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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEMBER

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Fire, 1080:great is the importance attached to this that a Member of the Lodge, Confucius as he has beenFire, 1158:substance and to consider himself a man, a member of the fourth Kingdom, and to be convinced,Glamour, 48:themselves upon him until he finds that he is a member of the New Group of World Servers, workingGlamour, 151:desired attitude of the personal life of every member of the group. I would also like, at thisGlamour, 226:from glamor. I would also add that if a group member is in the thick of glamor himself and isGlamour, 230:light. This is carried forward as a group, each member making his contribution and consciouslyGlamour, 233:called the Act of Will and is carried on by each member of the group silently and with a deepGlamour, 234:to emphasize that the group work is ended, each member of the group sounds the OM alone, saying:Glamour, 238:move." As these words are uttered, each group member makes the sign of the Cross of Divinity. TheGlamour, 239:of the OM individually and aloud by each member. Brief Form of the Group Formula The Act of Naming.Glamour, 266:then begins to function in a dual manner: as a member of the Hierarchy, cooperating with the PlanHealing, 54:Human taints, inherited because one is a member of the human family. Planetary evil, imposed uponHealing, 69:effect upon each other as never before. "If one member suffers, all the members suffer with it" isHealing, 264:were in constant conflict. Christ came as a member of the Jewish race and they renounced Him. TodayHealing, 290:individual, a group matter. The man was a member of a group but without any thought as to theHealing, 354:to Develop Group Consciousness When a member of a group, such as a group for healing, speaks ofHealing, 357:they proceed? I would point out that any group member who, as an individual, is free from the aboveHealing, 357:rejoices) that he participates, as a group member, in the group quality. That is one of theHealing, 367:in the field, of some disciple, or of some member of the New Group of World Servers. I know, forHealing, 478:which has served the race or been an ineffectual member of it, still persists, is still in touchHealing, 506:a man is not a personality. He is just a member of the mass. The conscious identification of theHealing, 509:necessary process and one through which every Member of the Hierarchy has passed. Study andHealing, 576:by members of the Hierarchy. Unless you were a member you could not ascertain them or work withHealing, 632:with the work and the knowledge of the member of the orthodox profession. The debt of the world toHealing, 669:be potently evocative; therefore, until one is a member of the Great White Lodge, it is the part ofHercules, 19:name, must necessarily be a highly developed member of the human family. All three parts of hisInitiation, 115:as when a man stands face to face with another member of the human family. The great solar Angel,Initiation, 145:its application the initiate has become a member of the Lodge, and the entire ceremonial thenInitiation, 145:initiates at the initiation of a third degree member) drop back to the rear of the Hall ofInitiation, 146:The Oath of Office, administered when any member of the Lodge takes a specific post in HierarchicalInitiation, 147:to his other selves, the Lodge of which he is a member, and the selves of men everywhere. ThisInitiation, 182:that the fifth initiation made a man [182] a member of the Greater Lodge, or Brotherhood, onIntellect, 43:every child is intended to make him a useful member of society, self-supporting and decent. TheIntellect, 143:mind upon earthly affairs and be an efficient member of society, or upon heavenly things andMagic, 104:band of teachers of whom I am a humble member, let it be to follow the dictates of your own soulMagic, 204:or to the nation, there grows service to a member of the Hierarchy, to a Master's group and thenceMagic, 395:in the world Scriptures, if he is a Church member and if he lives a saintly life. But this is noMagic, 430:You ask me: What keeps a man from becoming a member of such a group? I tell you with emphasis thatMagic, 431:anyone (not even a clairvoyant) except a group member, and then only if - for purposes of work -Magic, 504:as an individual, or am I rendering it as a member of a group to a group? Is my motive an egoicMeditation, 112:in the man who seeks to progress and to become a member of the Brotherhood of Light. The matter IMeditation, 187:each ray, that (when used by the Master or by a member of the Hierarchy) combine all the threeMeditation, 200:point of the downpouring force to be the sick member in their midst. By the stimulating power ofMeditation, 246:comprehension, the desired results. Some member of the group will also be a member of the medicalMeditation, 246:results. Some member of the group will also be a member of the medical profession, who will workMeditation, 294:Master of the coming ceremonies. This puts each member of the group - through his own effort andMeditation, 330:he will be a potential magician, and will be a member of the Brotherhood of Light in embryo. HePatanjali, 8:which is a high spiritual aspect to which each member of humanity must attain, and the same termProblems, 51:make him truly human - a creative, constructive member of the human family. The very best of allProblems, 172:which made the Polish nation so difficult a member of the family of nations; it is materialism andPsychology1, 114:personally and privately to an individual group member, but all of it is open and can be read,Psychology1, 114:can be read, known and considered by every other member in the group. These groups are as yetPsychology1, 114:the inner side are sensitive organisms, and each member of these circles gathered around a MasterPsychology1, 157:which lie ahead of every aspirant and of every member of the hierarchy. Psychology1, 238:and realize that when he himself is a member of the great company of initiates of the wisdom, thatPsychology1, 314:many and not in the one personality. Yet each member of the group is a Christ in manifestation, andPsychology2, 180:for the purpose of perfecting the individual member in any group. This is a fundamental andPsychology2, 183:these. The subjective linking of each group member with each, and the emergence of a groupPsychology2, 197:before he can consciously become a functioning member of the New Group of World Servers, which isPsychology2, 328:Man as a conscious thinker, and not man as a member of the fourth kingdom in nature. Ponder uponPsychology2, 489:towards divinity which is inherent in every member of the human family. It is the prodigal sonPsychology2, 490:But they are not the voice of God, or of any Member in the Hierarchy, nor are they divine inPsychology2, 492:as being imparted to him by a Master or by some Member of the Hierarchy; he may regard thePsychology2, 547:of some particular family and inherited by the member of this family as part of his chosen karma.Psychology2, 617:ambition, or pride of individual intellect. Each member of any group, particularly those in thePsychology2, 618:which seems necessary to the average group member. It is like the very breath of death and it canPsychology2, 618:bodies. The responsibility of the group member is, therefore, great and it is one which they seldomPsychology2, 620:and physical - upon any sensitive group member; the more frequent the physical contact between thePsychology2, 643:no racial, national or religious barriers, is a member of the New Group of World Servers, even ifPsychology2, 722:even by a Master. Sometimes a disciple or a member of the New Group of World Servers willRays, 36:it involve the taking of initiation by every member in the group? Can one person have so extensiveRays, 38:How much does the light of the individual group member aid in this process? How much light do you,Rays, 72:behind the initiate, who is now an accepted member of his group, and as the Old Commentary puts it,Rays, 100:of substance. This must end whilst he is a member [101] of the Master's Ashram and is preparingRays, 137:and so become a Master of the Wisdom and a member of the planetary Hierarchy. In the coming newRays, 177:of the City of God is his. He is not yet a Member of the Great Council, but he has the right ofRays, 177:chosen destiny. He may not even finally become a Member of the Great Council; that is reserved forRays, 201:planetary government, and though he may not be a member of the Council at Shamballa (for only aRays, 207:is not a process whereby a man becomes solely a Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Initiation (asRays, 231:to Shamballa, and therefore affects every member of His Ashram, from the Christ down to the mostRays, 257:direct from Shamballa to the group because every member of the group is a member of the Hierarchy.Rays, 257:the group because every member of the group is a member of the Hierarchy. In this manner the threeRays, 304:of life and is not conscious of Reality as is a member of the Hierarchy. Therefore, when I tell youRays, 309:or some particular [309] Ashram or some member of the Hierarchy in order to produce a predeterminedRays, 314:the spiritual man on Earth. He was serving as a member of the Hierarchy, for He was found by HisRays, 371:One point should here be made: the entry of a member of the human family into the ranks of theRays, 429:are seeking to promote world peace. As a Jewish member of my Ashram pointed out (and I commend himRays, 439:of the self-created form which He may use as a member of the Hierarchy and a worker in the threeRays, 495:he is no longer only a part of humanity and a member also of the Hierarchy, but he belongs to theRays, 690:energy largely because he is an initiated member of the Hierarchy and is also a pure channel forRays, 696:to the individual initiate who is, of course, a member of the fourth kingdom. First of all, thisRays, 696:such a term) a non-fluctuating and unchanging member of the fifth kingdom in nature, the kingdom ofRays, 727:essential significance. Remember that when a Member of the Hierarchy uses the word essential, HeRays, 755:of the Christ. Forget not also, the Christ is a Member of the Great Council at Shamballa and bringsReappearance, 28:serving, when He spoke these words, as a working Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, for He wasReappearance, 52:God does not mean that one must necessarily be a member of some one of the orthodox churches. TheReappearance, 118:perception which will enable a man to become a member of the Kingdom of God. It accounts for theTelepathy, 4:is not so. The Universal Mind is tapped by some member of the planetary Hierarchy according to HisTelepathy, 6:in the simplest manner possible. When [6] each member of the group can function in hisTelepathy, 38:rhythm. For it is quite possible for a member of the group to retard the work and to hold back the
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