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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Astrology, 16:indicates the nature of the man, physical, mental and spiritual. It holds the [17] secret of theAstrology, 18:and ever-changing form which the quota of mental energy has assumed during incarnation. TheAstrology, 35:- Indigo Ichchhashakti Will to manifest Fire Mental Plane 3 11 VI Lunar Lords Sacrificial FiresAstrology, 40:might be viewed as endeavoring to express the mental vibration of the solar Logos and the second,Astrology, 40:in themselves the potencies of triple evolution, mental, psychical, and spiritual. These Triads ofAstrology, 44:standpoint of the Logos, the solar Angels on the mental plane (the fifth subplane of the cosmicAstrology, 46:are the Sons of Men on their own true plane, the mental, are ever, therefore, pictured as takingAstrology, 47:The logoic twelve-petalled egoic lotus, cosmic mental plane. The solar twelve-petalled lotus. TheAstrology, 47:The twelve-petalled human egoic lotus on the mental plane. The twelve-petalled heart center in aAstrology, 47:plane). The egoic lotus of a human being on the mental plane, which is literally a correspondenceAstrology, 48:head centers and the seven groups of egos on the mental plane, and there is an occult analogyAstrology, 52:signs of influence." During this process the mental principle, the discriminating mind, isAstrology, 55:upon the Path of Discipleship. [55] Upon the mental plane the Angel of the Presence and the DwellerAstrology, 55:The analogy can also be carried forward onto the mental plane and when the energies of the sun signAstrology, 59:of souls, of the divine sons of God upon the mental plane, and the study of the entity which is theAstrology, 69:were originally constructed or anchored upon the mental plane by the Hierarchy in Atlantean daysAstrology, 88:solar plexus. The heart. Man controlled from the mental plane. The base of spine. The heart. TheAstrology, 92:simply as a member of the Hierarchy upon the mental plane. He can now function through all theAstrology, 92:first time in the sign of Cancer, emerging as mental entities in the sign Aries, asAstrology, 92:taken on that plane in the system which is the mental plane. Aries "awakens the will to reach theAstrology, 113:influences; we are dealing with his reactions, mental and emotional, to the great illusion and toAstrology, 115:formulation of a Deity who is the product of our mental processes and of devoted idealism (two ofAstrology, 117:- must be stabilized in Virgo, in which sign mental [118] introspection and critical analysisAstrology, 124:into spiritual perception. Clairaudience into mental telepathy and finally inspiration. InstinctAstrology, 124:sympathy and divine understanding. Spiritual and mental inhibition into soul expression and mentalAstrology, 124:and mental inhibition into soul expression and mental sensitivity. Devotion to the needs of theAstrology, 124:sensitivity with complete undevelopment of the mental principle. It would be of interest to findAstrology, 129:to regeneration and to creation upon the mental plane instead of only upon the physical plane. ThisAstrology, 140:of human experience - the physical, astral and mental planes) you have personality demonstration.Astrology, 174:Physical nature Emotional nature Lower mental nature Integrated man Aspiring man Intuitive mentalAstrology, 174:nature Integrated man Aspiring man Intuitive mental man Human soul Spiritual human soul SpiritualAstrology, 180:becomes sensitive to a still higher type of mental experience and to this we give the name ofAstrology, 190:in their own lives which is subject to their own mental direction. Then and only then, can theyAstrology, 191:of the fourth ray and also the God of the mental processes, has his power definitely lessened inAstrology, 205:Pisces carries the test into the region of the mental processes, which is the reflection of theAstrology, 205:cruelty is not of a physical nature but is more mental in character. Therefore, you have in theAstrology, 207:all inherited glamors and of all phases of wrong mental attitudes; to these (as they constitute aAstrology, 212:nature, his emotional or desire nature and his mental processes up into heaven. This takes place asAstrology, 216:levels - and are felt first of all upon the mental plane, then upon the astral plane and finallyAstrology, 216:which could be interpreted purely upon the mental plane is given a physical interpretation, andAstrology, 216:and thus happenings which are entirely mental are portrayed as physical occurrences. A clue to thisAstrology, 219:determine or condition the physical, astral and mental natures, thus creating the personality. TheyAstrology, 230:entire history of the race. This involves its mental beginnings in Aries (the will to manifest) andAstrology, 232:This group experience, carried out upon the mental plane, will only happen when all men areAstrology, 253:of the Christ child. Eve is the symbol of the mental nature, and of the mind of man attracted byAstrology, 253:and expression which was initiated - from the mental angle - in our Aryan times. Isis stands forAstrology, 254:Mother, providing that which is needed for the mental, emotional and physical expression of theAstrology, 274:are established among men. However, as a form of mental gymnastics and as indicating possibilities,Astrology, 281:embodying in himself both these aspects of the mental principle, the expression of the concrete andAstrology, 289:are present, the inference is that there is mental perception and some measure of integration. ToAstrology, 294:When he has reached full self-consciousness and mental integration and when he has attainedAstrology, 302:the physical plane. Libra - is related to the mental unit and, as we saw when studying the signAstrology, 302:has occurred, and the man is focused upon the mental plane. He can, then, through right use of theAstrology, 320:with ordinary man, they correspond to the mental, the astral and the etheric vehicles of man. TheyAstrology, 328:the dualities will be stabilized upon the mental plane and - under the influence of the salvaging,Astrology, 331:the fourth kingdom in nature and with the higher mental study of their effects as they produceAstrology, 338:equilibrium, at the point of rest, provides the mental impetus for soul control. Passion isAstrology, 352:body and permitting, therefore, astral and mental control of the personality. When the man is uponAstrology, 354:also the sense of distinction, leading to that mental agility and that fluidity of mind which isAstrology, 354:and handled. When there is facility of mental approach in any direction and in connection with theAstrology, 366:which is the stated objective of many schools of mental healing. These are as you know (withoutAstrology, 373:of evolution by creating situations which foster mental development under spiritual guidance,Astrology, 384:only a glimmer of occult truth, that which is mental, that which concerns final sublimation, thatAstrology, 386:and of man to the mineral kingdom. Venus, the mental energy of humanity, establishes relationAstrology, 394:the knowledge gained. It is apt to remain a mental acquisition and not a practical experience. HeAstrology, 436:assured. Mercury brings about those changes in mental perception which eventually enable humanityAstrology, 436:of Mind - soul, manasaputra. The concrete mind - mental body. and their correspondences inAstrology, 436:the mineral kingdom) paralleled by a crisis of mental [437] perception, precipitated by Mercury. ItAstrology, 437:perception, precipitated by Mercury. It is this mental perception plus world participation in theAstrology, 445:based on a spiritual drive and on aspiration, mental freedom, loving understanding and a physicalAstrology, 452:A deep love for humanity, present and based on mental perception and intuitive understanding andAstrology, 486:appears in the many religious, spiritual and mental organizations and movements which indicate toAstrology, 492:The PAST - Impetus then given still persists. Mental unfoldment - Instinct. Intellect. Intuition.Astrology, 493:energies - is concerned with the problem of mental development. In the last analysis, the problemAstrology, 494:leading the "Eternal Pilgrim" along the path of mental unfoldment produce in him the final stage ofAstrology, 494:unfoldment produce in him the final stage of mental evolution upon the Path of Initiation.Astrology, 494:they swing the man into activity and evoke his mental perception. With the aid of the rulingAstrology, 495:great Triangles of energy which affect the mental response apparatus of humanity and to the aboveAstrology, 499:specific and general. With the present mental equipment of humanity, all that is possible for manAstrology, 507:the etheric or vital body, astral body and the mental body, plus a fusion with the fifth body, theAstrology, 538:on the physical plane (the earliest was on the mental) and the great Flood eventuated to which theAstrology, 539:in the fourth. It is responsible for the use of mental power on a vast scale, notably in theAstrology, 544:possible step. This time the balancing is on mental levels; in the earlier crisis, it was on theAstrology, 573:first group. They focus this aspiration on the mental plane, create a thought-form embodying theAstrology, 586:the will aspect can be contacted only from the mental plane and only those, therefore, who areAstrology, 586:fire. Fire is the symbol and the quality of the mental plane. Fire is an aspect of the divineAstrology, 588:intent will be the correspondence upon the mental plane of the massed intent of the general publicAstrology, 595:conquers death is an outpouring from the cosmic mental plane. From these three cosmic planesAstrology, 599:is carried forward consciously upon the mental plane, the fifth plane; this is brought about by theAstrology, 660:"Vibrations reach us from Sirius, via the cosmic mental plane." (C.F. 553) "The Lords of Karma onAstrology, 660:(C.F. 570) "The consciousness of the cosmic mental plane is the goal of attainment for our solarAstrology, 662:satellites to which he has no right. (astral and mental. A.A.B.) Mars is a septenary chain. (Vol.Astrology, 663:31) "Mercury heals the blind and restores sight, mental and physical." (Vol. II, 571) "Mercury isAstrology, 675:coordinated and developed and four minor mental aspects had been synthesized and the buddhic aspectAstrology, 677:from the constellation Capricorn appears on mental levels. This level is the lowest one on whichAstrology, 684:its correspondence in the connection between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. Again,Astrology, 690:it is connected with the spirillae in the logoic mental unit and as long as His will-to-beAstrology, 690:Sun, and its relation to the lower and higher mental bodies, producing that peculiar manifestationAtom, 16:of view. Until, we have further developed our mental processes, and until we are able to think inAtom, 17:constructively for ourselves, and to work in mental matter. I should like to outline my plan this
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