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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MEMORY

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Astrology, 206:to engross the attention of the disciple. One is memory and the other is, as a consequence of theAstrology, 206:memory and the other is, as a consequence of the memory, the Dweller on the Threshold. Memory inAstrology, 206:of the memory, the Dweller on the Threshold. Memory in the sense here involved is not simply justAstrology, 207:as well you know. From ancient recesses of the memory, from a deeply rooted past which isAstrology, 208:a relatively high stage of development, the memory aspect is evoked in a new and conscious mannerAstrology, 303:un-euphonious a phrase). In these atoms the past memory of the personal self is stored; these areAstrology, 303:self is stored; these are in the nature of "memory cells" and are the repositories of pastAstrology, 303:of the first solar system, the past - again the memory cells give their contribution. It is throughAstrology, 317:and of this symbol the legendary mermaid is the memory. It was only in late Atlantean times (whenAstrology, 434:waking consciousness. They stir the threads of memory; they draw backward the glances (and thereAstrology, 525:of the people, leaving in fact behind them the memory of symbols of national intent, ideals orAutobiography, 10:disturbing ever occurred which persist in my memory, but moments of crisis and the hours when I wasAutobiography, 19:name in Webster's Dictionary and Sir Peter's memory is perpetuated in a statue in a square inAutobiography, 23:father's watch to my grandmother remain in one's memory whilst things of greater importance seemAutobiography, 24:[24] One wonders what it is that conditions the memory in this way; why some things register andAutobiography, 121:from the Jews. Forgive this digression, but the memory of Mr. Jacob Weinberg who so befriended me,Bethlehem, 153:but cannot help. Remorse and sorrow, involving memory, are the result of mental activity. Thus, inBethlehem, 179:in one body. They may struggle to perpetuate the memory of the dead Christ upon the Cross, or theyDestiny, 59:was Rome" (for this is closely tied up with the memory aspect of the soul) and to the concept ofDestiny, 100:of the people, leaving in fact behind them the memory of symbols of national intent, ideals orDiscipleship1, 22:and wiped from the slate of the mind and of the memory and classed as entirely personalityDiscipleship1, 531:- but I have planted dahlias, for childhood memory, canterbury bells, pinks, phlox, smallDiscipleship1, 531:platycondon, evening primrose - still memory! - sweet geranium, lavender, lemon verbena, sweetDiscipleship2, 145:and not as an aspirant or from the angle of memory. Think on this. STAGE FOUR - The Analyzer ofDiscipleship2, 279:of the ages; it is closely connected with memory and its subjective counterpart - recovery of pastDiscipleship2, 625:they can persist in the treasure-house of the memory and can be constantly revitalized by aDiscipleship2, 625:emotion, feeling and the thought-forms which memory guards, it is impossible for a clear line ofEducation, 3:possess. III. Education to date has been largely memory training, though there is now emerging theEducation, 4:the human aura. IV. Education is more than memory training and more than informing a child orEducation, 9:He is taught the distinction between memory training and thinking; between bodies of facts,Education, 12:facts, and so to the registration, through the memory, of these facts; thus are developed interest,Education, 25:knowledge concerning phenomenal existence as the memory of the child is capable of grasping. HowEducation, 35:in future schools upon the training of the memory. Interest will greatly aid the will to recall. 6.Education, 38:To this must be added the old method of memory training and the attempt either to infuse religionEducation, 39:mass consciousness of the child, and evokes the memory (racial and individual) through theEducation, 39:recover from that race consciousness and racial memory, not only national history but past historyEducation, 41:and when the mind (the lower mind) - in its memory aspect, its discriminating and separate aspects,Education, 48:for intelligent living and evoking the racial memory through the courses given, in order to lay theEducation, 58:are coming to light in the present. Develop the memory and the power to recognize that which isEducation, 79:as well as the clusters of artists whose memory is perpetuated in the Italian School, the Dutch andEducation, 83:importation of facts and the crude process of memory training which has been distinctive of pastEducation, 85:now usually the case - with the training of the memory and the parrot-like recording of facts andExternalisation, 375:impede the path of progress who live in the memory of their past history and boundaries and whoExternalisation, 481:translated - a translation based upon the memory of what He said but not upon direct dictation. ToFire, 70:of experience, and for the preservation [70] of memory. These atoms are in direct connection withFire, 73:a little so that in the refreshing of the memory may come the basis of further knowledge. We dealtFire, 125:develops under the forms of instinct, animal memory, and functional recollection which are soFire, 193:mind in a threefold manner: As recognition. As memory. As anticipation. Each of the five senses,Fire, 286:purpose. An animal likewise has an instinctual memory, apprehension, and an embryo anticipation,Fire, 309:its being and giving it thought, desire and memory" "It is because manas is the turning point inFire, 395:does it reveal to us cognition within cognition, memory within memory, power within power, worldFire, 395:to us cognition within cognition, memory within memory, power within power, world within world,Fire, 508:Ray as it plays upon the atom. They hold hid the memory of the unit of consciousness. When fullyFire, 516:capacity, acquired ability, and the atomic memory, or in other words the heredity of the Thinker,Fire, 563:they are freed from karma, for they have neither memory nor anticipation; they lack the correlatingFire, 693:re-emphasizing here. All consciousness, all memory, all faculty is stored up in the permanentGlamour, 9:may stand is not all that has to be done. A good memory may remind you that a series of linesGlamour, 9:But that activity and accuracy of the memory will do naught to awaken the dormant brain cells orGlamour, 10:from the standpoint of the intellect, using your memory and what knowledge you have, to understandGlamour, 12:[12] involves the use of the brain and the memory. You endeavor to study line and form, number andGlamour, 14:in your brain, drawing on the resources of your memory. The registering of old information andHealing, 446:awakened to react, and the storehouse of memory is as yet practically empty. For the average goodHealing, 491:and all the lesser experiences fade out of his memory, leaving nothing in [492] his consciousnessHercules, 134:far country, he remembers his Father's house. In memory thereof, he seeks to be a point of peace inInitiation, 101:and the healing of nervous disorders. Occult memory. The initiate finally becomes awareInitiation, 101:growth of that inner recollection, or "occult memory," which concerns the work of the Hierarchy andInitiation, 166:of the will to imprint them irrevocably upon his memory. This he is aided to do in three ways:Initiation, 166:learn to imprint details accurately upon their memory they are laying the foundation for that acuteIntellect, 3:may eventually supplant the present methods of memory training, and prove a potent factor in modernIntellect, 24:feel that this presentation deals primarily with memory training, with the impartation of so-calledIntellect, 31:[31] system and by the method of cramming the memory with ill digested facts? If Herbart is rightIntellect, 39:and contemplation. From being a process of memory training, and the development of a quick handlingIntellect, 43:fit, mentally alert, to provide a trained memory, controlled reactions, and a character which makesIntellect, 44:Education Specialized Training Science Religion Memory Training Meditation Investigation ReflectionIntellect, 102:and stored up, finding later expression as memory and anticipation. Moods, emotional reactions,Intellect, 119:to fill it with information, and to train the memory aspect to be retentive, and the content ofIntellect, 119:aspect to be retentive, and the content of that memory to be easily available to the student. FromIntellect, 126:"the content of the subconscious," on the active memory, and on the environment, for what is neededIntellect, 129:Instead of registering and storing up in memory the contacts which the senses have communicated,Intellect, 129:brought us and for which the education of the memory and the cataloguing of world knowledge hasIntellect, 129:world experience, the old education with its memory training, its books and lectures and itsIntellect, 139:desires to dwell in the superior faculties - the memory, the intellect, and the will, and toIntellect, 143:apparent. A trained mind and a well-stocked memory and a carefully cultured mentality will greatlyIntellect, 153:carried forward his education from the stage of memory training and the grasping of information toIntellect, 161:from the subconscious, or from the stored up memory, racial or individual, but drops into the mindIntellect, 170:I see or learn in such a vision stays long in my memory. I see, hear, and know at the same time,Intellect, 170:light, all sadness and sorrow disappear from my memory..." "I know a few individuals who areMagic, 82:events, and the longer and more accurate his memory the more he can dominate all possibleMagic, 238:through the powers of the mind, and through memory of past pain and grievance and throughMagic, 261:To this end it might be wise to commit to memory the following brief dedication to be said silentlyMagic, 300:awakened to react, and the storehouse of memory is as yet practically empty. For the average goodMagic, 303:is therefore a distressing blend of instinctual memory and anticipatory imagination, and few thereMagic, 357:subsequent process of analysis, of relation plus memory and visualization, man has learnt what toMagic, 475:spring unbidden to the mind. They live in the memory of the multitude and that which lives is theMagic, 532:are subject to the throes of death but they lack memory and prevision, and possess not that mentalMagic, 601:knowledge it contains firmly in the student's memory. One of the main teachings which can be seenMeditation, 30:implanted to have donated the instinctive memory and correlation of ideas that can be seen in theMeditation, 257:his Father, and always latent within him is the memory of the Father's home and the glory there toMeditation, 291:into the Physical Brain Consciousness the Memory of the Master's Ashram and the Lessons impartedMeditation, 316:the hours of sleep, and the recovering of the memory of past lives, through certain mental
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