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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Fire, 938:When, for instance, the coordination of the mental body is in its second stage, the first stage ofFire, 939:are the aggregate of the lives who form the mental unit and the two permanent atoms. They, as weFire, 940:groups of rays on the egoic subplanes of the mental plane. This phrase will bear meditating upon,Fire, 942:builders are four in number: The builders of the mental body. The builders of the astral body. TheFire, 947:and Fire Elementals III. Man as a Creator in Mental Matter 1. The Creation of Thought Forms TheFire, 947:be directly traced to the wrong manipulation of mental matter by man; to erroneous conceptions asFire, 950:destruction. This work has to be carried on from mental levels. Hence the training of disciples toFire, 950:training of disciples to meditate and work in mental matter. (3) By the use of certain mantrams andFire, 951:free. b. At present much of the manipulation of mental matter and its direction into forms of someFire, 951:attraction. The desire bodies, and not the mental bodies of the majority of men are the mostFire, 951:third group of lunar entities who construct the mental body are swept into a willing response, andFire, 952:is the direction of energy currents from the mental plane, and the creation of that which isFire, 953:- S. D., II, 527. They come in from the cosmic mental plane. - S. D., III, 540. The Ego, or SolarFire, 953:family work deliberately and consciously in mental matter only. The energy exerted by men is mostlyFire, 953:evolution is to bring about ability to build in mental matter, and two things lie ahead of theFire, 954:weak stream of an indefinite conglomeration of mental matter, of no particular character, formingFire, 954:force, and of force from the higher mental levels. The awakening within men of the power to thinkFire, 955:of the manipulation under law and order of mental matter, and of the process of thoughtFire, 956:it with his own life, and thus have - on mental levels - a small creation, the child of his will,Fire, 957:of deva substance. Thus, in all creative work in mental matter, man is likewise to be seen as aFire, 957:and Fire Elementals e. In all occult work in mental matter which has to manifest upon the physicalFire, 957:plane who is engaged in conscious work in mental matter is to be considered in two divisions:Fire, 958:to say anent this subject of man as a Creator in mental matter. The words are addressed to allFire, 959:as it passes through the lower levels of the mental plane, down through the astral to the physicalFire, 959:lower subplanes of the abstract levels of the mental plane, and are beginning gradually to buildFire, 960:of alignment. Accurate alignment entails, Mental quiescence, or stable vibration, EmotionalFire, 962:pouring through the sutratma from the lower mental, the astral, and the etheric planes. The pinealFire, 962:therefore, that man's ability to create in mental matter grows as he treads the Path. He needs toFire, 962:the power of the Ego to produce forms on the mental plane, but the ability of physical plane man toFire, 962:ability of physical plane man to create upon the mental plane those vehicles for energy which -Fire, 962:physical brain, and retransmitted back to the mental plane, plus or minus that which has beenFire, 963:for man to become a conscious creator in mental matter. Fire, 964:physical brain emanated from the astral or lower mental levels, and was, therefore, more likely toFire, 969:first to organize the material required upon the mental plane. It is on that plane that the impulseFire, 969:its creator ceases when he has worked with it on mental, astral and etheric levels. The denseFire, 970:are "swept into the movement," not through any mental apprehension or "vital desire," but becauseFire, 971:ponders upon it, thereby setting up activity in mental matter, and attracting to his germ thoughtFire, 971:by desire is begun. The interplay of mental impulse and desire produce what might be called aFire, 971:when the thought form, being clothed in mental and astral matter, passes into objectivity on theFire, 972:pursued when the thought form, being clothed in mental matter, and having become vitalized byFire, 972:to function on the astral plane as well as the mental. Here its growth is rapid. It should beFire, 972:borne in mind that the process of building in mental matter proceeds simultaneously, and that theFire, 972:that the thought form has now passed from the mental plane, taken to itself an astral sheath, andFire, 973:which is going to require all the efforts of mental workers eventually to negate, offset, andFire, 973:kamic with an admixture of the lowest grade of mental matter, are responsible for the heavy, slowFire, 973:produces much of the present evil, crime and mental lethargy. People are mainly polarized in theFire, 977:the thought forms they themselves create, or the mental children of other men. Fire, 977:which would surprise him could he but see on the mental plane. He builds more accurately than theFire, 977:impulses) is apt to cause a barrier of mental matter between a man and his goal. This matter orFire, 978:of the channel for the time being on the mental plane. I mention these three factors for thisFire, 983:construction. We must deal first with the mental attitude of man as he faces the work of creation,Fire, 983:and his ability to bring through, via the mental body, the purpose of the Ego, thereby impressingFire, 983:thereby impressing the building agents on the mental plane with a certain rate of rhythm, and aFire, 986:planes, only in rare cases working with the mental forces, and only in a few special cases, hiddenFire, 986:is a black magician found working on the higher mental levels. Yet the cases which are there to beFire, 988:power. The plane of unity for humanity is the mental plane. The planes of diversity are the astralFire, 991:on that stream of force emanating from cosmic mental levels which produced the three worlds ofFire, 995:that the lower physical purity and the higher mental responsiveness and transmutative power mayFire, 995:on both the other sheaths, the physical and the mental. He, therefore, aims at transmuting (as hasFire, 995:unremitting control, and steady meditation. Mental Poise. These words are used in the occult sense,Fire, 997:itself with the work of the magician on the mental plane, with his manipulation of solar energy,Fire, 997:the physical plane itself. a. Six Rules for the Mental Plane Certain of the laws of speech will beFire, 998:a downflow of force from the upper levels of the mental plane [999] (the habitat of the real Man)Fire, 999:correspondence to the force centers upon the mental plane, and that the vibration has to beFire, 999:of force generated by the man upon the lower mental plane, as he proceeds to form the necessitatedFire, 1000:are the three persons of the lower Triad, the mental body, the astral body, and the physical body.Fire, 1000:purpose, formed a focal point of energy upon the mental plane, increases the vibration throughFire, 1000:the physical plane ascends and is heard upon the mental plane. Hence, in all meditation that isFire, 1001:egoic sound, and to set in motion matter on the mental plane. He (synchronously with this sounding)Fire, 1001:order, the focal point of energy on the lower mental plane gains in strength; its light or fireFire, 1002:or love) thereby gathering to himself on the mental plane, the material needed for his thoughtFire, 1002:so far that on the concrete levels of the mental plane is to be seen a form in mental matter whichFire, 1002:of the mental plane is to be seen a form in mental matter which is coherent, alive, vibrant, and ofFire, 1002:fail in their work. They build a form in mental matter, but do not know how to send it forth, soFire, 1002:many thought forms die a natural death on the mental plane owing to the inability of the man toFire, 1003:galvanize into separated activity the form in mental substance will not be available for their use.Fire, 1003:sounds. They did not achieve their ends through mental ability, but principally through aFire, 1004:of the solar Angel. The six rules for the mental plane are necessarily brief, owing to the factFire, 1004:the man, the magician, has now created upon the mental plane, has reached a vibratory activityFire, 1005:Builders who respond to the note of the form in mental matter, will the purpose be accomplished.Fire, 1006:with which he is purposing to work. On the mental plane, the nature and vibration of the solarFire, 1013:whereby He constructs a thought form upon the mental plane, or that germ body which will (throughFire, 1014:worlds might be summed up as follows: On the mental plane, the positive force of the solar AngelFire, 1016:the Ego or solar Angel being incarnated in the mental sheath, yet separated from the physical body,Fire, 1021:sends forth the dual thought form (clothed in mental and astral matter), to fulfil its mission,Fire, 1021:we have carried the thought form down from the mental plane where the solar Angel initiated theFire, 1022:unconscious psychic phenomena, in the spread of mental science, and the consequent ability ofFire, 1024:clothes itself upon the vibrating astral and mental sheath, and the idea of the solar Angel isFire, 1025:being allied to the "fire devas" of the mental plane, have much power, and can only be controlledFire, 1031:or the form-building impulse latent in: The mental sheath itself, both cosmically and humanlyFire, 1031:throat center, the alta major center, and the mental center, macrocosmically and microcosmicallyFire, 1048:the centers of force for the three bodies, the mental, astral and physical. 3. Consider theFire, 1060:it can "conceive and think" upon the cosmic mental plane. That supposes a realization beyond thatFire, 1063:aspects of the matter naturally come before his mental vision, both of which must be dealt with ifFire, 1090:upon the fact that the three lower planes - the mental, the astral, and the physical - form theFire, 1097:and the Form-Building Impulse 1. Motion and the Mental Sheath In the first section of this treatiseFire, 1098:mind, and seek to comprehend the purpose of the mental sheath, which is one of the most interestingFire, 1098:also seek to bring about through meditation that mental control and alignment which will result inFire, 1098:plane. Certain points in connection with the mental sheath require emphasizing, though it is notFire, 1098:set of lunar pitris who form the vehicle. The mental body is composed of only four types of
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