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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Fire, 604:intelligent will which emanates from the cosmic mental plane. There is a very interesting series ofFire, 604:tabulation: The 5th cosmic plane - The cosmic mental. The 5th systemic plane - The mental plane.Fire, 604:The cosmic mental. The 5th systemic plane - The mental plane. The 5th subplane of the physical -Fire, 605:attainment. [605] The 5th root-race - The Aryan. Mental development. The 5th subrace - The TeutonicFire, 605:mind. The 5th group of Devas - Fire Devas of the mental plane. The 5th Manvantara - Three-fifths ofFire, 605:human evolution), that the third plane - the mental plane - comes under the same group ofFire, 608:Atoms. Conscious Activity. The Personality Will. Mental body. Electric fire. Lower Mind. Thought.Fire, 616:of the system. From this point of view the mental plane provides an interesting consideration: itsFire, 617:to the relationship which groups of Egos on the mental plane have to the dense physical body of theFire, 617:the solar system and the abstract levels of the mental plane. Fire, 618:body of the Logos, or the substance of the mental, astral and physical planes (the gaseous, liquidFire, 620:eventuate: First. Knowledge of how to build in mental matter in the three worlds, and how to employFire, 620:of the Logos as they produce manifestation: The Mental Plane - reflection of the first aspect. TheFire, 622:as emanating from the cosmic planes. The cosmic mental plane. This manifests for us in the threeFire, 622:three types of force to be seen on the systemic mental plane. These three types have not beenFire, 623:causal bodies. The force which vitalizes all the mental units and which is distributed thence toFire, 623:aspect - permanent atoms, causal vehicle, and mental units, and are therefore directly impressingFire, 623:emanate from the concrete levels of the cosmic mental plane (being therefore the force flowingFire, 623:(being therefore the force flowing through the mental unit of the Logos), and are concerned withFire, 623:with the force center which focalizes the logoic mental body. They are the force of Agni in HisFire, 623:is that fire which is distinctive of the cosmic mental plane, reflected in the cosmic gaseousFire, 623:of the cosmic physical plane - our systemic mental plane. The Cosmic Astral Plane. The force fromFire, 625:next those of the astral and dominates the mental essences. Having achieved this in his own natureFire, 625:the material sheaths - physical, astral and mental - are built. These ideas of force and theFire, 626:planes. Divine 1st Cosmic ether Primordial Fire Mental Plane Fire. Monadic 2nd Cosmic ether AkashaFire, 627:He is regarded also as the Lord of the mental plane (the 5th plane) whose symbol is Fire. Varuna,Fire, 630:Their originating incentive on: The cosmic lower mental levels. The logoic "Jewel in the Lotus."Fire, 630:(within the causal body). The cosmic higher mental levels. Yet these three are but the expressionsFire, 632:of thought-forms, which he builds of mental matter and vitalizes by desire, and which he holdsFire, 633:Varuna Agnishvatta 5th subplane cosmic physical Mental Gaseous Agni The Agnichaitans. These are theFire, 643:between the cosmic physical and the cosmic mental), while the great deva Hierarchy is concernedFire, 659:energized via: The planetary etheric body. The mental plane, or the cosmic gaseous subplane. TheFire, 659:plane, and thus to the Heart of all Being. The mental plane is energized via: The atmic plane, theFire, 659:plane adi, the first cosmic ether. The cosmic mental plane, beyond which it is unnecessary for usFire, 660:which tends to differentiation such as on the mental plane (the plane of inherent separation) andFire, 660:positive to the physical plane, negative to the mental, and positive to the buddhic plane. AsFire, 660:the astral body should become positive to the mental, and thus prove incapable of being swayed byFire, 660:division on the astral plane as we find on the mental or on the physical planes. On both thoseFire, 660:those planes, we have a division into two: the mental plane being divided into higher and lower,Fire, 661:conscious control than His brothers of [661] the mental and physical planes. He comes intoFire, 662:area of his most intense field of sensation, - mental sensation (esoterically understood) is forFire, 664:sun, and its relation to the lower and higher mental bodies, producing that peculiar manifestationFire, 673:globe of light that is placed on the central mental mount to impart light to the East and the West.Fire, 679:of the Agnishvattas, or the Fire devas of the mental plane, and are [680] thus launched upon theFire, 681:body, with his astral body and with his lower mental body; these sheaths are energized by theirFire, 681:their three groups - etheric, astral and lower mental. The work of the Agnishvattas (theFire, 681:or constructors of the egoic body on the higher mental levels) is to unite the higher threeFire, 681:considered a principle. The devas of the lower mental levels in relation to [682] man work throughFire, 682:levels in relation to [682] man work through the mental unit, and are, roughly speaking, dividedFire, 682:manifestation of force emanating from the cosmic mental plane, and finding its link with the humanFire, 682:its link with the human Hierarchy through the mental units. They are the gaseous devas of theFire, 682:That fifth state of consciousness called the mental plane, The substance of that plane as it existsFire, 683:providing man with his etheric, astral and mental bodies. Four corporeal which are the forms of theFire, 683:responsible for the implanting of the manasic or mental spark in animal man. This opens up for usFire, 683:student must here bear in mind the fact that the mental plane is the first aspect of the denseFire, 683:purposeful and coherent action; it is on the mental plane, therefore, that this impulse is firstFire, 683:should study the place and purpose of the mental plane, and its relation to the planetary Logos andFire, 683:effect in the body of the Logos. It is on the mental plane (the reflection in the three worlds ofFire, 684:This energy of the Agnishvattas manifests on the mental plane, the gaseous subplane of the cosmicFire, 684:Logos (as expressed by our three worlds, the mental, astral and dense physical planes) has reachedFire, 685:contact which causes the shining out upon the mental plane of the egoic groups. It brings forth aFire, 686:is the appearance of the egoic groups [686] on mental levels, and the resultant individualization.Fire, 689:bodies of individualization being on the cosmic mental plane, therefore full expression for themFire, 690:the emergence of the self-conscious units on the mental plane, is involved in a larger development,Fire, 690:they produce increased activity on the systemic mental plane, the cosmic gaseous, and theFire, 690:pours in from the fifth cosmic plane, the cosmic mental. This dual energy, contacting that which isFire, 691:plane, via the logoic correspondence to the mental unit. (These correspondences involve a conceptFire, 691:place, until it arrives at our fifth plane, the mental. This force it is which - at the correctFire, 692:impulse, or the will-to-be, emanating from the mental plane; then desire, emanating from the astralFire, 693:or the quality which emanates from the logoic mental unit on the cosmic mental plane; thisFire, 693:from the logoic mental unit on the cosmic mental plane; this necessarily has a definite effect onFire, 694:shows itself in the intense activity of the mental plane, and the threefold nature of theFire, 694:atoms - Positive. The fourth subplane - mental units - Negative. The egoic groups - causal bodies -Fire, 694:of deva substance to the inflow of force on the mental plane has a threefold effect in connectionFire, 695:plane and the Triads are reflected on the mental plane in the causal bodies to be found thereon. AsFire, 696:Let me illustrate: The five-pointed star on the mental plane signifies (among other things) theFire, 696:The five-pointed star at the initiations on the mental plane flashes out above the head of theFire, 696:astral and physical bodies and with the lower mental, and effect their control. The chief effectFire, 699:their power on the fourth subplane through the mental units. They are the sumtotal of the power ofFire, 699:it is connected with the spirillae in the logoic mental unit and as long as His will-to-beFire, 701:is but substance energized from the cosmic mental and astral planes, and built into form throughFire, 702:the hour was come." Their appearance upon the mental plane brought about the union of Spirit andFire, 702:down from the plane of intensive purpose, the mental plane, into the physical vehicle on theFire, 703:of realization. In time and space, and on the mental plane, they are Man himself in essentialFire, 707:has its place on the third subplane of the mental plane, the lowest abstract plane, and the oneFire, 708:There appear upon the third subplane of the mental plane certain vibratory impulses - nine inFire, 709:[709] Second. There appears a triangle on the mental plane, produced by manasic activity, and thisFire, 709:the center of the egoic lotus, and thence to the mental unit, which has appeared upon the fourthFire, 709:(which is simply transmuted desire affecting mental matter) turn it into the Path and thusFire, 710:and controlled through the medium of the mental unit, the astral permanent atom and the physicalFire, 712:have seen, the work of the Agnishvattas on the mental plane resulted in a downflow of force orFire, 712:the appearance of the body of the Ego on the mental plane. In ordinary electric light, we have aFire, 712:themselves energized by force from the cosmic mental plane - a force which has been in operationFire, 712:of our solar Angels. The solar Angels on the mental plane of the system embody as much of that willFire, 712:and primarily, after individualization, upon the mental units of the separated identities who go toFire, 713:been dealt with. Secondly, they work through the mental units, impressing upon the atom thatFire, 714:is brought about on the second subplane of the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is nowFire, 717:is the result of force emanating from the cosmic mental plane, which sweeps into activity thoseFire, 717:the ego out of their own living substance on the mental plane and thus, through their own qualityFire, 717:Man. It is their work also to energize the mental units of all men, and to coordinate, by means of
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