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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEETINGS

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Autobiography, 35:discussing it. I had attended many revival meetings and had seen people "losing control" ofAutobiography, 41:(on sufferance on account of my youth) at the meetings of the heads of the organization, because myAutobiography, 53:appeal to the kind of people who haunted revival meetings, seeking salvation. It was not proper.Autobiography, 60:he liked) and I coaxed him into the Gospel meetings - which he tolerated. I begged him to be savedAutobiography, 63:letters for soldiers, taking endless Gospel meetings, presiding at daily prayer meetings, studyingAutobiography, 63:Gospel meetings, presiding at daily prayer meetings, studying my Bible assiduously and being very,Autobiography, 75:the managers, holding endless Gospel meetings, talking to the soldiers about their souls or theirAutobiography, 77:study for I was taking an average of fifteen meetings a week, to current correspondence, toAutobiography, 92:good order. I had tried to take the usual Gospel meetings up to the end but I have an idea that IAutobiography, 110:attend the Ladies' Aid. I had to hold Mothers' Meetings and I always had to go to church and,Autobiography, 152:at least initiates of high degree. I attended meetings and classes and learnt a great deal forAutobiography, 155:the Theosophical Society and was attending their meetings. The first time that I went into theAutobiography, 158:fellowmen. I remember at one of the first E.S. meetings I attended Miss Poutz, who was theAutobiography, 159:and find out what was going on, and official meetings were held with Wadia arbitrating. Foster, Dr.Autobiography, 224:she had built a beautiful lecture hall where the meetings were held morning and afternoon. TheAutobiography, 286:service from them; we have no lodges, centers or meetings which we expect them to attend; we leaveAutobiography, 290:does not start groups, lodges or organized meetings in the many cities in the world where studentsAutobiography, 290:with related loyalties to local lodges, local meetings and local leaders. As we said above, ourDiscipleship1, 351:you in the form of the following question: Group meetings often prove undesirable for disciples inExternalisation, 351:in every land, nation and group. Let your meetings, your meditation and your individual thinking beExternalisation, 389:in past instructions, referred to the great meetings field at intervals by Those to Whom isGlamour, 229:meeting because the group members - outside the meetings and for a month prior to undertaking theMagic, 476:significance underlying all conferences, all meetings, all consultations, and all discussions whichMeditation, 322:it and the large central shrine where the group meetings will be held. [323] This large centralProblems, 117:there is discussion and planning; there are meetings and forums, and conferences and committees,Problems, 117:of the United Nations down to the tiny meetings held in some remote village. The beauty of thePsychology1, 170:in 1900, at one of the great quarterly meetings of the Hierarchy. In 1925, at the next greatPsychology2, 693:of paramount importance. The arranging of public meetings on as large a scale as possible, to bePsychology2, 693:day of the full moon of May. I mean by this that meetings should be held for the public at somePsychology2, 693:vortex of force generated earlier at the public meetings, and so throw the weight of the publicRays, 254:School, a greater emphasis upon the Full Moon meetings, a careful organization of the Triangle workTelepathy, 74:this door in the mind of humanity, true esoteric meetings are entered on the password. Only the
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