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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATION

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Fire, 1000:go forth. The white magician, having, through meditation and conscious purpose, formed a focalFire, 1000:mind's eye" the consummated product of the egoic meditation as he has succeeded in bringing itFire, 1000:is heard upon the mental plane. Hence, in all meditation that is [1001] of occult value, the manFire, 1003:of the man, which prevents him holding a meditation long enough, and formulating his ideas clearlyFire, 1007:profound condition which succeeds that called meditation. In contemplation, the inner eye is fixedFire, 1012:result of the awakening of the centers through meditation and spirituality of life), impinges uponFire, 1012:to give the student food for thought. In meditation, by the sounding of the word, the studentFire, 1025:in full play. He must literally "renew his meditation," and make direct contact afresh beforeFire, 1043:in any particular scheme. This He does through meditation. The totality of Dhyan Chohans of theFire, 1051:of the attention" by the planetary Logos in meditation upon any center in His body corporate. ItFire, 1096:esoteric triplicity much light may be gained by meditation upon them as The residual vibration ofFire, 1098:He should also seek to bring about through meditation that mental control and alignment which willFire, 1129:this is a most important subject for students of meditation, and for those who tread the Path ofFire, 1131:of life, and the stages of unfoldment through meditation. There are, needless to say, certain modesFire, 1149:given in this treatise and in Letters on Occult Meditation which - if collated - will provideFire, 1149:the physical brain is the goal of his life of meditation and of discipline. This is in order thatFire, 1155:but on a study of the effects produced through meditation on the physical centers. Such meditationFire, 1155:through meditation on the physical centers. Such meditation is only safely undertaken when a man isFire, 1155:yoga with a basis for sane consideration, wise meditation and a fuller comprehension of the truthsFire, 1179:facts can be ascertained by the student of meditation who is aligned with his Ego, and in touchFire, 1206:important esoteric fact, and all students of meditation upon the laws of at-one-ment must take thisFire, 1250:and if enough people could do the work of occult meditation and visualization, accompanying theFire, 1250:People do not yet realize the potency of meditation and especially of group meditation. TheFire, 1250:potency of meditation and especially of group meditation. The zodiacal sign concerned is Gemini,Fire, 1274:hidden fire withdraw Their thought, emerge from meditation, and all that is - between the first andFire, 1274:fivefold force unite Their thought, sink into meditation deep and link the first and third. TheGlamourpresent volume certain forms of group work in meditation are included because of their informativeGlamour, 8:as that emerges in the consciousness through meditation; and at its significance as a whole or inGlamour, 10:the basic quality of the symbol and then (as in meditation work) lift the whole subject into theGlamour, 13:It is largely the technique for which meditation should have prepared you. The difference betweenGlamour, 13:you. The difference between this technique and meditation work is mainly one of polarization andGlamour, 13:stage of symbol interpretation and ordinary meditation. You have exhausted the method ofGlamour, 22:is to call attention to the fact that it is in meditation and in the technique of mind control thatGlamour, 22:of illusion. Hence the increasing interest in meditation as the weight of the world glamor isGlamour, 24:Define in your own words and as the result of meditation, your understanding of the fourGlamour, 42:Lucidity Vision Dissipation Path of Discipleship Meditation Holding the mind steady in the lightGlamour, 52:his soul or ego through right effort. Through meditation, good intention, and correct technique,Glamour, 63:he expresses that which is in him. In his meditation life and through his contact with his fellowGlamour, 67:be arrived at, if you realize that the entire meditation process (in its three major divisions) canGlamour, 67:- Maya. The Disciple - Path of Discipleship - Meditation - Glamor. The Initiate - Path ofGlamour, 67:will suffice to show the connection between the meditation process as outlined and taught in theGlamour, 81:you to pay more adequate attention to your meditation, cultivating ever the ability to reflect andGlamour, 89:term "alignment" when dealing with the work of meditation and the effort to induce increased soulGlamour, 92:to that particular vehicle, and assigning a meditation which will enable you (with greaterGlamour, 93:own ideas. I would urge you to follow the group meditation with care. It is of deep importance toGlamour, 124:of the universal glamor by a united indicated meditation. Certain of the group members also wereGlamour, 129:sense these new ideas, though in moments of high meditation and spiritual achievement, you mayGlamour, 140:a recognized contact with the soul through meditation. The quality of the astral plane - its majorGlamour, 143:these lines, you will proceed with your group meditation as indicated elsewhere (Discipleship inGlamour, 143:when you have arrived at Stage III in the group meditation - you will work together as follows:Glamour, 144:then proceed as indicated in Stage IV of your meditation outline. In defining illumination as theGlamour, 147:to take the Germans and the Jews into your group meditation and pour out your group love upon bothGlamour, 147:family. See to it that before you begin your meditation you have freed yourselves - emotions andGlamour, 178:much of the training given in schools of true meditation and in the Raja Yoga systems have preparedGlamour, 180:I here suggest is a formula for a more advanced meditation attitude. I said not form. Glamour, 195:of which the five stages of Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, and InspirationGlamour, 204:in this process is, therefore, connected with meditation and the holding of the mind steady in theGlamour, 205:here enter upon an elucidation of the process of meditation, based on the right understanding ofGlamour, 208:then takes place. It is during this stage that meditation is instituted so that the man becomesGlamour, 208:light steadily intensifies as he persists in the meditation work. A point then comes where theGlamour, 209:forward through mental control, developed in meditation. When these two opposite poles are inGlamour, 209:is related to the stage of concentration in the meditation process. The second stage of theGlamour, 213:natures. Workers must therefore have practiced meditation, have reflected much upon the nature ofGlamour, 215:creative imagination is employed. The stage of meditation which in time brings about the fusion ofGlamour, 219:of the personality, a dual light. The stage of meditation and the recognition of the greater light.Glamour, 230:dual personality light of matter and of mind. Meditation on soul contact and the recognition ofGlamour, 235:and mind in the mental body. Focusing, through meditation, this dual light and the light of theGlamour, 237:Focusing the dual light of the personality. Meditation and recognition of soul light. UnificationGlamour, 238:Focusing the dual light of matter and mind. Meditation on soul contact and recognition of soulGlamour, 250:head center and is brought into activity through meditation and applied aptitude in contact. TheGlamour, 260:parts of the chorus. Think out this theme as a meditation exercise and gain inspiration thereby. Glamour, 262:Word, the OM. When, for instance, a disciple in meditation sounds the OM seven times, it is theHealing, 6:that is in them, and also the fruit of their meditation upon these matters. I might also add thatHealing, 7:soul; this involves alignment through individual meditation. Those whom he can help; this involvesHealing, 158:by right orientation, concentration and meditation) which relates the personality to the soul, andHealing, 220:body as a whole. Through concentration and right meditation, carried on in the head center, andHealing, 241:of thought. In the yoga of the future, through meditation and alignment and right practices, theHealing, 325:On Glands "Is it possible by certain types of meditation to stimulate either one of the post orHealing, 325:body, when there is a minus functioning? Will a meditation designed to integrate the personalityHealing, 325:equally the stimulation of any of the glands by meditation, undertaken by neophytes, is a mostHealing, 325:of Character-building. Soul contact through meditation. Life expression through service. [326] TheHealing, 341:Symbolically speaking, the period of intensest meditation of our planetary Logos comes around atHealing, 341:period each month; just as you have your daily meditation so He in His high place, has His cyclicHealing, 373:the schools, referred to in Letters on Occult Meditation, can come into being. When, as is the caseHealing, 459:illusion ends. - Page 308. Letters on Occult Meditation: A Master learns the meaning of eachHealing, 487:on the higher mental levels is as yet "in deep meditation" and quite unaware of its shadow in theHealing, 509:Member of the Hierarchy has passed. Study and meditation combined are the factors which allHealing, 513:casts off. The second reaction is that of a meditation process or the generation of power, later toHealing, 620:man and brought about as a result of right meditation. Healing, 620:VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied Meditation is a technique of the mind whichHealing, 620:astonishingly to you - putting the results of meditation on the basis of physical, or rather ofHercules, 60:efforts at self-discipline, at prayer and meditation, precede, almost inevitably, this real andHercules, 128:are told, comparable to the quiet listening in meditation; a time of assessment of the past. Again,Hercules, 202:this group will be so potent through its silent meditation and the force of its world service, thatHercules, 202:time to talk about themselves. They work through meditation, which keeps them in touch with theHercules, 204:hoping that you will get up feeling better. Meditation when rightly carried forward is hard mentalHercules, 204:throw it down into your waiting brain. That is meditation, and it is by following that process thatInitiation, 43:himself. He works by the means of a dynamic meditation, conducted within the head center, andInitiation, 44:heart of Sanat Kumara. He works by means of a meditation centered within the heart. He is the WorldInitiation, 144:the weaker. It takes the form of a strenuous meditation by the assembled Masters and initiates upon
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