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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEMBERS

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Discipleship1, 159:to that impression. With you, as with all the members of my group, there is a realization of theDiscipleship1, 162:of several years' close observation of the members of my group. I have seen no reason to change myDiscipleship1, 164:It is necessary, therefore, for you and other members of my group of workers to hold yourselvesDiscipleship1, 165:of disciples. You must learn, as must the other members of my group, to recognize them. Where thereDiscipleship1, 167:Brace yourself, therefore, and with the other members of my group push through. Stand steady and doDiscipleship1, 183:upon the established interrelation of group members. [184] With those to whom he is relatedDiscipleship1, 189:set up an understanding relation with your group members and with myself. No groups belonging toDiscipleship1, 200:rightly established rapports: Between the group members and myself, your Tibetan Brother. BetweenDiscipleship1, 200:groups in my Ashram. Between the individual members in the group. I would ask you to ponder onDiscipleship1, 204:work intelligently along with the other group members, and proceed with them to the next step andDiscipleship1, 214:group of disciples there is always one among the members of the group who has a definite point ofDiscipleship1, 249:are individualistic still, but not group members, integrated into the group. In saying this, IDiscipleship1, 280:thinking and detachment on the part of the group members. All true recognition calls for theseDiscipleship1, 281:which will aid me in my work of awakening these members of my Ashram to the light of the intuition.Discipleship1, 283:have sought [283] to render to your fellow group members. I have noted your attention to theseDiscipleship1, 285:in which we are attempting to take some members of my Ashram and form a group which will aid in theDiscipleship1, 285:requires the most careful training of the group members, and if all of you submit intelligently toDiscipleship1, 285:depend upon the various reactions of the group members and their intensified effort to learn and toDiscipleship1, 291:side, the group remains intact with all its members affiliated, actively or inactively. Discipleship1, 299:degree. The tests, therefore, to which the group members have been subjected, have been many andDiscipleship1, 299:spirit of love continues to prevail among the members and there is freedom from truly selfishDiscipleship1, 301:through a crisis as a group. Certain of its members have likewise had peculiar testing andDiscipleship1, 316:do successfully just in so far as the individual members have freed themselves, or are freeingDiscipleship1, 316:to be a stiffening in the attitude of the group members in relation to this problem in their ownDiscipleship1, 316:the existence of personal glamors in the group members which - when they approach the problem ofDiscipleship1, 322:work as I have [322] outlined it for these members of my Ashram, and let your spiritual diary takeDiscipleship1, 324:but your prime function is to charge the group members with dynamic energy. Through the power ofDiscipleship1, 343:art and know more than do your fellow group members, just as I. S. G-L. is more deeply versed inDiscipleship1, 343:good. This identification you have yet to learn. Members of the new groups have to learn toDiscipleship1, 344:means an easy one with which to work. In the six members who are at present working together in itDiscipleship1, 345:begin its real service until its individual members function in an unbreakable unity. The problemDiscipleship1, 352:the group meditation along with the other group members and note carefully the few changes I haveDiscipleship1, 376:you, as well as the other newly chosen group members, for quick participation in the group work.Discipleship1, 377:As it is visioned and known by the Members of the Hierarchy, such as the accepted disciples of theDiscipleship1, 377:world. As it exists in the consciousness of the members of the New Group of World Servers, steppedDiscipleship1, 395:of the needs and the problems of all its members) may stand revealed and thus spur you all on to aDiscipleship1, 395:at the situation, as I see it, of the various members. Several have had readjustments to make of aDiscipleship1, 396:than any that have come to the other group members. Pressure incident to his home karma,Discipleship1, 397:starved, limited and curtailed. When the group members realize this fact more clearly, then theyDiscipleship1, 403:glamor. The fourth ray mental bodies of the members will facilitate this task. You, having raysDiscipleship1, 407:really begin until the personalities of the members are subordinated to group purpose, and trainedDiscipleship1, 408:to be grasped by you and by several of the group members. And, my brother, may I add one partingDiscipleship1, 418:at this time is not required. I write not to the members of this group for the sake of writing. AsDiscipleship1, 428:interjected by the defection of certain members and the constant state of glamor in which anotherDiscipleship1, 440:- P.D.W. January 1940 BROTHER OF OLD: Of all the members in your particular group, you are perhapsDiscipleship1, 449:upon the spiritual side between all the group members is growing firm and clear and I am encouragedDiscipleship1, 457:intense has been the testing time to which the members of this group of disciples have beenDiscipleship1, 458:difficulties through which the bulk of the members have been passing. You would be surprised couldDiscipleship1, 465:major service. My instructions to all the group members have been brief this time. I gave you allDiscipleship1, 502:who are linked to the Hierarchy and who are Members of the Hierarchy are primarily concerned isDiscipleship1, 543:that those who are affiliated with or who are members of the Hierarchy are calling for all theDiscipleship1, 572:and put the endurance and the faith of the group members to a more than adequate trial. Many amongDiscipleship1, 572:of the critical faculty in some of the members. (NOTE: During this world crisis the Tibetan hasDiscipleship1, 595:is no hurry attached to the work done by the members of a Master's group. The earnest desire toDiscipleship1, 601:an easy one either for myself or for the group members. Shall I sacrifice the group to the glamorDiscipleship1, 641:alter and change this condition? Among the members of this group of disciples there are eightDiscipleship1, 641:therefore, depends upon the ability of the group members to work at will and on demand, under theDiscipleship1, 643:except that which I am asking of all the group members. I ask from you a task of intensification,Discipleship1, 645:work. You have a definite karmic relation to two members in my group and, needless to say, you haveDiscipleship1, 646:for outer contact which several of the group members have so strongly demonstrated. I would haveDiscipleship1, 646:To bring you up to date with the other group members, I would like also to indicate to you not onlyDiscipleship1, 701:impact upon him as they come to him from other members of the Ashram or group. This effect will beDiscipleship1, 710:in sensitivity is difficult to understand. The members of a Master's group and of his Ashram haveDiscipleship1, 724:the chela in the Light is trained to recognize members of the Hierarchy by first becoming aware ofDiscipleship1, 728:other and who may even meet together as Ashram members. An Ashram is an international group; it isDiscipleship1, 728:beginners that they cannot hinder the advanced members of an Ashram, but that they can throwDiscipleship1, 729:criticism. A Master does not criticize the members of his Ashram. He seeks to analyze for them theDiscipleship1, 732:initiate disciples and the Master. Between the members of an Ashram and other Ashrams. BetweenDiscipleship1, 734:upon the aggregated vibration or note of all the members of the Ashram, insofar as they workDiscipleship1, 734:(viewing them as wholes) is to absorb new members and disciples, either singly or in groups. OneDiscipleship1, 734:inner and outer, and between the few Ashram members whom they may know and recognize, and the vastDiscipleship1, 738:of time and energy which he gives to the members of his group or Ashram is rightly warranted andDiscipleship1, 739:protect itself from some unit in its midst. The members of an Ashram and accepted disciples areDiscipleship1, 747:power. This is done just in so far as the members of the Ashram who are found on its outerDiscipleship1, 755:much less powerful, radiations of the inner members of the Ashram are the [756] factors which putDiscipleship1, 772:with care upon this idea. It is not possible for members of the New Group of World Servers toDiscipleship1, 778:and so. Those who obeyed were regarded as good members; those who refused to be interested andDiscipleship1, 781:censored were given by me, as a Master, to the members of a group within my Ashram. This group hasDiscipleship1, 782:or orthodox groups and churches and still be members of the school. They are asked to look uponDiscipleship1, 784:into abeyance. That part of the work in which members of the Arcane School had sought to serve andDiscipleship1, 784:to do with the school except in so far that members in the school were given the opportunity toDiscipleship1, 785:have oft said before. The Hierarchy and all its members, including myself, love humanity but theyDiscipleship1, 788:the implicit obedience of the organization members, nor do they exclude from the teaching those whoDiscipleship2, XII:that this act attracted the attention of other members of the Hierarchy. The appearance of theDiscipleship2, 5:of the heart center in the majority of the members; this leads necessarily to inadequateDiscipleship2, 5:I mention this now because I would urge those members who have been selected to work in this newDiscipleship2, 5:watchfulness on the part of a certain few of the members can protect this new vehicle from disasterDiscipleship2, 6:have handicapped it, and which the group members - as they are at present constituted and motivatedDiscipleship2, 6:understanding as it may exist between the group members, but upon capacity to absorb andDiscipleship2, 16:You must link up first with all the group members, pouring yourself out in love to each of them,Discipleship2, 17:work, for the helping and informing of the group members. Turn them in, my brother, even if thereDiscipleship2, 18:any one individual to the remainder of the group members, regarding the centers as radiatingDiscipleship2, 18:of energy to the centers of the other group members. This will result in the forming of seven greatDiscipleship2, 24:who have taken initiation. As one of your group members will only take the first initiation nextDiscipleship2, 28:each Wesak Festival. Of the original twenty-four members of the new (reorganized) seed group onlyDiscipleship2, 28:of his outstanding wisdom. Three of the original members (C.A.C., S.C.P., and W.O.I.) could notDiscipleship2, 31:and minds. These work both as individuals and as members of a group. There is also emotionalDiscipleship2, 36:strong, and the relationship between the group members was definitely weak. Today, the lines ofDiscipleship2, 36:fluctuating, the lines between the group members are strengthened by mental determination, but notDiscipleship2, 36:through the magnetic lives of the group members as they carry on their duties, obligations and
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