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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Intellect, 61:eastern sense is, as we shall see, a strictly mental process, leading to soul knowledge andIntellect, 67:Meditation carries the work forward into the mental realm; desire gives place to the practical workIntellect, 68:in a God who can give. The other involves the mental nature and is based on belief in the divinityIntellect, 75:The psychologists have told us much about our mental reactions, and our instinctual habits. Now manIntellect, 76:to touching the unveiled Self. But it takes a mental apprehension and a guided intuition to doIntellect, 78:from the animal to his present position of mental attainment, scientific achievement and divineIntellect, 80:This is direct knowledge of God by means of the mental faculty, so that we become what we are, andIntellect, 86:of union, based on the right handling of the mental body and its correct use may be profoundlyIntellect, 92:our problem from a new angle and utilize our mental equipment in place of emotional application andIntellect, 94:a faculty of the discriminative mind, the mental body. Shadrach means "rejoicing in the Way" andIntellect, 98:subordination of the physical, emotional, and mental life to the divine project of achieving unity,Intellect, 99:of concentration, the gaining control of the mental processes. Aspiration is presumably present toIntellect, 100:we acquire this speculative mind? By a habit of mental concentration." - Pfeiffer, Franz, MeisterIntellect, 100:which aims first to put a man in control of his mental apparatus, so that he becomes the one whoIntellect, 103:into activity, and thought-forms are created and mental images built in connection with theIntellect, 104:become aware. This becomes possible when the old mental activities are superseded by the higher,Intellect, 104:and by the one-pointed attention of the focused mental faculties to a new world of phenomena and ofIntellect, 106:of the mind by the predominance of one mental group... But this 'mental unity,' realized to someIntellect, 106:predominance of one mental group... But this 'mental unity,' realized to some degree in theIntellect, 108:of the mind. The polarizing of the man in his mental, instead of his emotional vehicle. TheIntellect, 112:and a sound foundation laid. The control of the mental processes can be begun, and brought to aIntellect, 114:and concept. This links the symbol... with the mental plane, but does not release it from the threeIntellect, 114:As soon as a man begins consciously to use his mental apparatus and has made even a small contactIntellect, 115:he can manipulate. To train people to work in mental matter is to train them to create; to teachIntellect, 121:and the institution of a subsequent mental process, have their source in the brain, then Dr.Intellect, 121:Psychology, the Science of Behavior ...that our mental activity (which is usually unconscious) canIntellect, 122:(1) corporeal substance (res extensa), and (2) mental or thinking substance (res cogitans); butIntellect, 131:in the mind and the only reactions recorded are mental. Thought has dominated the consciousnessIntellect, 133:about at will. The race now has the necessary mental equipment and can add to the way of the mysticIntellect, 134:of the rapidly moving and sensitively responsive mental substance can be brought, we have seen,Intellect, 134:yet he preserves at the same time an intense mental attention and a one-pointed orientation to theIntellect, 135:If the student is not naturally of the positive mental type, some serious, persistent, intellectualIntellect, 135:intellectual training (designed to create mental alertness and polarization) should be taken upIntellect, 138:out, therefore, upon the physical, emotional and mental states of being. The soul identifies ItselfIntellect, 143:them into thought forms and constructing clear mental images. It is for this that the need of aIntellect, 143:images. It is for this that the need of a good mental apparatus will become apparent. A trainedIntellect, 143:of its knowledge. Then, following upon this mental activity, will ensue a process of transmittingIntellect, 161:[161] These results on the triple instrument - mental, sensory and physical - which we designate asIntellect, 161:and behavior. Let us deal first with the mental reaction. What is this mysterious thing we call theIntellect, 162:terms of the mind, and endeavor to function as mental beings. Father Maréchal, in Studies in theIntellect, 163:Dr. Jung as saying that it is an extra-conscious mental process of which we are from time to timeIntellect, 168:the high one of constant intellection and steady mental control, and it is only in the early stagesIntellect, 171:that there is a close physical correspondence to mental illumination. Hundreds of cases could beIntellect, 172:emits not the rays of the flesh but the rays of mental light to illuminate all humanity and isIntellect, 172:the channel for the world soul. The rays of mental light assist all humanity in its mental growthIntellect, 172:rays of mental light assist all humanity in its mental growth and expansion... and the lamp isIntellect, 178:is the unveiling of the Self. Through the mental and spiritual education which advanced meditationIntellect, 179:now stands, and the close consideration of the mental processes and the study of mind reactions,Intellect, 180:and the soul, and so pass through the portal of mental awareness into the realm of light, ofIntellect, 180:the world of causes? From the standpoint of the mental world into which we have now penetrated,Intellect, 182:to God by images or meditations, nor by a higher mental effort, nor as a taste or a light. But itIntellect, 185:Rare Path... Having acquired full power over the mental states and faculties within, he overcameIntellect, 185:fondness, bliss. These are the four progressive mental states, leading to complete concentration ofIntellect, 186:33, 35, 38. Thus we have the same procedure - mental activity, contemplation, union andIntellect, 186:...takes place, and it requires a great mental effort to realize this state of viewing [187] allIntellect, 188:ordinary mortals, will be Buddhas the moment our mental eyes open in Enlightenment." - Suzuki,Intellect, 188:Yoga The Hindus have analyzed the process of mental approach to Reality, and the part the mindIntellect, 190:contemplative passes through the two phases of mental concentration and unconsciousness describedIntellect, 200:we choose. We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, which have neverIntellect, 200:will substantiate this statement - often to the mental bewilderment of the beginner, who does notIntellect, 201:the office, or in any field of human endeavor. Mental application to the business of living is inIntellect, 201:of the mystic? The spiritual results of the mental application which our Western business worldIntellect, 203:These are steps in the right direction. When the mental faculties have been developed raciallyIntellect, 204:sumtotal which constitutes a human being: the mental, emotional and physical natures. ThroughIntellect, 207:active use of thought, we can choose a line of mental activity or chain of reasoning and follow itIntellect, 210:but the race has progressed and grown in mental power and strength within the past three thousandIntellect, 210:same time there is no negation of the ordinary mental faculties. They can be used more easily andIntellect, 210:also impressions from that of spirit. He is mental in two directions, and the mind becomes aIntellect, 211:have seen earlier in this book, place the higher mental faculties and the seat of the intuition inIntellect, 211:the intuition in the higher brain, and the lower mental faculties and the higher emotionalIntellect, 212:- the sumtotal of physical, emotional and mental states - is of a high order, then the pituitaryIntellect, 213:The psychic nature is thereby subjugated and the mental plane becomes the field of man's activity.Intellect, 214:and man's perception becomes [214] simply mental and the brain consciousness is all that is activeIntellect, 224:be, clothed in some sort of material, usually mental, because we are not yet in a position to beIntellect, 224:with which to envelop our Images. When we make a mental picture, the mental substance of our mindIntellect, 224:our Images. When we make a mental picture, the mental substance of our mind sets up a certain rateIntellect, 224:attracts to itself a corresponding grade of mental substance, in which the mind is immersed. It isIntellect, 224:whether we are, as yet, able to see it with the mental eye or not. It does not matter that we areIntellect, 226:for us, and again we are back in the world of mental reactions, and our chosen line of thought isIntellect, 227:we become skillful at length in holding a mental one-pointedness with a kind of effortless contentIntellect, 227:with intelligent intent set the limits of our mental activity in such a form that we are forced toIntellect, 228:threefold lower self (physical, emotional and mental) as In contact with the soul. As a channel forIntellect, 229:there must be the will to understand and a mental activity of a one-pointed nature. In the sixthIntellect, 229:is dangerous. The safe way is that of an intense mental activity, confined within the field ofIntellect, 232:still" attitude is not for us. We inhibit other mental activities by an intense interest, not by aIntellect, 232:activities by an intense interest, not by a mental stunning of ourselves into silence, or by theIntellect, 232:like this technique; it is too intellectual and mental and not a bit spiritual." What they reallyIntellect, 232:"I am too lazy to use my mind; I suffer from mental inertia; I much prefer emotional rhapsodies,Intellect, 241:which produce objectivity. These ideas assume a mental form, first of all, and some mind graspsIntellect, 249:writings of those who are sensitive in a more mental manner, and can tune in telepathically withIntellect, 249:manner, and can tune in telepathically with the mental world; they are responsive to the mind ofIntellect, 249:of the religious world; they register, on mental levels, the fear and hatred and separativenessIntellect, 255:way to some part of other of the mechanism. In mental types, or in the case of those who haveIntellect, 257:in some subject which will tend to develop the mental capacity and so bring about the ability toIntellect, 257:to life and its problems, and some potent mental occupation will effect a cure. It is for thisIntellect, 258:if the physical life is controlled. A strong mental complex as to sex is often discovered, andIntellect, 258:many who would otherwise lead an unduly active mental life where sex is concerned. It is needless,Intellect, 260:the thought life and transmutation. An intense mental preoccupation and interest should beIntellect, 260:times to find the one-pointed thinker and purely mental type evading marriage and as he frequentlyMagic, 5:of spiritual psychology as distinguished from mental and emotional psychology. Make clear the
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