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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEET

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Psychology2, 543:because I want [543] what I have to say to meet with the interest of those who recognize the factPsychology2, 543:of a vision of God which will suffice to meet individual need and thus bring relief, peace,Psychology2, 637:a platform upon which all men of good will can meet. They state and believe that their initialPsychology2, 649:be spread abroad May men of good will everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation May forgiveness onPsychology2, 685:thus serve humanity's need. As transmitters they meet that need; as interpreters they increase thePsychology2, 704:determines its own destiny. The plans to meet the immediate human emergency and the plans to makePsychology2, 714:lower which produces the crisis. When these two meet there is, of course, no conflict; but therePsychology2, 727:of personal ambitions and methods in order to meet the serious emergency by which humanity isPsychology2, 733:Approaches d. Urgency of the Need and How to Meet It Again let us recognize it - the urgency isPsychology2, 745:each other across the gulf of differences. They meet in thought upon the subjective level of theRays, 81:utters loud the cry which drew the form to meet the highest need; where energy comes forth andRays, 91:to pattern their lives and natures so as to meet similar requirements in group formation. This hasRays, 112:and prepare to take the required steps to meet man's advancing aspiration. I have chosen these twoRays, 144:the Monad and the will of the Hierarchy of souls meet and blend in the "upper brackets" (if I mayRays, 190:The court of the money changers is the last. Meet the descending forces and find the current whichRays, 191:(seven in all) of purification; the group must meet, accept and distribute the descending spiritualRays, 208:concern only those who are willing to meet certain unusual requirements and to produce that specialRays, 235:and altering its modes of work in order to meet the changing need. Bear this in mind. This hasRays, 245:of changing Their techniques of work in order to meet adequately the demands upon Them. It is farRays, 253:person, a disciple or an initiate when they meet him, and undertake to cast his horoscope. If theyRays, 257:the three strands of the antahkarana meet and become active in a way incomprehensible to you.Rays, 303:and still they are myself and still are all I meet. It is the one in every form who think mayhapRays, 316:the soul only, but all the three aspects now meet in him and he can reveal the life aspect as willRays, 316:first initiation in which all the three aspects meet in the initiate. The first two initiations -Rays, 382:is formulated into the Plan) and Humanity will meet on the physical plane and occultly know eachRays, 388:yet very little understood and few initiates can meet the requirements of the first ray initiation.Rays, 419:orderly unfoldment and at the demand of spirit - meet its requirements in any particular cycle andRays, 421:the Higher Evolution Their two lines of energy meet and blend. Our Solar Logos also plays aRays, 474:to fresh endeavor. Students must [474] seek to meet all the planetary changes and opportunitiesRays, 494:working through the thread, now goes forth to meet the Son (the soul, enriched by the experience ofRays, 514:The first ray disciple has, therefore, to meet the requirements to the best of his ability and toRays, 518:Law or Order - "The highest and the lowest meet" Rays, 524:gave His all (again symbolically speaking) to meet that need. The Christ, at that timeRays, 528:times in our planetary history, One Who could meet the need which the invocation voiced, upon "aRays, 535:then realizes that in him all the divine aspects meet. Through them he is consciously, creativelyRays, 703:from what I say; these will not necessarily meet with your real understanding. These factors are:Rays, 721:Masters Who are initiates of the sixth degree meet in conclave and together, and before makingRays, 766:door, the step unseen that must be reached, will meet the feet within the fringe of flame. PutReappearance, 5:of the old religions have seemed inadequate to meet men's difficulties or to solve their problems.Reappearance, 80:to go into the city and that there they would meet a man, carrying a pitcher of water, that theyReappearance, 102:of truth. When They come, Their aim is to meet the immediate need in such a fashion that the ideasReappearance, 108:need, which Christ and the Hierarchy must meet, what will be the teaching which He will this timeReappearance, 111:love stream forth into the hearts of men" will meet with fulfilment. Christ will let loose into theReappearance, 140:they do not satisfy [140] his mind nor do they meet his practical need in a most difficult world.Reappearance, 140:same old interpretations are deemed adequate to meet man's modern needs and enquiries. They areReappearance, 143:invisible, appears with Him, what can They do to meet this demanding cry and this intensifiedReappearance, 144:providing a platform for the future, will really meet that human invocation. The Christ and theReappearance, 160:can give to a specialized intuitive research to meet it. We may then realize that this promisedReappearance, 161:individual. These are: How can I personally meet this challenge? What can I specifically do? WhatSoul, 142:a magnetic field is set up, soul and body meet, the father and mother come into relationship andSoul, 152:Some point where all these scattered rays should meet [153] Convergent in the faculties of man...Telepathy, 44:so that you may learn to recognize Them when you meet reference to Them. The Buddha at the timeTelepathy, 68:Kumara Whose task it is to impress the Lives Who meet periodically in the Council Chamber with theTelepathy, 85:which are needed to aid the disciple to meet the demands of [86] the initiatory process are "the
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