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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATION

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Discipleship2, 572:and not emotionally; add to your service in meditation that which can practically help in thisDiscipleship2, 573:at the throat. I will give you a short personal meditation which will aid in this development andDiscipleship2, 573:effective service and usefulness. Do this meditation prior to the group meditation and do it withDiscipleship2, 573:Do this meditation prior to the group meditation and do it with dynamic brevity. A quick rising actDiscipleship2, 575:and quality. Later an effort is made through meditation to contact the soul. This order is wrong.Discipleship2, 577:food for thought. The objective of the personal meditation which I suggest that you should follow,Discipleship2, 579:you send out. I feel no need to give you any set meditation. The group meditation, your ownDiscipleship2, 579:need to give you any set meditation. The group meditation, your own reflective work upon your taskDiscipleship2, 579:this should be intensified), and your subjective meditation upon the Network of Light with your twoDiscipleship2, 579:emphasis. Here I have given you a definition of meditation given by a Master to a group ofDiscipleship2, 579:kinds and should distinguish your type of meditation throughout the coming year. Such focal pointsDiscipleship2, 583:It is needless for me to outline for you any set meditation work. All in this group (unlessDiscipleship2, 590:it sees. For this purpose I would give you a meditation based on sight and its suitability for yourDiscipleship2, 595:more, my brother; you have the vision and your meditation is sound. It has always been along firstDiscipleship2, 595:This few people understand. Any other form of meditation would be false to you. Though you oftDiscipleship2, 595:with exactitude to my demands, I judge your meditation nevertheless to be perhaps the mostDiscipleship2, 603:oft recommended truth? As regards your personal meditation, I seek to give you one which willDiscipleship2, 604:is achieved. I would have you use this meditation twice a day, laying the emphasis upon theDiscipleship2, 605:body, sound the 0M and proceed with the group meditation. This meditation should definitely aid inDiscipleship2, 605:0M and proceed with the group meditation. This meditation should definitely aid in increasing theDiscipleship2, 610:suggest that you take these thoughts into your meditation, and that you also use this littleDiscipleship2, 611:during the coming year. Draw up your [611] own meditation form, embodying these concepts andDiscipleship2, 615:the trouble you have caused. I am giving you no meditation outline. What you need at this time is aDiscipleship2, 618:and in the Ashram of K.H. I indicate to you no meditation work. In the doing of the meditation workDiscipleship2, 618:to you no meditation work. In the doing of the meditation work of the advanced group and yourDiscipleship2, 618:for many years. Each group - through its meditation work - must have its focal point and itsDiscipleship2, 627:instructions. I am going to give you no set meditation form to follow. I am however going to giveDiscipleship2, 630:it - constitutes a definitely advanced form of meditation. You will find this meditation project aDiscipleship2, 630:advanced form of meditation. You will find this meditation project a most interesting experiment.Discipleship2, 639:following suggestions to make as regards your meditation work: Orient yourself dynamically towardsDiscipleship2, 639:sounding the OM after each stanza. Close your meditation by saying - as the personality and withDiscipleship2, 641:this time. You will comprehend. I have however a meditation which I would ask you to follow and toDiscipleship2, 641:I will give you a breathing exercise with the meditation. Relax and turn the eyeballs upward. TheDiscipleship2, 642:the OM seven times and proceed with the group meditation. These phrases have each three esotericDiscipleship2, 645:your contact with your own soul through meditation, reflection and joy. Your contact with me, yourDiscipleship2, 647:suggest, therefore, a line of thought or of meditation which will deepen and strengthen theseDiscipleship2, 647:On retiring at night. At the time of the group meditation, whenever you may decide to do it. Thus aDiscipleship2, 648:and love and strength." When doing the group meditation, begin to capitalize on this growingDiscipleship2, 653:prompted to make it. I would outline for you a meditation which will suffice for your needs for aDiscipleship2, 653:the point at which you can formulate your own meditation and reflective approach. I only indicateDiscipleship2, 659:aid you in this, I suggest the following short meditation exercise which should be done each day atDiscipleship2, 661:heart's blood or life for others. After a quiet meditation on one of these qualities of soulDiscipleship2, 661:giving your brothers the fruit of your month's meditation. Be of good courage and let not physicalDiscipleship2, 667:Realization, and make them the theme for your meditation work during the four quarters of theDiscipleship2, 670:phrases can provide the theme of your recurrent meditation - either for a year of twelve months orDiscipleship2, 674:as the complement of love. As regards your meditation during future years, build up its structureDiscipleship2, 686:the investigator. I will give you now a personal meditation which will serve, I hope, to lift theDiscipleship2, 687:is more of a visualization exercise than a meditation, but its efficacy is dependent upon yourDiscipleship2, 690:not reading books or subjecting yourself to deep meditation; it means the breaking down of ancientDiscipleship2, 690:because glamor has no lure for you. As to your meditation, I am only going to give you certainDiscipleship2, 690:words which you can incorporate into the general meditation at any point which you may deemDiscipleship2, 695:not too much upon world horror, but aim - in meditation - at conveying strength and wisdom to theDiscipleship2, 695:to D.H.B. and J.S.P. Take them into your daily meditation upon the plane of the soul, and rememberDiscipleship2, 702:enlightened and integrated? I give you no set meditation. I enjoin upon you the prime necessity ofDiscipleship2, 712:center or power station should be opened. Your meditation during the coming year should be focusedDiscipleship2, 715:My answer is: Complete cessation from all meditation work for a year at least, or until I againDiscipleship2, 715:are constantly withdrawing and escaping into the meditation process, and you do it so successfullyDiscipleship2, 715:this. You need now to garner the results of past meditation work through active service, chosenDiscipleship2, 715:and carried through steadily without any meditation at all but on the strength of the stored-upDiscipleship2, 715:used. I am asking you, therefore, to stop all meditation, even the group meditation. You can giveDiscipleship2, 715:to stop all meditation, even the group meditation. You can give fifteen minutes to dedication,Discipleship2, 715:moon period. You can participate in the group meditation at the School, but see to it that theDiscipleship2, 715:want you otherwise giving any time whatsoever to meditation - particularly in connection with anyDiscipleship2, 719:has been imparted, nor have you done the needed meditation; you will therefore only receive theDiscipleship2, 719:to A.A.B. the right time. As regards your meditation work, you may now begin to follow theDiscipleship2, 719:meditation work, you may now begin to follow the meditation outline given in the last series, butDiscipleship2, 719:from using the Sacred Word, except when in group meditation, when the aura of the group will absorbDiscipleship2, 723:your sincere dedication), but give not time to meditation. It is this constant urge to meditationDiscipleship2, 723:time to meditation. It is this constant urge to meditation which is responsible for much of yourDiscipleship2, 723:responsible for much of your difficulty, because meditation over-stimulates your fluidic and activeDiscipleship2, 724:life, my brother, the Tibetan." That is all the meditation I would have you do for the remainder ofDiscipleship2, 729:advanced than yourself. Do the group work and meditation as indicated. I assign you no specialDiscipleship2, 733:results which may eventuate. I am giving you no meditation. I seek to see the flow of yourDiscipleship2, 737:of the trained disciple. For your personal meditation I suggest the following: Take ten minutesDiscipleship2, 738:Hierarchy. You have there six months' work in meditation. It will involve the practical relation ofDiscipleship2, 740:astral forces from the solar plexus. I set no meditation of a special kind for you. The groupDiscipleship2, 740:meditation of a special kind for you. The group meditation will suffice. I ask you to do muchDiscipleship2, 743:sensitive registering instrument. Through right meditation, the energy from your soul and mind mustDiscipleship2, 744:I suggest for your helping, the following meditation. You must bear in mind that it is only ofDiscipleship2, 747:will be surprised what it will do for you. The meditation I last gave you will serve you for theDiscipleship2, 747:you for the rest of your life, so I give you no meditation now. To you, as to others in the group,Discipleship2, 753:naught to do. A brief visualization exercise and meditation may aid in this process of emergence.Discipleship2, 754:work out in experienced, spiritual living. This meditation exercise should be carefully thought outDiscipleship2, 758:still should be the major subject of all your meditation work. I would suggest that for the comingDiscipleship2, 758:thoughts for your definitely planned morning meditation. I am leaving you to do the planning, butDiscipleship2, 763:will be good for you as you for her. As for your meditation work, my brother, I would have youDiscipleship2, 763:so many. I will suggest only the themes for your meditation, leaving you to work out the form [764]Discipleship2, 764:any form if it seems better to you. Themes For Meditation. One for each month, to be reviewed yearEducation, ix:For example, the Tibetan's view that "meditation is thinking things through" is good DeweyEducation, 2:point because the subject involves advanced meditation practices which must be approachedEducation, 2:must be approached gradually. I have dealt with meditation in my other books. The question mightEducation, 6:is the bridge the man builds - through meditation, understanding and the magical creative work ofEducation, 9:relation to the World Soul will be investigated. Meditation along suitable lines will be part ofEducation, 9:however, that the religious implications of meditation are needless. Meditation is the processEducation, 9:implications of meditation are needless. Meditation is the process whereby the objective tendenciesEducation, 33:the personality, with the soul itself, through meditation, discipline, service and directedEducation, 39:facts could serve (if used as seed thoughts in meditation and technically employed) to recover fromEducation, 95:study this science and its related sciences of meditation and service, the appeal will be only toEducation, 96:and plans of the Creator. 2. The Science of Meditation. At present meditation is associated in theEducation, 96:2. The Science of Meditation. At present meditation is associated in the minds of men with
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