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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Magic, 16:characteristics are the sum of its emotional and mental unfoldments and its assets are those whichMagic, 24:of physical vitality, of feeling, impulse, or of mental force and do not pass beyond that unifiedMagic, 25:to experts in the subject owing to training and mental development, so there are those to whom theMagic, 26:study a fully developed intuition, plus that mental interpretative capacity which their cycle ofMagic, 30:In its lowest aspect this works through the mental body or nature, and in connection with the denseMagic, 38:total of the lives of his animal, emotional and mental natures, plus the spark of divinity dwellingMagic, 46:From the emotional plane, or astral force. The mental plane or thought currents. Egoic force, aMagic, 50:planes in the solar system, linking thus the mental to the buddhic and the mind to the intuitionalMagic, 51:and not simply felt and, when the realization is mental as well as sensory, then truly can theMagic, 55:in the higher self, thereby keying up their mental interest so that sufficient impetus is generatedMagic, 57:side of life, being divorced from emotion and mental impulse. The downflow of energy from the soulMagic, 57:(through it) vitalizes its triple instrument (mental, emotional and physical) and thus sets up aMagic, 59:worlds of human endeavor, etheric, astral and mental. The would-be disciple, through this process,Magic, 65:to contend with owing to the slowness of the mental processes of students in physical bodies. ButMagic, 65:some pride, may be present that will make the mental vehicle of no use. Aspirants to this difficultMagic, 65:and keep the inner serenity and peace and a mental pliability that will tend to make them of someMagic, 77:bring to bear upon them, all that they have of mental application and concentrated attention. ItMagic, 78:which is the result of agelong work upon the mental plane. This is one reason why India providesMagic, 79:southern part of Russia, who works much on the mental levels. Their aim is so to tap the resourcesMagic, 79:of mutual benefit; the East will profit from the mental stimulation afforded by the strong mentalMagic, 79:the mental stimulation afforded by the strong mental vibration of its Western brother, whilst theMagic, 80:By discrimination - a faculty of the concrete mental body - the lower bodies are trained in the artMagic, 90:as the man can vision, grasp, and embody on the mental plane. This, in the early stages of a man'sMagic, 94:and has fashioned its lighted form on the mental plane. Later, the thought of service and of selfMagic, 96:the voice of the Ego or Soul - sets in motion mental matter for the building of his thought form.Magic, 97:the entire system which his soul animates - his mental, emotional, vital, and physical instruments.Magic, 109:people approach the problem of Being through mental appreciation; others through heartMagic, 110:In one life a man may be predominantly mental and for him the path of the Love of God would beMagic, 111:power. Polarization, deciding the emotional, mental or physical intent of a life. Status inMagic, 113:man has its home on the third subplane of the mental plane. If a man has an astral vehicle largelyMagic, 113:composed of third subplane astral matter, and a mental vehicle mostly on the fifth subplane, theMagic, 113:his endeavor on the astral body. If he has a mental body of fourth subplane matter and an astralMagic, 113:body of fifth subplane, the polarization will be mental. When you speak of the ego taking more orMagic, 114:whilst secondary principles are more purely mental. The methods hence necessarily differ. WhenMagic, 120:these are undergone on the higher levels of the mental plane. Until the path of light is united toMagic, 120:possible; initiations on the astral and lower mental planes can be taken; some of the vision can beMagic, 121:the heart way, and that in this incarnation the mental unfoldment is of prime importance. AnMagic, 121:are at present considering concerns work on the mental plane, and before such work is possible itMagic, 121:possible dimly to sense a state of affairs in mental realms analogous to that now seen in theMagic, 121:a correct instruction to be given of the use of mental [126] matter, and the building of thatMagic, 127:perform two activities simultaneously, with the mental attitude of attention to both. StudentsMagic, 131:therefore now reached the lower levels of the mental plane, and a further development becomesMagic, 133:his alignment accomplished. He who has a stable mental body that is strongly positive in receptionMagic, 138:Capacity to dominate the astral and to work from mental levels will largely count. They look to seeMagic, 141:receptivity of the developed and controlled mental body, aspirants become aware of the ideas whichMagic, 141:of the world. The main work of a disciple on the mental plane is to train himself to do fourMagic, 152:to the divine breath or life. Finally, in the mental life of the disciple, and in the great work ofMagic, 152:work of learning to be a conscious creator in mental matter and so produce results in theMagic, 157:work is only possible to those who function on mental levels - the thinkers of the world and theMagic, 160:state of the emotional substance into which this mental form must go and so gather to itself theMagic, 161:feed and nurture the baby thought-form (with its mental nucleus) is necessarily part of theMagic, 162:by the aspirant as he seeks to serve from mental levels. In the place of fear he must substituteMagic, 162:failing to pass downward, poison the man on mental levels. This they do in two ways: By growing soMagic, 162:they do in two ways: By growing so potent on the mental plane that the man falls a victim to theMagic, 162:its creator. By multiplying so fast that the mental aura of the man becomes like unto a thick andMagic, 163:desire the determination to learn to use their mental bodies and become creators, and who will workMagic, 164:process, involving the use of thought and the mental building of the form so that it can beMagic, 164:reason, to think, to formulate, and to build in mental matter. He simply pours his life into theMagic, 165:along similar lines to the human, but lacks the mental understanding and the linking of cause andMagic, 166:disciple has endeavored to center himself on the mental plane with the object in view ofMagic, 167:world into that of the mind. It is in the mental world that the Masters are first contacted, andMagic, 168:recognizes in himself three things: Increased mental activity. This at first will give him muchMagic, 170:he searches his motives; he seeks to equip his mental body; he sets before himself the ideal ofMagic, 171:the self-sufficiency which characterizes many mental types test out the struggling aspirant, and heMagic, 175:on the physical plane. Some work only on mental levels, learning, through telepathy, that which theMagic, 176:the use of symbols (which they see through mental clairvoyance), to ascertain the accuracy of theirMagic, 177:with safer and rarer methods which utilize the mental vehicle as the intermediary between the soulMagic, 177:voice has had its use at times. The higher mental methods are more advanced and surer - even ifMagic, 178:of the phraseology will depend upon his mental equipment, his educational advantages, the extent ofMagic, 178:upon his willingness to be used, his positive mental polarization, and his freedom from astralism.Magic, 178:through meditation to focus himself on the mental plane. Similarity of vibration and of interestsMagic, 179:conversation is therefore carried on entirely on mental levels with the higher faculties as theMagic, 179:involves a corresponding vivification in the mental body counterparts. Secondly, we have telepathicMagic, 180:is [180] dangerous. Why is this so? Because the mental body is not involved and so the soul is notMagic, 180:evolved, and are quite incapable of employing mental plane methods. Some people combine the methodMagic, 180:have deep knowledge, ability to be inspired and mental clairaudience combined. When this is theMagic, 180:from the causal body, from the higher mental levels; in the third case you have sufficientMagic, 180:astral clairaudience. It is the method of mental clairvoyance, and requires a trained interpretingMagic, 182:probationary disciples may be in touch on the mental plane are but men of like passions but with aMagic, 184:plane with his ego, soul or higher self, on the mental plane and the subordination of the physicalMagic, 187:to moods, emotions and psychic delusions, and a mental body uncontrolled or ill-equipped are allMagic, 193:it is to go slowly in these matters, so that the mental apprehension and ability to reasonMagic, 193:but leaving the intellectual faculties and the mental apparatus totally undeveloped and latent.Magic, 193:Where there is lack of understanding and of mental ability, there is danger of misapprehension, ofMagic, 194:necessary to proceed slowly and to develop the mental processes as well as the spiritual nature.Magic, 194:the soul should control the personality, via the mental [195] body to the head center. When this isMagic, 195:petals in the egoic lotus, the will petals. The mental body. The head center in the etheric body.Magic, 200:is seldom of a balanced nature. One man is too mental. Another is too psychic. A third is primarilyMagic, 214:the soul looks out upon, or contemplates the mental plane, including the mental mechanism.Magic, 214:or contemplates the mental plane, including the mental mechanism. Similarly on the emotional plane,Magic, 216:Again, an analogous process goes forward in the mental body. Old forms disappear before the clearMagic, 219:Rules which deal specifically with work on the mental plane, and hence have a practical value onlyMagic, 219:through humanity, and issues forth from the mental realm. The pioneers of the race, and theMagic, 219:the sensitives who respond most readily to the mental impulses. They are in the minority as yet,Magic, 220:fifteen rules are divided into: Six rules on the mental plane. Five rules on the desire or astralMagic, 226:in the soul, presupposes the dominance of the mental nature, and is that faculty [227] whichMagic, 227:victories of his astral plane experience. The mental plane comes next. In it the right use of theMagic, 227:responsive also to the thought currents of the mental plane as well, and becomes exceedingly activeMagic, 227:held "steady in the light" and so enables the mental body to respond to impressions and contactsMagic, 228:reactions to [228] the physical world and to the mental condition and hence the fact emerges that
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