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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEDITATIONS

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Astrology, 498:of astrology will come later when certain new meditations on the twelve signs of the zodiac areAstrology, 498:are adjusted to a more stable rhythm, these new meditations can form a potent source of usefulnessBethlehem, 111:to his rock, Mahomet brooding in the desert, the meditations of the Buddha, the solitary Man on theDiscipleship1, XIV:We have not felt it wise to give the meditations assigned or the breathing exercises, except in aDiscipleship1, XIV:due consideration, we have inserted some of the meditations with slight changes. It was obviousDiscipleship1, 13:practice regular and daily meditation. These meditations are each individually suited to theDiscipleship1, 13:objective. These cannot be given here. These meditations will be given to you as suggestions forDiscipleship1, 59:and safely by the daily use of the group meditations which I may assign you, by a renewed interestDiscipleship1, 87:was for this reason that I have assigned certain meditations which stimulated the heart intoDiscipleship1, 139:of the soul - the true sannyasin. Carry your meditations forward exclusively in the head,Discipleship1, 178:in this way, we shall gather together some ray meditations which may prove of value not only toDiscipleship1, 330:been my wish to assign higher and more esoteric meditations but the time is not yet; it will beDiscipleship1, 423:was my intention, hard though that may seem. The meditations which I give to my disciples are fullDiscipleship2, XII:frank and direct. A few personally assigned meditations are included to show the technique of theDiscipleship2, XII:achievement. It should be remembered that these meditations are dangerous to use except asDiscipleship2, XII:knowable only to a Master which made these meditations safe and the breathing exercises usefulDiscipleship2, 34:I gave you no explicit instruction or individual meditations. I gave each of you six statementsDiscipleship2, 75:involved the following of certain suggestions, meditations and instructions. For years, quite aDiscipleship2, 125:for the group meditation. I do not want the two meditations done together at the same time, for IDiscipleship2, 134:from the work already done. In the first two meditations given, you dealt with the centers of theDiscipleship2, 135:I am, secondly, [135] outlining procedures, meditations and objectives which will be of use toDiscipleship2, 138:year at least, is based upon the three previous meditations; these sought to bring the etheric bodyDiscipleship2, 151:you is formless in comparison with the earlier meditations outlined. I have already given you fiveDiscipleship2, 151:outlined. I have already given you five meditations which, as a group, you have been asked toDiscipleship2, 153:this past year. You will have noted how the meditations have become increasingly abstract until -Discipleship2, 154:responsibility at this time to give you those meditations which will enable you to take the firstDiscipleship2, 154:thoughts in mind as you study this résumé of the meditations already given, and then go forwardDiscipleship2, 155:of the progressive synthesis of the six meditations which you will have received and of theirDiscipleship2, 155:forward towards initiation. What have these meditations done to you? What were they supposed to do?Discipleship2, 157:the next developing stage in the series of meditations I have planned for you; they should also (inDiscipleship2, 176:- Teachings on Meditation - Part IX Part IX Six meditations have already been given to you,Discipleship2, 177:last meditation, and with these seven outlined meditations you will have plenty of work to do forDiscipleship2, 177:to the inflow of divine energy. These three meditations are of major importance, but quiteDiscipleship2, 179:group meditation; this completed a unit of seven meditations, all of which were sequential and allDiscipleship2, 179:to show you the synthesis of the entire seven meditations and demonstrate to you how they can leadDiscipleship2, 179:I would like you to grasp the fact that if these meditations are carefully followed by you they canDiscipleship2, 180:appear if you follow instructions and do these meditations carefully, regularly and sincerely. ItDiscipleship2, 185:V - Precipitation - Reception Each of these meditations carries the practicing disciple on toDiscipleship2, 190:and a horizontal effectiveness. In these seven meditations, my brothers, you have all you need inDiscipleship2, 191:at present. If you [191] follow these meditations with care in the years to come, you will findDiscipleship2, 191:has not been of great importance. These seven meditations make a perfect synthesis of recognitions,Discipleship2, 191:instructions I summed up or summarized all the meditations (seven in number) which I have given toDiscipleship2, 191:in training for initiation. The last of these meditations was called The Cross as the Expression ofDiscipleship2, 195:I suggest to you that you take the seven meditations and work regularly with them. I suggested thisDiscipleship2, 195:or followed the rhythm set up by the sequence of meditations. I suggest that you give two months toDiscipleship2, 195:suggest that you give two months to each of the meditations [196] thus covering a period ofDiscipleship2, 197:world, is likewise an expansion of all previous meditations; whilst the concentrated clear andDiscipleship2, 224:the eternal testimony. In giving you these two meditations, I would remind all who undertake to useDiscipleship2, 226:I ask you, therefore, to follow these two meditations at least once a week and upon different days.Discipleship2, 569:You have progressed beyond the stages of set meditations and definite forms; your requirement atDiscipleship2, 576:perhaps have noted that I have given some of you meditations which are concerned with certain ofDiscipleship2, 576:This I will increasingly do. Most of the meditations which I gave to the group members in theDiscipleship2, 576:of the forming of the groups, are in reality ray meditations and can be so adapted and reference toDiscipleship2, 576:ask R.S.U. gradually to copy the entire file of meditations and you can then, during the comingDiscipleship2, 576:in collaboration with A.A.B. The assembled meditations and the knowledge gained will serve toDiscipleship2, 590:apparent. I make it very brief, for long meditations (reduced to form) are not adapted to yourDiscipleship2, 715:at the School, but see to it that the group meditations are regarded by you as acts of service andDiscipleship2, 724:do for the remainder of your life, except the meditations in group formation at the Headquarters ofFire, 950:(1) By the strength of Their united thoughts and meditations. (2) By the work of the Hierarchy inFire, 999:and the interplay is rhythmic, then the two meditations proceed synchronously, and the work ofFire, 1001:that we are here dealing with those conscious meditations, based on knowledge and long experience,Fire, 1001:plane. We are not dealing here with those meditations which have for their purpose the revelationGlamourThe reader, however, should recognize that meditations suitable for special group purposes are notHealing, 175:by the following [175] of set rules or specific meditations. Later, prior to a certain majorHercules, 122:clearly what should be our attitude at full moon meditations and our use of individual horoscopes.Initiation, 38:the power of their will, the strength of their meditations, the wisdom of their plans, and theIntellect, 182:the man does not attain to God by images or meditations, nor by a higher mental effort, nor as aIntellect, 231:in the same letter. "I believe that such meditations as 'be still and know I am God,' ifMagic, 104:would like to remind you that, in this series of meditations upon these ancient formulas, we areMeditation, 46:work of the superintending Teacher to apportion meditations that will intensify the virtues andMeditation, 48:might handicap the server in his work. Those meditations which [49] will increase ability to serveMeditation, 61:own highest vibration, reached in consecutive meditations) which makes it easier for him each timeMeditation, 105:wisely adjusted to the individual need. Proper meditations will be set to stimulate quiescentMeditation, 110:and that in the unwise pursuit of unsuitable meditations, virtues could be emphasized till theyMeditation, 156:the first revealed, and already in the various meditations advocated by the wise Guides of the racePatanjali, 389:ideas and though he can carry on powerful meditations and though he can direct and control thePsychology1, 113:producing emotional conditions may be suggested; meditations may be arranged in order to bringPsychology2, 288:Gradually it will be noted that certain ray meditations can be used to bring in the influence ofPsychology2, 399:better idea of the true scope of these advanced meditations. The result of using this meditation onPsychology2, 734:Meditation groups could carry forward their meditations in such a manner that an inner fusion canRays, 252:and love. A presentation of the newer type of meditations, with its emphasis upon visualization andTelepathy, 18:was for this reason that I have assigned certain meditations which stimulated the heart center into
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