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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEMBERS

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Discipleship2, 545:found in this seed group, for ten of the group members have the mind as the battle ground ofDiscipleship2, 573:soul towards the Hierarchy, passing through the members of the group. Then breathe out the OM againDiscipleship2, 576:of the meditations which I gave to the group members in the earlier stages of the forming of theDiscipleship2, 579:of the things which I desire to see in all the members of this group in my Ashram is a process ofDiscipleship2, 579:upon the Network of Light with your two Triangle members will provide you with adequate focalDiscipleship2, 584:ministry, which so frequently urges upon its members the remembrance of death, nor am I [585]Discipleship2, 587:you know - each Sunday to have in mind all the members of the personal group with whom I haveDiscipleship2, 587:within the ashramic aura of some of its members; such a relation is brought about by theDiscipleship2, 597:or the workers, to the exclusion of all other members of national groups. This produced what weDiscipleship2, 601:grave as yours. Some day I will give the group members a diagnosis of their racial coloring andDiscipleship2, 604:when I say this I am speaking to all the group members and not only to you) that work in connectionDiscipleship2, 608:care the instructions of the individual group members. There was much of esoteric value in theDiscipleship2, 609:statements given last year to the group [609] members, and the sixth sentence in yours embodies aDiscipleship2, 617:to themselves - associated with my Ashram. The members of one's family upon the physical plane mayDiscipleship2, 636:planned by me which must be implemented by the members of my Ashram; it is work which you canDiscipleship2, 645:the instructions given by me to the individual members of the group and to the group itself, youDiscipleship2, 662:you therefore, Write. Search for the younger members of my group whom yet you do not know.Discipleship2, 664:which I shall have to indicate to the senior members of this particular group of chelas in myDiscipleship2, 672:You gave that impression to some of the group members you met last year and you gave thatDiscipleship2, 673:My contact with you and with some other members of the group is exoterically not disturbed, andDiscipleship2, 673:four others in the group. The rest of the group members are linked with the Ashram, and thereforeDiscipleship2, 676:have ever studied the reasons why the various members of the groups of nine stopped their work withDiscipleship2, 676:of it which can be best carried out through its members of all degrees - the disciples in trainingDiscipleship2, 679:refuse to cooperate. I would remind you that the Members of the Hierarchy are highly individualDiscipleship2, 679:You are anxious to see the new seed group members take control of the organizational situationDiscipleship2, 679:light and power - a point to which few of the members pay any attention at all. You would like toDiscipleship2, 681:with your co-disciples and with the Ashram members. They all love you and want your cooperation.Discipleship2, 683:the physical plane is not the concern of the members of the Hierarchy. They concern themselves withDiscipleship2, 735:the disciple in training. Twelve of the group members have the fourth Ray of Harmony throughDiscipleship2, 742:for service. Part of the service rendered by members of an Ashram is [743] to make way for newEducation, xi:a service department to the students and faculty members carrying on their primary (but not moreEducation, xii:Along with interested students, the faculty members will be seekers after synthesis. To illustrateEducation, 88:to be free from prejudice and to see all men as members of a great family. The educator of theEducation, 103:that they are not only individuals, not only members of a state, empire or nation, and not onlyEducation, 126:human beings; it concerns the relations of the members of this hierarchy within its hierarchicalExternalisation, 4:by esoteric students everywhere, that certain members of the planetary Hierarchy are approachingExternalisation, 16:of separateness" I taints them. The leaders and members talk in terms of "our" and "your," of thisExternalisation, 16:to their mode of instruction, and threaten their members with dire results if they cooperate withExternalisation, 16:working under the same spiritual impulses are members of the one school and are linked together inExternalisation, 27:as intended, should the corporate life of the members persist in right integral relation and shouldExternalisation, 34:functioning is the easiest activity for [34] the Members of the Hierarchy and constitutes the sineExternalisation, 34:within the new group of world servers whose members can begin to prepare themselves to express bothExternalisation, 36:The method of communication between the Members of the Hierarchy has to be externalized,Externalisation, 36:As regards telepathic communication between the Members of the Hierarchy: Within itself, theExternalisation, 36:necessarily essential and for two reasons: The members of the Hierarchy have freed themselves fromExternalisation, 37:understood. The method of communication between members of the Hierarchy is a tenfold process, andExternalisation, 40:you a fact. But this I can say: for the initiate members of the Great White Lodge the astral planeExternalisation, 41:freedom from glamor, the disciples who are members of these groups can raise the racialExternalisation, 41:Hierarchy - the next great desire of its Members. Externalisation, 46:healer. This is a statement of fact. Though the members of the Hierarchy have each of Them TheirExternalisation, 46:that the healing work done by the initiate members of the Great White Lodge is threefold -Externalisation, 47:beyond stating that when its twenty-seven members (three from each group) are chosen and put inExternalisation, 50:self-conscious. This process will make of its members cultural aspirants, with a new sense ofExternalisation, 54:along what three lines of study and work the members of this fifth group will proceed. These I willExternalisation, 54:in action" and the willingness of the group members and allied groups to proceed with slowness andExternalisation, 59:contained in those volumes. Therefore, the members of this group of disciples will be of the moreExternalisation, 59:form will be the training objective of the group members. Owing to the difficulty of this task, theExternalisation, 59:Owing to the difficulty of this task, the members of this eighth group will be chosen from theExternalisation, 63:by all aspirants and disciples, including the members of the seed groups. They are not immune fromExternalisation, 64:This they can do because several of the group members have successfully fought glamor in theirExternalisation, 64:weaknesses to be found in all the group members. Personality tendencies and errors exist and theExternalisation, 64:of a superficial kind are present in several members in all of the groups. And in each group, atExternalisation, 65:and have thereby taxed the patience of the group members who were not implicated in the particularExternalisation, 65:has not been lost and I would remind the group members that if they ever hope to have hierarchicalExternalisation, 79:of the esoteric schools of the future, that the members of all the groups realize that exotericExternalisation, 93:or purposes which affect you, for instance, as members of the fourth kingdom in nature are: TheExternalisation, 96:of World Servers. They are the more advanced members of the human family, sensitive to hierarchicalExternalisation, 103:the Hierarchy, via the focused minds of group members who are definitely en rapport with theirExternalisation, 142:of men some opposition was evoked among the members of the Hierarchy because They feared its potentExternalisation, 156:of the facts along this line. Few even of the Members of the Hierarchy are conscious of the impactExternalisation, 171:air are, however, increasingly on our side. The Members of the Hierarchy are hard put to it to turnExternalisation, 172:handicapped. I challenge all workers and all members of the New Group of World Servers to leaveExternalisation, 205:in all lands. I would here remind you that members of the new group of world servers and men andExternalisation, 214:and shirk their evident responsibility as members of the human family. This latter group includes,Externalisation, 248:rediscovery and the immediate sustaining of the members of this group must be undertaken anew. InExternalisation, 304:is the will-to-good. These are consequently the Members of the Hierarchy, the disciples andExternalisation, 304:lesser Avatar works today as one of the senior Members of the Great White Lodge and is in closeExternalisation, 307:and more potent in results. Certain Members of the Hierarchy and, above all, the lesser Avatars,Externalisation, 317:the measure of accomplishment. Only the Members of the Hierarchy (Masters, initiates and theExternalisation, 323:Hierarchy and the intelligent public. Its members are to be found in every country, are unorganizedExternalisation, 331:to this group: The discovery and aiding of the members of the New Group of World Servers in theExternalisation, 331:Eight Points of the Atlantic Pact, so that the members of this group can soundly envisage theExternalisation, 333:It is to this important condition that the group members must pay due attention. Disciples andExternalisation, 334:- let love be the active force among the senior members of the group. I would like to see more ofExternalisation, 388:of those who can function freely as souls - the Members of the Hierarchy and, to a lesser degree,Externalisation, 389:1943 This communication is addressed to the members of the new group of world servers who can beExternalisation, 392:aspirants. Disciples throughout the planet. The Members of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet,Externalisation, 393:with the affiliated body of men of goodwill, the members of the new group of world servers must nowExternalisation, 414:and for which humanity is now fighting. As the Members of the Hierarchy approach closer to us, theExternalisation, 416:of which is the good of humanity. The Members of the Hierarchy are seen to be the Custodians of theExternalisation, 416:as real and effectual as is the relation between members of the human family. The spiritualExternalisation, 416:planet, the ability of mankind to contact its Members and to work in cooperation with Them, and theExternalisation, 417:shall speak openly of the Hierarchy and of its Members and Their work. The hierarchical nature ofExternalisation, 417:and worth are cooperating consciously with Members of this Hierarchy that the very foundations ofExternalisation, 437:May, 1944, until the Full Moon of May, 1945, the Members of the Hierarchy will unitedly be puttingExternalisation, 437:of the world. This will then affect not only the Members of the Hierarchy, but all on Earth whoExternalisation, 445:effect. What is done during this time by the Members of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet (WhoExternalisation, 455:the Hierarchy stands ready to do and what its Members will plan and formulate during the EasterExternalisation, 459:- on a small scale - evoking response from the members of the new group of world servers and fromExternalisation, 472:aspiration; it has been created by humanity. Its members are human beings who have lived, suffered,
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