 604:the past six months and the fruit of your meditation is being garnered. The meditation that I gaveDiscipleship1, 604:fruit of your meditation is being garnered. The meditation that I gave you last July can now beDiscipleship1, 605:As for the method you should follow in meditation, I would suggest the procedure outlined below:Discipleship1, 606:will you take the following words into your meditation? 1st month - Duty. 2nd month - Dharma, orDiscipleship1, 607:message for you? Will you carry on with the same meditation for another six months? Upon the workDiscipleship1, 609:will ask you to ponder and reflect, not in your meditation (for I would have you follow only yourDiscipleship1, 609:(for I would have you follow only your group meditation) but during the day. Be balanced, myDiscipleship1, 617:duty of the day and to an intense inner life of meditation. Be consciously the sannyasin. Also, myDiscipleship1, 617:and to which you can contribute power (gained in meditation) and understanding help. All else mustDiscipleship1, 617:help. All else must be ruled out for this life; meditation and group service must, and will,Discipleship1, 621:must be now the object of your attention. In meditation, I would have you meditate upon theDiscipleship1, 622:seemed possible ten years ago. Continue with the meditation last given but use no longer the colorDiscipleship1, 622:Blend the rose and orange and keep the meditation entirely in the heart center, remembering thatDiscipleship1, 624:months and should constitute the keynote of your meditation. You are a strong soul and must hewDiscipleship1, 624:I seek not to interfere at this time with your meditation but you have recognized that, in theDiscipleship1, 624:compassion should be one of your objectives in meditation. It will lead [625] to inclusiveness andDiscipleship1, 625:power to "see things as others see them." Your meditation does not now require the practice ofDiscipleship1, 627:of men. I commend to you that [627] theme for meditation. You have power in writing and ability inDiscipleship1, 639:leads to light. 2nd month - The Way of Meditation leads to the gate. 3rd month - The Way of theDiscipleship1, 643:will provide full time study; there is a new meditation to be grasped, mastered and practiced;Discipleship1, 646:start on an equal basis. I am giving you no set meditation work until my next communication. ThisDiscipleship1, 646:will provide you with more than adequate meditation material, and I would ask you to do no moreDiscipleship1, 648:(which will be the inevitable result of the meditation I have assigned) will give you an ability toDiscipleship1, 651:and some one must respond to them. Follow the meditation outline here suggested until April orDiscipleship1, 655:release? This problem must be handled through meditation and through constant daily observation. ItDiscipleship1, 655:which will greatly enrich your service. Your meditation can, for the next three months, follow theDiscipleship1, 655:can follow this suggestion and then resume your meditation as last outlined by me for the remainingDiscipleship1, 655:I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.R.R. MEDITATION OUTLINE Achieve comfort, alignment andDiscipleship1, 664:higher forces are brought in and utilized in the meditation processes followed by all the group. IDiscipleship1, 665:problem, and I will outline for you some meditation work. I use the word "suggestions" advisedly,Discipleship1, 665:of action. I suggest a mode of training and of meditation and then leave each of you free to acceptDiscipleship1, 666:your life. I suggest that you do the following meditation for a period of three months and thenDiscipleship1, 666:of three months and then take up the group meditation. I have made your personal meditation veryDiscipleship1, 666:the group meditation. I have made your personal meditation very brief so that when you take up theDiscipleship1, 666:very brief so that when you take up the group meditation it can constitute a preliminary exercise.Discipleship1, 667:and discrimination. Continue then with any meditation such as you may feel the need of doing. HaveDiscipleship1, 670:consciousness as you proceed with the following meditation: Sound the Sacred Word audibly,Discipleship1, 673:of a thought-form of the Master. A contact in meditation. A definite remembered interview in theDiscipleship1, 686:in your consciousness through the processes of meditation and through definite service, based uponDiscipleship1, 694:the disciple may succeed in evoking (through meditation and growing purity of intention) canDiscipleship1, 707:It is not a place, however, for long and silent meditation processes, for it is a point of tensionDiscipleship1, 712:of some Master. A contact with the Master in meditation. A definite, remembered interview with theDiscipleship1, 714:You have been told that the soul is in deep meditation for the greater part of the cycle of livesDiscipleship1, 732:of a Master. A direct contact with the Master in meditation. An interview in a Master's Ashram.
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