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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENT

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Psychology2, 413:control of the soul, after the final at-one-ment of the entire personality. Only when modernPsychology2, 416:mystic is aware and which makes him seek at-one-ment or union with what he calls divinity. InPsychology2, 437:death, of substitution, of the vicarious at-one-ment and of sacrifice, will - in the New Age - bePsychology2, 445:major energies. This will result in the at-one-ment of soul and of the personality. ThesePsychology2, 447:esotericists, this whole problem of the at-one-ment is closely connected with the building of thePsychology2, 447:have taken place, then unification or at-one-ment occurs. New fields of energy then are entered,Psychology2, 534:are blended, can and will produce the at-one-ment. The result of these realizations inPsychology2, 602:must give place to the experience of the at-one-ment and the mists must roll away. The mystic seesRays, 63:initiation, marking the attainment of at-one-ment, and this fades out at the fourth initiation. AtRays, 205:- for the teaching of humanity - the at-one-ment of love and intelligence, of soul and personality.Rays, 223:Monad and the personality are in complete at-one-ment and have achieved perfected relationship;Rays, 325:could relate in one great fusion or at-one-ment not only the soul and the personality, but monad,Rays, 498:task ahead is: To bring about the at-one-ment of soul and body, through the medium of alignment. ToRays, 504:and the personality, so that complete at-one-ment is increasingly attained. Technically, this meansReappearance, 63:of that sacrifice. The vicarious at-one-ment has been substituted for the reliance which ChristReappearance, 77:great natural Law of Synthesis, producing at-one-ment, unification and fusion. His function (inReappearance, 106:originating the doctrine of the vicarious at-one-ment. It was St. Paul who was responsible for thisReappearance, 143:upon the Virgin Birth, the Vicarious At-one-ment or the Infallibility of the Pope. Humanity is inReappearance, 153:itself - will begin to work in complete at-one-ment and unity. Then the Kingdom of God will indeedSoul, 53:That, and meanwhile the longing for that at-one-ment lead us onward? Shall this corruptible neverSoul, 107:a vital or physical one also. This is the at-one-ment of the Christian. It is an integration of theTelepathy, 100:underlies the doctrine of "vicarious at-one-ment" - a doctrine which has been woefully distorted byTelepathy, 168:as "radiatory substitution," "energizing at-one-ment," and "inspirational reflected light of
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