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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEMBERS

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Psychology2, 682:easily available. No secret lists must be kept. Members of the New Group of World Servers must bePsychology2, 687:humanity under the expert guidance of the chosen members of the Hierarchy. Remember, no matter whoPsychology2, 700:depend upon the intellectual grasp of the [700] members of the New Group of World Servers of thePsychology2, 710:be regarded in many ways as supernormal. Its members are frequently misunderstood and it isPsychology2, 712:(as has oft been stated) even the advanced members of the Hierarchy [713] do not know finally thePsychology2, 714:on these words. The preliminary plans which the members of the hierarchical Council consideredPsychology2, 716:group is occupied with the Plan as its [716] members can vision and grasp its essentiality, whilstPsychology2, 716:in the consciousness of the more sensitive members of the human family. These ideas are graduallyPsychology2, 717:deepening the hold these new ideas must have on members of the New Group of World Servers. Thus thePsychology2, 717:stimulation of the spiritual life of the group members, and consequently their sensitivity to thePsychology2, 724:effective, and the personal lives of the group members become definitely more consecrated, morePsychology2, 727:that within each group are always to be found members of the New Group of World Servers. Upon thisPsychology2, 731:Moments of contact are also arranged between members of the New Group of World Servers and thesePsychology2, 732:and recognized). We have been told that the members of the New Group of World Servers are workingPsychology2, 734:the awakening of the heart centers of the members, and the consequent urge to go forth into thePsychology2, 739:or political trend of thought or government; the members of the New Group of World Servers embracePsychology2, 740:or religion. Thus we find, as well you know, members of the New Group of World Servers scatteredPsychology2, 743:you know, the New Group of World Servers has its members in every land. A vast number are known.Psychology2, 747:light of expressed good will. For the members of the New Group of World Servers and for the men andRaysdirecting agency will direct and guide all his members, imposing upon the "lunar lords" of theRays, 12:exceedingly busy ones for me as they are for all members of the Hierarchy. I seek to give you someRays, 12:is being wrought today on earth, by certain evil members of the human family, are effects of theirRays, 15:speaking esoterically and technically, its Members (many of Them) are "being abstracted from theRays, 17:consciousness and spiritual awareness of the Members of the Hierarchy which are responsible for theRays, 28:condition the group relations and to unite its members into a band of brothers - moving forwardRays, 32:connote happy relationships between individual members of the group. It might, presumably, lead toRays, 36:The group need not necessarily contain members who have all taken the same initiation. By this IRays, 36:I mean that the necessary initiation of all the members simultaneously into the same groupRays, 36:Group initiation means that the bulk of the members are correctly oriented; that they are proposingRays, 46:among the more advanced disciples and initiate members of the Hierarchy. Love governs the Way intoRays, 68:of his centers but is shared by all the group members. Here is the clue to the significance ofRays, 69:our solar Expression appear even in this. The Members of the Council at Shamballa recognize thisRays, 70:- the first group dealing with the senior members of the Hierarchy and the latter with thoseRays, 70:the reason for that is that They Themselves are members of the Council at Shamballa and areRays, 91:has attained. The attitude and position of the members of the Hierarchy are not static. All areRays, 93:of work being done at this time by the senior Members of the Hierarchy, and also upon theRays, 94:and this will reach the attentive Hierarchy. The Members of this Group will, through the medium ofRays, 97:composed of all the personalities of its members. It should be borne in mind that a group is inRays, 115:the will aspect, is the goal held before the members of the Hierarchy. They too are on the way ofRays, 130:is only dimly understood by the most advanced Members of the Hierarchy, and the relation of theseRays, 130:fundamentally different, to the relation of the Members of the Hierarchy to the three Great Lords -Rays, 130:is shared by the Buddhas of Activity and those Members of the Great Council Who are of so elevatedRays, 131:Spiritual Triad, and which will finally lead the Members of the Hierarchy (when Their term ofRays, 135:The Hierarchy has been invoked and its Members are [136] ready for a great "act of evocation," ofRays, 136:is implemented through the medium of the senior Members of the Hierarchy, Who invoke the "LightsRays, 145:which "moves forward in time and space"; its members watch the great war and conflict proceed onRays, 166:within the planetary ring-pass-not. Such Members of the Hierarchy Who pledge Themselves to thisRays, 169:work with humanity, except with certain advanced members of humanity who are on the scientificRays, 173:conditioning the consciousness of the leading members of the forefront of the human wave at presentRays, 173:is as far removed from the consciousness of Members of the Hierarchy as that is, in its turn,Rays, 174:medium of activity becomes clear to the initiate-members of the group. To this H.P.B. referred whenRays, 203:conditioning circumstances. Their real work as Members of the White Brotherhood is on the point ofRays, 203:goals and objectives which confront the advanced Members of the Hierarchy; we are dealing withRays, 206:are yet greatly in advance of the most developed members of the spiritual Hierarchy. It is theseRays, 206:The three Buddhas of Activity (Who are also Members of the Great Council) are expressions of theRays, 206:Seven Spirits before the Throne of God are also Members of the Council, and each of Them is inRays, 206:you inferentially, how comparatively few of the Members of our Hierarchy have yet been able toRays, 209:reaction and relationship which links all the members of a group together in the bonds of liking orRays, 211:therefore, that it will take time for all the members of a group to achieve the destruction ofRays, 211:ties which link the personalities of the group members. These must be severed, and the relationRays, 211:be severed, and the relation between the group members must be on the basis of soul activity, jointRays, 213:initiation. This is oft a hard saying for group members to accept. The significance of my earlierRays, 213:function as a coordinated unit with the various members recognizing each other's status and yet notRays, 213:and practical application. The senior members of the group, and those with the most advanced statusRays, 217:is preparing for the joint initiation of its members. It is by adhering to the ancient dictum thatRays, 218:and suffering would be eliminated if the group members would realize [219] what was happening toRays, 219:endurance which is so sorely needed by the members of a group being prepared for initiation. Once,Rays, 222:test in this work of transference. The group members have unitedly preserved the point of tension;Rays, 231:of you can do so as accepted disciples, and as members of my Ashram. Take advantage, therefore, ofRays, 231:via their souls, with the Hierarchy, or who are members of an Ashram, or who, as probationers, areRays, 231:dependent upon the point of evolution. Some members of [232] the New Group of World Servers willRays, 238:of His will nature. This means that the Members of the Hierarchy, familiar as They may be with theRays, 254:World Servers, plus an attempt to recognize the members of the New Group whenever and whereverRays, 256:does this mean? It signifies the fact that the members of the group are each and all of them uponRays, 257:chosen and interiorly related that all its members are initiates, all have created their ownRays, 271:working out into the consciousness of the group members of an event which has taken place withinRays, 275:love demonstrated by the two groups of triangle members. Rays, 275:am writing here for disciples, some of whom are members of my Ashram, and for the New Group ofRays, 279:do Transfiguration and Transformation signify to Members of the Hierarchy as They face the Way ofRays, 281:of this living, developing intensity upon the Members of the Hierarchy. Five planes are thereforeRays, 300:Hierarchy. The citizens of that kingdom and the members of that Hierarchy are gathered out of everyRays, 306:(as an expressed command) for those who are members of the Hierarchy or who have moved or areRays, 327:of the higher initiations which confront the Members of the Hierarchy. In this connection it isRays, 327:Chamber at Shamballa provides a goal for the Members of the Hierarchy, but not an abiding place.Rays, 328:divine aspect, Love, and who are therefore full Members of the Hierarchy, the center where theRays, 328:that as this Treatise is not written to instruct Members of the Hierarchy, but only for aspirantsRays, 330:was present in physical form because the Members of the Hierarchy were guiding and directing theRays, 331:They concern those capacities which enable the Members of the Hierarchy to work consciously withRays, 333:reappearance of the Hierarchy and that which its Members will accomplish is related also (andRays, 334:symbolically, this externalization is for the Members of the Hierarchy an act of sacrificialRays, 334:and not the incarnation of individual Members. This is probably a subtle point too difficult forRays, 335:great Invocation - which was used potently by Members of the Hierarchy. Again, it was not used byRays, 343:created by the personality, anent the group members, will be thrown up and prevent a united movingRays, 343:be achieved by a group in training until the members, as a group, have developed their particularRays, 343:but that in group formation the group members unitedly contribute something to the enrichment ofRays, 345:seven, but had not contacted their fellow group members in physical consciousness; the emphasis wasRays, 374:Those Who are initiates of high degree [374] and members of an Ashram, has the following threeRays, 393:of every century, the Lord of the World with the Members of His Council watch the process ofRays, 395:with the appearance of the physical Sun when members of the human family, and with the "Heart ofRays, 395:human family, and with the "Heart of the Sun" as Members of the Hierarchy. Again you can see the
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