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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEMBERS

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Glamour, 228:minutes of complete silence in which the group members attempt to set up that magnetic field ofGlamour, 228:of the group (chosen in rotation so that all the members of the group occupy that position) startsGlamour, 228:the work by calling the names of the group members and as each name is called, the other groupGlamour, 228:and as each name is called, the other group members look directly into the eyes of the one named,Glamour, 229:the time of the group meeting because the group members - outside the meetings and for a monthGlamour, 229:called the Act of Naming, because both the group members and also the glamor are named. Glamour, 229:The Protective Formula is very simple. The members of the group will say in unison: "As a soul IGlamour, 231:realized unity of the souls of all the group members) and then as the soul upon the mental plane,Glamour, 231:that much depends upon the ability of the group members to visualize clearly as well as to thinkGlamour, 231:At the close of these three stages, the group members are united as souls insulated against theGlamour, 232:which precedes the formal work) for the group members will get used to working together and willGlamour, 234:important aspect of the work in which the group members visualize the gradual dissipation andGlamour, 234:astral plane and the world of glamor. The group members refocus their attention first of all on theGlamour, 237:The Preparatory Stages The naming of the group members, followed by ten minutes' silence. TheGlamour, 237:silence. The Protective Formula: The group members say in unison: [238] "As a soul I work in lightGlamour, 239:day." [239] As these words are said, the group members visualize the great searchlight they haveGlamour, 239:the work is seen proceeding. Then the group members refocus themselves upon the mental plane,Healing, 6:group integrates and the auras of the group members blend. It takes a little time for people toHealing, 69:as never before. "If one member suffers, all the members suffer with it" is a statement of truth,Healing, 102:carried forward efficiently and potently, if the members work as a subjective group; each shouldHealing, 174:gradual awakening of the heart center. The first members of the human family to become groupHealing, 231:to the Atlantean people, and was used by those Members of the Hierarchy Who were entrusted with theHealing, 254:above should be added the work undertaken by Members of the spiritual Hierarchy and TheirHealing, 288:connection with those who are well known to the members or who are put in the hands of the healingHealing, 306:Because where a group is involved and the members are very intelligent, through their questioningsHealing, 354:it serves a useful purpose in training the group members to think in those wider terms. It servesHealing, 355:if the group persists in all earnestness. The members have to learn to respond, as a group, to theHealing, 355:in right expression. However, when the group members are primarily occupied with their own ideas,Healing, 358:achievements or failures of the individual group members are entirely their own affair; to shareHealing, 358:powerful thoughts and ideas of the more potent members in the group is ever a problem. I point thisHealing, 374:groups to be taught and developed by the members of the pioneer healing groups, under soulHealing, 375:can work with a measure of success and the group members have an intelligent grasp of the techniqueHealing, 449:within the planetary ring-pass-not. Such members of the Hierarchy Who pledge Themselves to thisHealing, 576:their use they were submitted to and accepted by members of the Hierarchy at that time - the timeHealing, 576:In Lemurian times these rules were accepted by members of the Hierarchy. Unless you were a memberHealing, 599:case with the healing devas. These seven Members of the Hierarchy are aided in Their turn by one ofHealing, 665:church groups throughout the world, but by members of the Ashrams. All that the churches have doneHealing, 700:two things: first, that all these people are members of a second ray Ashram; also that they areHealing, 705:more potent on the physical plane than are the Members of the Great White Lodge, their work isHealing, 705:possible, is seldom as effective physically. The members of the Black Lodge, or healers workingHercules, 19:the inward man: But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, andHercules, 19:into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. "I thank God through Jesus Christ ourHercules, 117:in which there was no heart? Was it to seek new members for their man-less world? But God, we areHercules, 186:the inter-communication between the minds of the members of the group is perfect? That is theHercules, 193:into the consciousness of [193] the immediate members of your family and know why they think asInitiation, 9:be publicly admitted to the Lodge by one of its members, authorized to do so by the greatInitiation, 33:in the Hierarchical method. Certain of its members were called away to higher work elsewhere in theInitiation, 34:to enable others to take their place, the lesser members of the Hierarchy were all moved up a step,Initiation, 34:limitation. To open another door, and permit members of the human family who were willing toInitiation, 34:ranks of the Hierarchy could be filled by the members of earth's humanity who qualified. This doorInitiation, 36:might here be well to point out that, working as members of that Hierarchy are a great number ofInitiation, 36:with the form aspect, whilst the other members of the Hierarchy are occupied with the developmentInitiation, 37:and their places were taken by those among the members of the Hierarchy who were willing to undergoInitiation, 48:call the two divisions into which the remaining members are divided. They form literally two LodgesInitiation, 48:affiliated with the Lodge, but not as literally members of it. Finally come those who are onInitiation, 48:another point of view we can consider the Lodge members as existing in seven groups, each groupInitiation, 57:true spiritual life which is to be found amongst members of all sects and divisions, andInitiation, 65:work, forming a group of assistants to the Members of the Hierarchy. Initiation, 83:later prolonged service, wherein the group members themselves, even though unconsciously, apply theInitiation, 87:a position at all times to recognize the other members of the Great White Lodge, and his psychicInitiation, 104:can be taken and their functions carried on by members of our earth evolution, both deva and human.Initiation, 105:the war was in the department of the Manu, and members of the Hierarchy concern themselves withInitiation, 108:in nature. At the final two initiations many members of the Hierarchy who are, if one might soInitiation, 145:the seat of office of the Hierophant. The Lodge members are grouped differently, and initiates ofInitiation, 165:seven hierarchical keys by means of which the members of our planetary hierarchy can link up withInitiation, 186:about the others, and more will be found out as members of our humanity fit themselves to contactInitiation, 190:themselves, to take the place of the original members of the group, permitting of their return to aInitiation, 197:that unbalanced fanatics are not desirable members of the Hierarchy. Equilibrium, a just sense ofInitiation, 222:and choose a life of self-sacrifice, becoming members of that invisible host which ever protectsInitiation, 225:is said that at this festival, at which all the members of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha,Intellect, 21:had the education of the more highly evolved members of the human family. Today we have massIntellect, 25:independent, and thus self-supporting members of society. We exploit their instinct ofIntellect, 73:the inward man: But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind andIntellect, 73:into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. O wretched man that I am! Who shallIntellect, 266:This group is already in existence and the members of it are in the closest touch with one another.Magic, 7:will only be suspected by the more advanced members of the second. Within themselves they know theMagic, 25:life emanates is the great Hidden Mystery to the members of the hierarchy of adepts. The nature ofMagic, 66:connection also between this and the moon. Those members of humanity who are specially under lunarMagic, 114:Forget not that one of the greatest qualities members of the Lodge have achieved is their abilityMagic, 115:activity, would lead to a divine urge in all its members, driving them likewise on to fullestMagic, 135:One group is being gathered but its members belong to many groups. To this group of knowers andMagic, 153:with courage and with joy, knowing that they are members of a band of disciples, knowing that theyMagic, 328:or organization, but who regard themselves as members of the Church universal and as "members oneMagic, 328:as members of the Church universal and as "members one of another". They are [329] gathered out ofMagic, 330:in the world? Such a body now exists with its members in every land. Relatively they are few andMagic, 378:triple way. By the direct incarnation of certain members of the White Brotherhood, in which wayMagic, 394:and the aptitude to regard the surrounding members of the human family as dependent upon one. TheMagic, 401:words are few or many. They see their group members in all fields - political, scientific,Magic, 405:between race and race. This determination of the members of the Hierarchy to train the minds of menMagic, 410:unity is particularly noticeable, for its members are singularly free from sectarianism and selfishMagic, 411:recruited from all the ray groups, though the members of the third group (that of the financiers)Magic, 413:replica of this essentially subjective body. Its members are all in physical bodies but must workMagic, 414:the scenes as do the Great Ones. Its [414] members therefore must be free from all taint ofMagic, 414:will be thus recognized by their fellow group members when contacted in the casual ways of worldMagic, 415:will express all the aspects and have in it members on all the rays. The majority of the workers inMagic, 415:actuated by occasional soul impulses. The members of the many groups were all somewhat [416]Magic, 417:religious and cultural theories. They, the members of the one group, are organizing these forwardMagic, 417:latter who are being influenced by the group members are as yet only a few thousands among theMagic, 418:influencing through soul contact one or more members of the new slowly emerging [419] group. TheseMagic, 419:- Rule Ten - The New Group of World Servers The members of this group of new age workers will,
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