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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Glamour, 130:of idealism. He cannot move away from it. This mental illusion ties and limits and imprisons theGlamour, 130:same divine Idea, working out as ideals upon the mental plane, that there can be no narrowing downGlamour, 131:feeds desire and consequently shifts off the mental plane on to the astral; a desire is thus evokedGlamour, 133:to you that the lower or concrete levels of the mental plane will have acquired or accumulated -Glamour, 133:which have been formulated as ideals, clothed in mental matter, nourished by the vitality of thoseGlamour, 133:thought-forms and aspects of intellectual and mental illusion. I would not have you think for aGlamour, 134:name of Brotherhood, the same idea is seeking mental form and the establishment of a renewedGlamour, 135:thinkers at this time to grasp. When ideals and mental concepts and formulated thought-formsGlamour, 135:that cloud of wisdom which hovers over the lower mental plane and which can be tapped and used byGlamour, 135:that illusion imprisons a man upon the mental plane and surrounds him entirely with man-madeGlamour, 138:loves deeply, wisdom is his and (if he is of a mental type and training) his intuition is awakenedGlamour, 145:under the influence of glamor to call in the mental power of assessing the situation and subject itGlamour, 148:man is under the control of physical, astral and mental forces, he is convinced at the time thatGlamour, 149:and the longing for emotional comfort, for mental stability and assurance that the higher desiresGlamour, 154:physical forces, vital energy, astral forces and mental energies, constituting the sumtotal of theGlamour, 154:however, the life of the man is ruled from the mental plane, plus desire or ambition, and he isGlamour, 154:is controlled at least to some large extent by mental influence, then the Dweller begins to takeGlamour, 164:an era of comprehension, leading to a focused mental clarification of men's minds throughout theGlamour, 166:Within the world of illusion - the world of the mental plane - appeared the Christ, the Lord [167]Glamour, 169:the astral plane [169] by the Buddha, and on the mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. ItGlamour, 170:the second result will be the irradiation of the mental plane and the dispelling of all pastGlamour, 175:growth of the intuition, brings about (when the mental perfecting process has reached a relativelyGlamour, 175:is frequently misinterpreted and misapplied mental perception of truth. It has naught to do withGlamour, 175:of truth. It has naught to do with the mental phase of glamor, though illusion can be carried downGlamour, 175:illusion, a revelation has precipitated upon the mental plane and - owing to failure rightly toGlamour, 186:of men made the teaching complex through their mental dissertations until the great theologicalGlamour, 193:of the Presence becomes effective upon the mental plane, so this technique produces powers whichGlamour, 194:of that experience. Knowledge is not a purely mental reaction but is something which is found onGlamour, 197:close of the war will be distinguished by its mental polarization and consequent freedom fromGlamour, 198:and a center of radiant light upon the mental plane. This statement is true whether one is speakingGlamour, 198:that focal point of light which is formed by the mental unity and the clear thinking of advancedGlamour, 199:to dominate it by the power of thought and mental light. These are the sixth ray people in theGlamour, 201:understanding to the task. Are focused upon the mental plane and have, therefore, some measure ofGlamour, 201:plane and have, therefore, some measure of mental illumination. They are mastering the Technique ofGlamour, 204:focusing the disciple's consciousness upon the mental plane and the gathering of the light to thatGlamour, 205:and the Raja Yoga discipline is well known. Mental concentration and control is now the ordinaryGlamour, 205:mind" or "If you will only think" or "A little mental control on your part would be useful" wereGlamour, 208:as it blends with the inherent light of the mental body, and this blended light steadilyGlamour, 208:soul light and personality light, focused in the mental body and producing an effect in the brain.Glamour, 208:focus the light of the mind and of matter in the mental vehicle. This signifies a bringing togetherGlamour, 209:of the brain and is carried forward through mental control, developed in meditation. When these twoGlamour, 209:the light of matter itself (physical matter and mental substance) and thus he generates a falseGlamour, 210:aspects of the One Light, are focused upon the mental plane through the power of the creativeGlamour, 211:is not the cultivation of fresh interests of a mental and spiritual kind which gradually supersedeGlamour, 212:group formation will have achieved a measure of mental focus but for the purposes of the work to beGlamour, 215:cooperate with the soul in physical, astral and mental ways in order to aid in the more technicalGlamour, 215:light of the mind and the light of matter in the mental vehicle. This is done by a process ofGlamour, 215:of the mind and the light of the soul upon the mental plane. [216] The stage in which these threeGlamour, 217:of the personality (focused as we know on the mental plane) is seen generating an intense lightGlamour, 219:the beam of light and reorients himself upon the mental plane. I would point out that glamor isGlamour, 223:to the power of thought; pride in their mental competence is their besetting sin and they are,Glamour, 226:of destroying the impediments of an emotional-mental nature upon the Path of Return to God. It isGlamour, 231:the group members) and then as the soul upon the mental plane, and finally as the soul ready toGlamour, 232:through an act of the will downward from the mental plane on to the glamor existing on the astralGlamour, 234:refocus their attention first of all on the mental plane and then on the soul, relinquishing allGlamour, 235:the dual light of matter and mind in the mental body. Focusing, through meditation, this dual lightGlamour, 236:work, withdraws himself consciously on to the mental plane and the beam of light fades out. BriefGlamour, 239:the group members refocus themselves upon the mental plane, turning their attention away from theGlamour, 240:of the world illusion as it appears upon the mental plane, and there conditions the intelligentsiaGlamour, 245:body from whatever level he chooses to work - mental, emotional, or from the vital plane itself. HeGlamour, 248:Is his major use of energy to be found upon the mental plane? Is he predominantly emotional andGlamour, 248:period of observation is, however, confined to mental and intelligent observation. It forms theGlamour, 248:personality ray but to know also the rays of his mental apparatus, and his emotional nature. ThisGlamour, 251:left eye, the eye of manas, the distributor of mental energy under correct control - correct as farGlamour, 251:is beginning to be intuitional and predominantly mental. It is when these two triangles are underGlamour, 253:expression. All this is carried forward as the mental observer. He becomes conscious of the qualityGlamour, 253:feeling activity and is not so basically mental as the previous three stages. He identifies theGlamour, 256:Therefore, it is the dominating idea or line of mental activity with which the disciple must beGlamour, 259:of singing and of breathing, based on a form of mental breathing which will carry energy andGlamour, 261:as the antahkarana is built - that bridge in mental matter which will eventually link the monad andGlamour, 264:for the average disciple will be found on mental levels, involving the illumined mind and a growingHealing, 3:disease and troubles is to be found. The mental body, or that much of the chitta or mind stuffHealing, 3:nature to the mind, and when men are essentially mental as today they are essentially emotional,Healing, 5:of forces, feelings, desires and occasional mental processes which characterizes the three subtlerHealing, 10:powers to grasp and to express, for the general mental equipment of the average aspirant andHealing, 13:peculiar to humanity and are the result of man's mental activity. They indicate his latent power asHealing, 15:This is the best man can do with his present mental apparatus. When the intuition rarely works, andHealing, 16:disease, the morbid conditions and neurotic and mental disasters. Under this method, the patient isHealing, 21:been believed; towards an understanding of this, mental science has been groping. Its orientationHealing, 26:Some diseases must be dealt with from the mental plane, and will call in the mind of the healer;Healing, 29:the astral plane. He then withdraws on to the mental level, and leaves his astral carcass to swellHealing, 32:methods of healing are peculiar to humanity, and mental in origin. Disease is a fact in nature.Healing, 34:stream of energy coming from the astral, mental or soul bodies. These control his expression uponHealing, 34:plus a steady inflowing and increasing tide of mental energy. With the intelligentsia of the worldHealing, 40:The emotional causes of disease and the mental attitudes which produce physical discomfort are atHealing, 41:about the clearing away of wrong emotional and mental conditions. Second, disease is sometimesHealing, 42:cure is out of the question. This the average mental healer fails to realize. They make a horrorHealing, 42:so many. Much too can be done from the angle of mental and spiritual healing, aided by the scienceHealing, 45:as a whole Buddhic vehicle Causal body Higher mental All types of Spiritual People - Dominant afterHealing, 45:force Group consciousness Love petals Higher mental Causal body Creative Artists - All advancedHealing, 45:energy Sound Self-consciousness Knowledge petals Mental body Average humanity - Ordinary people 5.Healing, 48:conditions in a man's own equipment, to his mental state, or to an emotional [49] condition whichHealing, 50:love Buddhic 4. Throat Center 5th Creativity Mental 5. Solar Plexus 6th Emotion - Desire Astral 6.Healing, 52:ray of the personality, The ray governing the mental body, The ray governing the astral equipment,Healing, 53:steadily modified by impulses coming from the mental plane. This necessarily complicates theHealing, 54:that a shift of the inner attention (the mental attitude) of the patient can and will produceHealing, 55:succumb to heart trouble, to nervous disorders, mental imbalance, and over-stimulation. They areHealing, 60:Astral Vegetable Solar plexus Tuberculosis Aryan Mental Animal Breathing apparatus Throat center InHealing, 64:originating impulses. So few of them have a mental origin, in spite of all that Christian ScienceHealing, 64:in spite of all that Christian Science or Mental Science may say to the contrary. Perhaps I should
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