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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Healing, 317:victim of some obsessing mental thought. Such mental obsessions can range all the way from a mildHealing, 318:will accomplish much and gradually stamp out the mental and brain diseases which are today soHealing, 319:is not based at this time on knowledge and on mental polarization, or upon an achieved continuityHealing, 320:which means that they have a deep seated and mental origin and one of such magnitude that theHealing, 321:"the focus of attention," I did not refer to any mental attitude or to an attentive mind, but toHealing, 322:a long as man remains equipped with his present mental approach and emotional reaction to pain andHealing, 329:for a longer elucidation at this time. [329] Mental healers (true mental healers who are rareHealing, 329:at this time. [329] Mental healers (true mental healers who are rare indeed) blend soul energy withHealing, 337:aspects of the human mechanism found upon the mental plane." Bear in mind that the life force worksHealing, 340:of the form. The intense spiritual and mental stimulation which is being applied today to theHealing, 341:all true students, therefore, their work on the mental plane is facilitated; they are enabled thenHealing, 341:aspirants and people who are definitely mental, can profit by these full moon cycles; those who areHealing, 342:will substantiate. The major diseases called mental, seldom have anything to do with the mindHealing, 342:diseases involve the brain of course, indicate mental imbalance, produce various types of heartHealing, 342:dying out of the various neurotic complaints and mental diseases today so prevalent. The time isHealing, 346:examples; for the initiate it means a mental attitude which is devoid of selfish thought, and freeHealing, 348:is with the majority of people. But planned mental control is only possible when the life isHealing, 348:is only possible when the life is focused on the mental plane. When this is the case, desire willHealing, 348:intense effort the man is making to achieve some mental consciousness, but no suppression takesHealing, 348:life is run and controlled by the mind from mental levels, then transmutation does take place;Healing, 352:must not be turned to trouble, either physical, mental or psychological. But I would call to yourHealing, 355:to respond, as a group, to the same spiritual, mental and human ideas, and thus swing - as aHealing, 364:beyond the doors of death, and are swept by the mental uncertainty which is part of the great [365]Healing, 366:visionaries who have not yet built in that mental scaffolding which will enable them properly toHealing, 370:physical or animal magnetism; others astral or mental magnetism; still others radiate the energy ofHealing, 370:will he be able to respond to the magnetism of a mental healer? Can he be helped by the radiationHealing, 373:and psychiatry, The cure of obsessions and mental diseases, The care of the eyes and ears, VoiceHealing, 373:culture, which is a definitely healing agency, Mental and faith healing, Soul alignment andHealing, 374:of known physical illness, of obsession, or of mental difficulty and - working under soul directionHealing, 378:way. It will never be possible to photograph the mental vehicle; only the astral body will beHealing, 382:as humanity shifts its consciousness on to the mental plane and away from the field of astral andHealing, 384:and with which they must cope, principally along mental lines. These requirements will evoke theHealing, 384:mental lines. These requirements will evoke the mental attention of both the healing agency and theHealing, 395:itself upon the concrete levels of the mental plane as a point of radiant light. This concernsHealing, 395:(the oversoul) upon the higher levels of the mental plane. The part returns to the whole, and theHealing, 395:and humanity will be increasingly focused upon mental levels. This telepathic rapport will be aHealing, 396:is because the enquirer and the dead person are mental types, and there is therefore a trueHealing, 396:developing and becoming increasingly mental. The relation between the dead and the living must andHealing, 396:the dead and the living must and will be upon mental levels, prior to the processes of integration;Healing, 397:fear. This fear is based upon the - at present - mental uncertainty as to the fact of immortality.Healing, 397:savage, through all the intermediate stages of mental effectiveness up to the most advancedHealing, 399:mutilation, permanent physical incapacity, mental disability as the result of war and the strain ofHealing, 401:must class the unthinking people who escape from mental responsibility into a blind belief inHealing, 405:altogether, and to function upon the cosmic mental plane. It is concerned with the release of thoseHealing, 407:spiritual soul upon its own plane, the higher mental plane; we shall consider the reassimilation ofHealing, 407:It concerns the elimination of the astral-mental body by the soul, so that it is "ready to standHealing, 408:world, the world of emotion and desire, and the mental plane. This world is, in the last analysisHealing, 409:"rejection" (as it is sometimes called) of the mental-emotional vehicles. These form, in realityHealing, 409:But - speaking literally - from the angle of the mental plane, the astral body is "a figment of theHealing, 409:real. But its potency slowly dies out; the mental man comes to realize his own true state ofHealing, 415:for the human being is its withdrawal from the mental vehicle. The life forces after this fourfoldHealing, 429:the head. In the case of the developed man, the mental type of individual, the aspirant, discipleHealing, 434:which have constituted the astral body and the mental vehicle. Absorption, the mode whereby theHealing, 445:in the three worlds (physical - emotional - mental)...if they are initiated disciples they areHealing, 452:persist. It is kept in manifestation through mental vitality. This has been demonstrated time andHealing, 456:thus permitting the passing out. In the case of mental types, of the more highly evolved humanHealing, 456:nature, and to orient one's self to the mental world and to spiritual things, has a momentousHealing, 460:than that body, and the astral body and the mental nature can still remain etherically polarizedHealing, 464:are determined, the [464] physical, astral and mental elemental are under control, and the soul,Healing, 464:are concerned, the conflict will be more purely mental and is oft focused around the will-to-serveHealing, 464:the personality: the physical elemental and the mental life. There is no astral elemental to beHealing, 465:[465] major centers which react under astral, mental and soul impulsive energy. It works alsoHealing, 465:under the control of the astral body and the mental apparatus. You will see consequently why,Healing, 467:in either the emotional (or astral) body or the mental vehicle, according to the point inHealing, 473:disciples and initiates and also for advanced mental types; the heart for aspirants, for men ofHealing, 473:three, for it will enable you to preserve your mental integrity, it will indicate an open mind, andHealing, 475:a willingness to go, plus an inability to make a mental effort. It is as if the dying person, stillHealing, 476:steadily and gradually, into the astral and mental vehicles, preparatory to the completeHealing, 477:energies which we call the astral body and the mental vehicle, and at the center there is a pointHealing, 478:quality of his astral-emotional equipment. The mental condition in which he habitually lives. TheHealing, 478:is still in touch with the qualitative and mental processes of existence, and will forever remain -Healing, 482:and this for a long time. However, the mental and psychological effects of the world war willHealing, 486:composed of astral or sentient substance and of mental substance. Owing to the strongly emotionalHealing, 486:into his astral body, and then, later, into his mental vehicle. But this is not actually the case.Healing, 486:themselves after death is largely composed of mental substance. Only disciples and initiates whoHealing, 486:themselves, after death, immediately upon the mental plane. Most people discover themselves uponHealing, 487:days the astral plane came into being; the mental state of consciousness was then practically nonHealing, 487:is today the higher levels of that plane. The mental permanent atom was also practically quiescentHealing, 487:was consequently no attractive "pull" from the mental plane, as is the case today. Many people areHealing, 487:have little to do to release themselves from any mental prison of the soul. These are theHealing, 487:desire body, have little else to do; there is no mental vehicle to draw them into a mentalHealing, 487:there is no mental vehicle to draw them into a mental integration because there is no mentallyHealing, 487:mentally focused potency; the soul on the higher mental levels is as yet "in deep meditation" andHealing, 488:and disciples of all grades who are mainly mental in their "living focus." These are calledHealing, 488:of the astral plane and the lower levels of the mental plane. I would again remind you that thereHealing, 488:The manasic person is possessed of a translucent mental vehicle with a light density which is inHealing, 488:first of all, his astral body, and then his mental vehicle. [489] He eliminates the astral body byHealing, 489:astral body by means of his growing desire for mental life. He withdraws gradually and steadilyHealing, 489:and dynamically, and the man stands free in his mental body. This takes place consciously andHealing, 489:place consciously and rapidly. He shatters the mental body by an act of the human will, and alsoHealing, 489:influence. The manasic man, focused now in his mental body, has also two things to accomplish: ToHealing, 489:which may be discoloring his translucent mental body. The so-called astral body is now practicallyHealing, 489:astral plane - again so-called. To destroy the mental body through the use of certain Words ofHealing, 490:an [490] expansion of consciousness within the mental body that it is broken up and no longerHealing, 494:the varying thought currents emanating from the mental plane, but he is also conscious of himselfHealing, 496:the process of ridding himself of the astral and mental bodies, the man enters into a sort of dreamHealing, 497:utilized with dynamic intent by the soul in the mental vehicle to reverse the call, and matter thenHealing, 497:is left standing free within an embryonic mental vehicle, and this period of semi-mental life isHealing, 497:mental vehicle, and this period of semi-mental life is exceedingly brief and is brought to an endHealing, 497:responds to the "pull" of a rapidly developing mental body. This withdrawal becomes increasingly
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