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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Discipleship2, 461:transfer of energy from the astral body into the mental body, and consequently from the solarDiscipleship2, 461:more effective if aided by the will and as your mental body is on the first ray and as this work isDiscipleship2, 462:the steady withdrawal of [462] energy to the mental body, you should find it relatively easy andDiscipleship2, 462:see yourself as focused esoterically upon the mental plane and (from the angle of the soul)Discipleship2, 470:kind and the pain endured will be largely mental, but "you can take it," as the saying is. It wasDiscipleship2, 487:of you - without aid or help - to step over the mental barrier which keeps you from consciousDiscipleship2, 487:to recognize location, and of emotional and mental bewilderment. With disciples there is stillDiscipleship2, 488:body, keeping, the whole concept upon the mental plane, yet realizing it to be a simple brain [489]Discipleship2, 489:a few hours and whilst clothed in the astral and mental vehicles, to be consciously awareDiscipleship2, 490:inward upon the world of the emotions or of mental perception, or upward towards the soul. TheseDiscipleship2, 490:to a point of silent contemplation upon the mental plane. Again sound the OM. The fact of theDiscipleship2, 490:outstanding lessons which physical, astral or mental contact makes on you, what they have done forDiscipleship2, 490:of some bewilderment, the expansion of some mental perception into an intuition, with itsDiscipleship2, 491:soul through fusion, rendered expressive on the mental plane; to the group emotional expression,Discipleship2, 493:and am teaching you through your own soul on mental levels, in the world of glamor at times also,Discipleship2, 494:The rays of your personality are as follows: Mental body - The fourth Ray of Harmony throughDiscipleship2, 495:plane. Withdraw from the astral body to the mental body. From that point recognize yourself as anDiscipleship2, 496:it mentally, breathing forth radiance on to the mental plane. Sound it next in a whisper, breathingDiscipleship2, 497:to those who guide and know may indicate a mental interplay. You reach their "forms of thought."Discipleship2, 505:You and he have the same egoic, personality and mental rays. Hence the close link with him whichDiscipleship2, 505:orientation" appear or express itself upon the mental plane? Or "abstraction and withdrawal" uponDiscipleship2, 506:commercial and financial preoccupations. The mental ray of this Church is sixth ray. Hence itsDiscipleship2, 508:Then, having achieved inner quiet and relaxed mental focusing, seek, with an alert consciousness,Discipleship2, 509:say the Great Invocation, slowly and with much mental intention, pausing after each of the fourDiscipleship2, 516:be found in the fact that your personality, your mental nature and your physical body are all uponDiscipleship2, 520:intelligent Will, free from all self-will or mental bias. Shamballa is the major receptive agentDiscipleship2, 522:You have also been cruelly tested in your mental nature by the war and through your intense graspDiscipleship2, 522:your problem, and your entire emotional and mental reaction to war and its happenings has well-nighDiscipleship2, 532:[532] will engender. Be not satisfied with your mental activity and your dedicated idealism. ReachDiscipleship2, 533:Ashram, of your own soul and your personality mental processes created a dominant test in yourDiscipleship2, 533:made by you (and it can be physical, emotional, mental or of soul origin) [534] will depend theDiscipleship2, 536:expression. Finally, write another paper on the mental expression of love. For this assignment ofDiscipleship2, 545:whereas the whole problem should be elevated to mental levels. Think this out and then carryDiscipleship2, 545:forward right action in two directions: on the mental plane for guidance and down to the physicalDiscipleship2, 549:of liberty (due largely to a rapidly developing mental grasp of life and living) prompts him toDiscipleship2, 556:rightly followed, brings about the imposition of mental control upon the personality; it affectsDiscipleship2, 562:to focus with definite intention upon work in mental matter, under clear, inner impression. Such isDiscipleship2, 570:by your complete identification of yourself on mental planes with your spiritual objective - anDiscipleship2, 573:the uprising aspiration of the personality on mental levels. Hold the consciousness steady at thatDiscipleship2, 589:group. Intelligent adaptability should be the mental note. These things I think you already knowDiscipleship2, 604:as much rapidity as possible and with little mental activity. Then raise the consciousness to theDiscipleship2, 604:above the pineal gland. Then pause and after a mental grasp of what is to be done proceed asDiscipleship2, 617:no light and which involves the testing of their mental perception, their emotional reactions andDiscipleship2, 620:(apparently, though not in fact) of a mental attitude. With these you delude yourself and make aDiscipleship2, 622:thoughts but our finer feelings? Does not the mental grow out of the refinement of the emotionalDiscipleship2, 623:as a result of feeling, without some measure of mental unfoldment and of thought being present.Discipleship2, 630:patient waiting, quiet reflection and steady mental poise bring their reward of clarifiedDiscipleship2, 637:into consciousness on the emotional or the mental planes, and they then present opportunity forDiscipleship2, 640:care; the other attitude sets the note for the mental reaction. This I think you know and areDiscipleship2, 640:have to achieve (prior to initiation) is a right mental attitude toward that aspect of the physicalDiscipleship2, 641:of energy is not a physical matter but a mental process. This is a subject of importance. Then,Discipleship2, 646:over a second ray astral nature and a fourth ray mental equipment. Hence the balancing in twoDiscipleship2, 669:by pure reason as the aspirant today has to be mental. Technically speaking, that means that theDiscipleship2, 685:for so many centuries) could be offset, and the mental grasp of truth and of life carefullyDiscipleship2, 685:which many mystics could begin to organize their mental bodies and discover that they had mindsDiscipleship2, 687:your ability as a spiritual observer to preserve mental continuity as you do it. Energy followsDiscipleship2, 688:but concern inner developments, attitudes and mental processes. These self-initiated decisions canDiscipleship2, 691:but they will open up to you a group and mental approach to realization, and that is the way forDiscipleship2, 693:building. The disciple has to stand free from mental impression and mental concepts before he canDiscipleship2, 693:has to stand free from mental impression and mental concepts before he can successfully createDiscipleship2, 694:(using the word "circumstantial" to mean the mental conditioning brought about by circumstance),Discipleship2, 696:- and of this you must rid yourself. It is not a mental quality, for if it were, sound thinkingDiscipleship2, 702:Their friendship is soundly founded on the mental plane, and there is little that they can do toDiscipleship2, 710:you have (which is unusual) a second ray mental nature. This enables you to realize theoreticallyDiscipleship2, 714:Secondly, the physical body under this intense mental tension and constant movement is necessarilyDiscipleship2, 714:vital body feels the constant pull upwards of mental force, but that mental force is not expressedDiscipleship2, 714:constant pull upwards of mental force, but that mental force is not expressed through activitiesDiscipleship2, 718:understanding based upon love and not upon any mental process. This will be hard for you, for itDiscipleship2, 718:develop these qualities - simplicity from the mental angle, understanding from the emotional andDiscipleship2, 720:calm and peace and tranquility distinguish your mental processes, it will not be wise for you toDiscipleship2, 722:to be; you are a member of my Ashram, but your mental fluidity has militated against your passingDiscipleship2, 724:a suitable place to live are indications of a mental condition which should be brought to an end byDiscipleship2, 728:the fact that in this life you have neither the mental equipment nor the clear vision to enable youDiscipleship2, 728:it you have received has been retained upon the mental plane and dedicated to matters far too bigDiscipleship2, 731:the future with caution but with surety. Your mental body is on the fifth ray and hence yourDiscipleship2, 731:in physical plane activity. If you can develop mental perception to a fuller degree, and if you canDiscipleship2, 731:interest in and love of others, and by stern mental control and unfoldment. [732] Discipleship2, 735:Ray of Harmony through Conflict controlling the mental body, hence consequent conflict andDiscipleship2, 735:assurance. After the cycle of lives in which the mental ray varies from life to life, there arrivesDiscipleship2, 741:which comes from analysis, reflection and mental activity, followed by some decision. I am speakingDiscipleship2, 741:ascending personality aspiration meet upon the mental plane, and there both of them are arrested byDiscipleship2, 741:in your service, owing to the constant mental conflict. From the very first time you were admittedDiscipleship2, 752:plus an acutely sensitive receptivity to the mental and emotional life of others. Ponder on this.Discipleship2, 753:solar plexus. These two then integrate with the mental body and thus complete the personalityDiscipleship2, 753:the integration from the astral body to the mental body and from thence to the soul but have notDiscipleship2, 754:along the ray of your personality and along your mental ray which is the fifth ray of concreteDiscipleship2, 758:but his own soul. It is the freedom which gives mental help, emotional response and physical timeEducation, xii:and to consider the next step to be taken in the mental development of humanity. Teaching, if true,Education, xii:some form of development - physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, social - if it is in advanceEducation, 2:the threefold world of physical-emotional-mental functioning, and the higher levels of so-calledEducation, 2:As the group thought-waves penetrate into the mental atmosphere of humanity, men become impressedEducation, 4:the gap between the various aspects of his own mental nature, and herein lies the major emphasis ofEducation, 4:we are taught, as well you know, that on the mental plane there are three aspects of the mind, orEducation, 4:there are three aspects of the mind, or of that mental creature we call a man. These three aspectsEducation, 10:caliber one that should warrant a definitely mental training in analysis, deduction, mathematics orEducation, 10:would include the intellectual, scientific and mental types. By the time a child is seventeen theEducation, 11:to deal here with the history of the progress of mental development. A study of its racial growthEducation, 14:fourteen years and during adolescence their mental response to truth should be drawn out andEducation, 15:concerning itself with the higher levels of the mental plane, whereon the idea is sensed and seen.Education, 15:definite relation to the concrete levels of the mental plane and to the ability of the man to bring
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