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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Magic, 230:dispassion which bring the controlled astral and mental bodies under the guidance of the soul. ThenMagic, 237:with the Hierarchy, able to create and to wield mental matter, and so work out the purposes of theMagic, 237:mind nature and so function consciously in the mental body. [238] The work of the initiate and theMagic, 238:instinctual and is found dominating in the non-mental animal kingdom as well as in the humanMagic, 241:of desire. Now that the race is more mental, and the force of mind is making itself felt in [242]Magic, 242:note - well equipped to deal. We can overcome mental inertia and begin to function as souls inMagic, 244:was no secondary ebb and flow on the astral or mental planes. Later, the tide broke on the shoresMagic, 244:drift back to the center took no account of the mental life at all. This was at its height forMagic, 244:ebb and flow is increasingly inclusive, and the mental experience has its place so that all threeMagic, 244:the tide of his life beat out on emotional or mental spheres of existence, and then again see thatMagic, 245:lack of interest. The flow may pass on to the mental body and produce a cycle of intense mentalMagic, 245:the mental body and produce a cycle of intense mental activity. Constant study, much thought, keenMagic, 246:then, having done so, he focuses himself in his mental form which puts him en rapport with theMagic, 247:nature) meet. For the disciple it is the mental plane where form and soul make contact and theMagic, 250:impressed by the soul utilizing the "chitta" or mental substance in order to create the neededMagic, 258:limitation of any kind, physical, emotional and mental. But absolute purity need not here beMagic, 261:of creative evolution is summarized. On the mental plane an idea takes form. On [262] the desireMagic, 262:that vehicle of physical, astral and mental matter that provides the means of contact in the threeMagic, 263:consecrates his energies, physical, astral and mental, and always the form is that of devotion.Magic, 265:responsiveness to the Great Ones, aim at mental expansion and keep learning. Think wheneverMagic, 266:through experience, to center his forces on the mental plane and from there accomplish his purposeMagic, 266:work and our application to study, to work on mental levels. We are creating forms continuously,Magic, 266:attention of the thinker being focused on the mental plane, the progress of his manifested thoughtMagic, 267:- is lacking. The form created is constituted of mental matter, of astral matter and of physicalMagic, 268:of the creator of these thought-forms to the mental plane. This is of so potent a nature that theMagic, 268:work. The direction of the thought-form from the mental plane and the confining of the attention toMagic, 279:his endeavor is the correct building of forms in mental matter remembering that "as a man thinkethMagic, 279:thinketh so is he"; that for him the control of mental substance and its use in clear thinking isMagic, 280:or a disciple, when a man cannot work in mental matter, control his use of thought, watch theMagic, 280:his use of thought, watch the effect of his mental processes on those he contacts, and [281] soMagic, 282:animals, and is instinctive and free from all mental reactions. Those forces or emanations, whichMagic, 284:[284] astral or emotional sentient body and the mental body, constituted of mind-stuff, are all ofMagic, 284:nervous system Solar plexus center Pancreas. 3. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna centerMagic, 285:Sex organs Sacral center Sex glands. 5. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary. 6.Magic, 292:in the large sense. The "heart of the Sun." Mental Energy. Emanating from: The individual chitta orMagic, 292:The particular race to which a man belongs. The mental plane as a whole. The Universal Mind.Magic, 294:these avenues of realization offer. Until the mental apparatus is sufficiently awakened andMagic, 295:adjustment and control under the impulse of the mental body and of the soul. It is subject also toMagic, 298:or effect of the mind principle, and a result of mental activity. The fact that birds and animalsMagic, 302:germ of the imaginative faculty, linked to the mental processes, which will eventually merge intoMagic, 304:So simple a rule, and yet utterly beyond the mental grasp of the majority! c. A mass of individualMagic, 304:so much of the poison in their emotional and mental auras that he is swept into a very vortex ofMagic, 323:the ability to touch certain currents on mental levels - currents which [324] emanate from theMagic, 324:to hold and register continuity. If emotional or mental chaos exists, then again the currents areMagic, 331:by knowledge, vision, and a power to work on mental levels, unseen and unrecognized by men, itMagic, 333:of his mechanism (physical, emotional, and mental) can work consciously en rapport with the soul inMagic, 337:ascribing the reactions of the human organism - mental, emotional, and physical - entirely to theMagic, 342:the faculty of wise balancing enters, and that mental equilibrium must be achieved. The cure liesMagic, 342:Do not forget this, but when discouragement from mental sources settles down upon you, in quietnessMagic, 343:vibration. It lies in the wise use of the mental body, and in a capacity to reason logically and toMagic, 344:paradoxical statement!) but is often based on a mental condition, such as pride. Those who areMagic, 344:pride. Those who are becoming polarized in the mental body, find their fears allied to theMagic, 345:the elimination of fear in the astral body. The mental types have to call directly on the Ego, forMagic, 345:are not so potent as yours. Having a strong mental body, you clothe your fear reactions with mentalMagic, 345:mental body, you clothe your fear reactions with mental matter, highly vitalized, which causes aMagic, 350:the foul cesspools of the lower levels of the mental plane infect all, and lucky is he who escapes.Magic, 353:are conscious of Them than when They worked on mental levels only and They also, working on denserMagic, 355:between the emotional nature and the mental. He discovers also that the mind can be made to assumeMagic, 355:the sentient forces respond with obedience to mental energies. "The light of reason" brings thisMagic, 356:and to classify those who do not have their mental grasp of the differentiations of theMagic, 356:of Sons of God. They regard all not working in mental energy as lacking souls [357] and hence asMagic, 357:this time. Let us therefore study the types of mental energy with which the individual has to workMagic, 357:than can their effects in an individual use of mental energy. Only a few human beings are as yetMagic, 357:inherent power and knowingly functioning in his mental body. Magic, 357:over the past racial development, we can see how mental energy has had a most definite effect andMagic, 361:call a Manasaputra, the great Son of Mind on the mental plane. Hence it is the mind principle inMagic, 362:is the result of desire. From the cosmic mental plane comes the will-to-be in time and space, whichMagic, 362:on the cosmic astral, and the correct use of mental energy gives him entrance on to the cosmicMagic, 362:energy gives him entrance on to the cosmic mental. Inferentially then, the three higher centers inMagic, 362:follow in your footsteps. The training of the mental body has a value, and many evade suchMagic, 362:the life side of truth, all due to an inherent mental laziness. This that you now receive is butMagic, 366:necessity of his understanding the nature of his mental problem, the tools with which he mustMagic, 366:he learns and gains through right use of the mental apparatus. How is this to be done? How bringMagic, 367:and the understanding of the correct use of mental energy can progressive evolution go forwardMagic, 367:they will touch sources of power that are not on mental levels at all but which constitute thoseMagic, 367:at all but which constitute those from which the mental plane itself draws sustenance. Then, havingMagic, 367:hands lies the opportunity to bring down to the mental plane as much of the plan as you possiblyMagic, 367:will seep through to the concrete levels of the mental plane. Then it becomes a concrete thought,Magic, 368:of the vision is clothed in matter of the mental and astral planes. Happy the disciple who canMagic, 368:rhythm they set up with their thought sweeps the mental plane matter into activity; thinkers seizeMagic, 370:personalities, or of satisfaction with one's mental opportunities and contacts. Happiness is theMagic, 374:number can therefore be accomplished. The fourth mental subplane is the plane of devachan. Magic, 376:so the battle ground for the disciple is the mental plane. There is his kurukshetra. The aspirantMagic, 376:vision. The disciple has to carry forward this mental attention, and, through right use of theMagic, 378:the creation, by a direct act, of the necessary mental unit or mental apparatus of thought, withinMagic, 378:by a direct act, of the necessary mental unit or mental apparatus of thought, within the causal orMagic, 378:body. By the gradual stimulation of the mental faculty in animal man, and the steady vitalizationMagic, 382:on earth, his lower nature (physical, astral and mental) completely controlled by the soul or theMagic, 382:through that center, subordinating Their mental equipment and [383] the mental energy They couldMagic, 383:Their mental equipment and [383] the mental energy They could use to the need of the time. TheyMagic, 383:use to the need of the time. They kept Their mental force in abeyance when training the initiatesMagic, 383:The Hierarchy is working now entirely on mental levels, though basing all endeavor upon pastMagic, 383:disciples have to endeavor to work entirely with mental energy, in an effort to control, master andMagic, 384:according to his particular ray. These are mental distinctions. All souls on the mental plane takeMagic, 384:These are mental distinctions. All souls on the mental plane take the forms of the solar Angels, ofMagic, 384:that all distinctions and categories are mental productions, and are due to the modifications ofMagic, 384:principle, and to the control of form by mental energy. As the central Thinker of the UniverseMagic, 385:struggles with and masters the energies of the mental world. Work on the mental plane producesMagic, 385:the energies of the mental world. Work on the mental plane produces realization of duality. TheMagic, 389:under the control of the Lord Agni, Lord of the mental plane, and, in this mental age, we have the
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