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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Fire, 202:the senses begin to make themselves felt on the mental level and [203] man becomes aware on thatFire, 203:that exists between the higher and the lower mental planes, and the dividing line of the diaphragmFire, 204:not-self. [204] Third. The awakening upon the mental plane, and the gradually increasing activityFire, 204:atmic level come into active vibration as the mental centers become fourth dimensional, till weFire, 207:- The seven sheaths: Atmic. Buddhic. Causal. Mental body. Astral body. Etheric body. Physical body.Fire, 208:the LORD OF THE WORLD. In the latter case, his mental centers or their corresponding force vorticesFire, 209:perfecting of the plans of the Logos, to work in mental essence, and to apply the law on mentalFire, 209:work in mental essence, and to apply the law on mental levels and thereby affect the physicalFire, 209:plane. Motion originates cosmically on cosmic mental levels, and in the microcosm the same orderFire, 225:is the mind aspect and why is the manasic or mental principle of such importance? Who are theFire, 229:Therefore, the Son on His own plane (the cosmic mental plane), is the egoic body of the Logos inFire, 230:forth upon another plane, that of the cosmic mental. We have the analogy in the microcosm or man.Fire, 230:within his sphere of influence and control the mental plane. He is then considered a Master. HeFire, 251:on one of the planes in the three worlds, mental-astral-physical. Eventually a man isFire, 256:group-soul to the egoic groups on the mental plane. He has (for the animating centers of His body)Fire, 256:astral, with a faint response on the cosmic mental. Thus the life of the logoic existence on cosmicFire, 259:be found of real assistance in developing the mental appreciation of the student, and in increasingFire, 260:aspect of a human being? Why is his mind and mental process of such importance? Who is the Thinker?Fire, 262:or causal body. The lower quaternary. 1. The mental body. 2. The astral or emotional body. 8 3.Fire, 263:5. Manas. 8 Kama-manas - That blending of the mental and desire element that forms the personalityFire, 263:express themselves through the lower kinds of mental matter are so changed by it into slowerFire, 267:buddhic vehicle. The causal or egoic body. The mental body. The astral body. The etheric body. TheFire, 271:has his main focal point on the fifth level, the mental, but is seeking full conscious developmentFire, 271:development on the three lower planes, the mental, the astral and the physical. A Heavenly Man hasFire, 272:level, has his main focal point on the cosmic mental plane but is expressing Himself through theFire, 272:the three lower planes of the solar system, the mental, the astral and the physical. The buddhicFire, 279:and progressively on the emotional and the mental planes. Animal, vegetable and mineralFire, 283:made up of: [283] Three main types of forms: A mental form, one aspect of manifestation; an astralFire, 283:and a physical form, the third aspect. The mental vibration sets the key measure and seeks toFire, 286:the laws governing energy on the astral and the mental planes. This is stated in connection withFire, 297:much on the physical plane, as on the astral and mental, demonstrating in the creations of art andFire, 298:its correspondence in the connection between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. Again,Fire, 302:of man's three bodies, physical, astral and mental, and he is - like all manifesting beings -Fire, 303:its rightful place. It is so again with the mental cycles and so with the causal. The causal cyclesFire, 310:of the logoic Word, when it [310] reaches the mental plane, causes a vibration in the matter ofFire, 310:by a mighty deva Entity, the Raja Lord of the mental plane. Exactly the same procedure ensued onFire, 310:of solar Logoi on the causal level of the cosmic mental, and is the animating factor of TheirFire, 311:from the logoic causal body on the cosmic mental plane, and makes contact with the first cosmicFire, 314:major planes. This is easily to be seen on the mental plane, for instance, in connection with Man.Fire, 314:transpires on the three higher levels of the mental plane. Second, a similar process in connectionFire, 314:of human evolution - the physical, astral, and mental - the synthesizing process proceeds on theFire, 317:emanates, or is electrified, from the cosmic mental plane. Second, that the Universal Mind, or theFire, 317:are (to the manifesting cosmic Entity) what the mental body, the desire body, and the physical bodyFire, 317:triplicity functioning under the will aspect, or mental body; under the desire or wisdom aspect,Fire, 319:or effect of impulse, emanating from the cosmic mental plane and taking form (with intelligentFire, 324:groups on the fifth cosmic gaseous plane, the mental plane of the solar system. It will beFire, 326:the corresponding spheres on the astral and mental planes and by means of this triple coordinationFire, 327:4th cosmic ether 4. Etheric 4th ether. 5. Mental Cosmic gaseous 5. Gaseous 6. Astral Cosmic liquidFire, 327:physical buddhic. 5th subplane gaseous physical mental. 6th subplane liquid physical astral. 7thFire, 330:if the causal body on the abstract levels of the mental plane is considered in connection with theFire, 331:with the manifestation of electricity on the mental, astral and physical planes. We will notFire, 331:- the plane of buddhi. Electrical color - the mental plane. MAN Electrical vibration - buddhicFire, 331:- buddhic plane. Electrical light - the mental plane. Electrical sound - the astral plane.Fire, 332:of the groups of causal bodies on the mental plane is the color manifestation of a Heavenly Man andFire, 332:principle, or the basic vibration of the cosmic mental plane, the fifth plane; it was thereforeFire, 332:originating from the causal levels of the cosmic mental plane, which drove our solar Logos intoFire, 332:incarnation emanates from his causal body on the mental plane of the solar system. We have seenFire, 337:division of the manifested universe or on the mental, astral, and physical planes. I would hereFire, 339:and equally the limitations, of the active mental principle somewhat more clearly before theFire, 341:astral and the lower subplanes of the cosmic mental planes. The blending of electric fire with theFire, 347:that cosmic manas originates on the cosmic mental plane, and is a portion of the fire that animatesFire, 348:to participate in intelligent work on the mental plane. Animal man was conscious on the physical,Fire, 348:this animal man awoke to consciousness on the mental. Thus the three bodies were coordinated, andFire, 352:in three departments (the physical, astral and mental bodies) through seven centers which are theFire, 361:about, and united thought produced on the mental plane, then order transpires eventually on theFire, 386:arc) to the Rupa and Arupa levels of the mental plane; these therefore are invisible to ordinaryFire, 390:their center of consciousness definitely on the mental plane, [391] whilst two fifths will remainFire, 391:Man, will see a period of planetary strife on mental levels which will cause the present worldFire, 391:the present human forms to appreciate their mental forces, and through the power of MIND toFire, 392:form. The struggle in the fifth round, being on mental levels, will be between Egos and egoicFire, 394:the cells within his threefold body, - astral, mental and physical. His is the directingFire, 397:to the atomic abstract levels of the mental plane, from whence are initiated the impulses andFire, 398:plane the subplanes of which we call the mental, astral, and physical planes. When the five and theFire, 406:Neptune are reflections of the logoic astral and mental permanent atoms. Saturn is in fact theFire, 406:is the basis of the coming into activity and the mental recognition of the following facts inFire, 407:gradually pass on to the fourth subplane of the mental plane, and be more and more controlled byFire, 421:purpose originating in his case on the mental plane - the plane of the manasic principle. AnFire, 421:might here be indicated. The fifth plane, the mental, may be considered on a large scale asFire, 423:realization of group need. The whole trend of mental effort during the next subraces will beFire, 424:be sensed by the student. In the foretelling of mental developments along these four lines and theFire, 427:a similar knowledge will be displayed on the mental plane. The laws of fire will be graduallyFire, 431:and Human Factor On the fourth subplane of the mental plane there will be, in the immediate future,Fire, 435:termed "the bottom up." Therefore, the mental unit of men in this fifth subrace will receiveFire, 435:the third subplane on the abstract level of the mental plane, on which the causal body is found.Fire, 449:we call the "Conscious Son" or Sun. Upon the mental plane they are sounded by the Lord of the fifthFire, 450:or archetypal [450] plane and on the cosmic mental plane likewise. On the physical plane the words,Fire, 453:reflex action on the eye of man. Increased mental activity and the spread of education (of theFire, 453:and the spread of education (of the concrete mental kind) everywhere. This will result in:Fire, 454:of the old idealism, demonstrating through mental forms. It will have for its basis the scientificFire, 454:of the universal church - being founded on the mental unity of all peoples - will not be ceremonialFire, 456:the manasic effort of the fifth root-race of mental growth, and will cause results of stupendousFire, 457:group antahkarana, 53 or the link between the mental and the buddhic. This bridge will be of aFire, 463:with the psychology of animals, and with their mental attitude to man, are constantly appearing,Fire, 464:stage of vibration by the play upon their mental bodies of the combined vibrations of men, whoseFire, 464:cases we are dealing with the spirillae of the mental permanent atom. In the other two we areFire, 466:to the same extent, the devas of the astral or mental planes. Every Ray affects in more or lessFire, 466:subplane on the physical, the astral and the mental planes. On the seventh or lowest humanFire, 468:that all the devas of the higher levels of the mental plane, for instance, and of the systemicFire, 473:planes of the cosmic dense physical plane (our mental, astral and physical planes) disaster onlyFire, 477:plane. All atoms or spheres upon the astral and mental planes. The human being in physical
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