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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATION

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Psychology2, 510:either at night when absent from the body or in meditation, he has to learn to direct themPsychology2, 568:the bringing in of energy from the soul through meditation and aspiration) stimulates the solarPsychology2, 571:from the heights he has attained in aspirational meditation. The results are very emotional inPsychology2, 593:stimulation of the human being. The Science of Meditation will eventually absorb the science ofPsychology2, 593:in the highest form of the latter. The goal of meditation is to bring about the free play of allPsychology2, 661:which comes from true dedication and right meditation. The New Group of World Servers has thePsychology2, 668:the aims and objectives of the new [668] group. Meditation groups should be formed, dedicated toPsychology2, 693:arrange to do so must, however, arrange to be in meditation, in group formation if possible, at thePsychology2, 696:Just as certain human beings have, through meditation, discipline and service, most definitely madePsychology2, 702:established also a "way of approach" through meditation and service. Their numbers beingPsychology2, 710:do this either consciously through aspiration, meditation and service, or unconsciously, simplyPsychology2, 734:to those who seek to join in this service: Meditation groups could carry forward their meditationsPsychology2, 735:will wish to say each morning in their morning meditation or at the noon day recollection thePsychology2, 749:the work you have all undertaken. Let the meditation groups be carefully handled and have aboutPsychology2, 751:us to reach the interested public. It is your meditation and intense inner cooperation which willRaysSelf, the Self am I" The habit of early morning meditation wherein the Thinker centers himself inRays, 7:and purpose is somewhat understood. As meditation is practiced, as the lower bodies areRays, 43:central opening) that many occasions arise in meditation when "behind the group there stands theRays, 51:these groups in public, and by those intent upon meditation. The soundest approach is that of theRays, 62:Initiation In 1922, in my book Letters on Occult Meditation I laid the foundation in my firstRays, 73:of the three vehicles and of creative meditation. We are told in the world Scriptures that "in thatRays, 77:(for which all concentration exercises and meditation processes have been a scientificRays, 122:superstructure can be built. The Science of Meditation and the conscious building of theRays, 122:esoteric curriculum. Today, the true teaching of meditation and the construction of the bridge ofRays, 123:schools about which I wrote in Letters on Occult Meditation lie far ahead in the distant future.Rays, 252:imagination; I have presented a system of meditation which has eliminated the attention paidRays, 252:and of service underlies the newer form of meditation, and not this powerful emphasis upon theRays, 262:I have prepared the world in Letters on Occult Meditation. Transmutation. This indicates here anRays, 446:plane (and this is the prime intent of the meditation work), he starts working in mental matter andRays, 447:is the illumined bridge. It is built through meditation; it is constructed through the constantRays, 447:requires directed occult (but not aspirational) meditation. It requires a trained intelligence, soRays, 451:the personality, with the soul itself, through meditation, discipline, service and directedRays, 457:he is oriented towards the soul; he, through meditation and the mystical experience, does haveRays, 459:steady in the light; he has some knowledge of meditation, much devotion, and also recognition ofRays, 461:and is brought into functioning activity through meditation. It then controls and utilizes for itsRays, 487:can now see the purpose lying behind some of the meditation processes and techniques as embodied inRays, 487:as embodied in the words so often used in the meditation outlines: "raise the consciousness to theRays, 494:contact between the two projections is made in meditation. This is not a contact between soul andRays, 529:the method whereby the mind, trained in meditation, and therefore soul-conscious, can - through theRays, 544:contacts (and there are many who do) in their meditation work are not so privileged. It is theRays, 545:Occasionally in the disciple's hours of meditation, at a moment of great tension or in a crisisRays, 671:as a result of the aspirant's mental perception, meditation and service; this brings the alliedRays, 734:phraseology "Nirmanakayas," Who function in deep meditation at a point midway between the HierarchyRays, 734:of Ray Lords function in the deepest cosmic meditation between our planet, the Earth, and ourReappearance, 152:those who have trained their minds through right meditation, who know the potency of formulas,Reappearance, 152:This new religious science for which prayer, meditation and ritual have prepared humanity, willReappearance, 180:a new form of divine appeal which a knowledge of meditation has now made possible. There is naughtSoul, 136:physical man are controlled by the focused mind. Meditation is prolonged attention or concentrationSoul, 139:above. Through evolution and the effect of meditation work a man is able to function consciouslySoul, 140:the magnetism of the dominant soul, and not by meditation on any specific center or by consciousSoul, 143:to a group of students (who have been studying meditation for several years) asking if they wereSoul, 156:appears on the religious level in the form of meditation. Religion may of course mean a great dealSoul, 156:may of course mean a great deal more than meditation. At the same time humanistic mediation thatSoul, 156:humanistic mediation that has the support of meditation may correctly be said to have a religiousSoul, 156:to have a religious background. Mediation and meditation are after all only different stages in theTelepathy, 6:something of the meaning of concentration and meditation and who can hold the mind steady in theTelepathy, 10:to live in the head center, and - through meditation - to bring in the power of the soul. TheTelepathy, 19:of Discipleship. It is one of the fruits of true meditation. The area involved is the head andTelepathy, 22:It constitutes one of the major rewards of right meditation and involves much true responsibility.Telepathy, 24:laid upon character building and the need for meditation. Telepathic work between the Hierarchy ofTelepathy, 49:is capable of expansion in the processes of meditation, so that the aspirant can be sensitive toTelepathy, 57:(material or otherwise), aspiration, prayer and meditation. Always we get - in time and space -Telepathy, 73:of prayer and the limiting mode of the average meditation process. It is a slow process by means ofTelepathy, 105:you will see one of the main objectives of true meditation. [106] The stage of recognizedTelepathy, 175:cultivation of certain major virtues, and not by meditation or concentration upon the centers. They
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