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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Patanjali, 246:or of the emotions, and so into the world of mental ideas and concepts. This process, which isPatanjali, 246:of fixed attention or a concentration of all the mental faculties. The mind then is no longerPatanjali, 248:and of the object of his meditation are entirely mental conditions; they exist within his mind.Patanjali, 249:to the subject of his meditation process. His mental activities, so that all the "modifications" ofPatanjali, 250:from form, from desire and from lower concrete mental substance. Realization of oneness with allPatanjali, 251:indefinitely, whilst working intensively in the mental world, should he so choose. He can polarizePatanjali, 251:to recognize that lower man (the sum total of mental states, of emotions and physical atoms) asPatanjali, 253:eye develops and functions. On the astral and mental plane a [254] corresponding "eye" develops,Patanjali, 258:achieved and its Results 9. The sequence of mental states is as follows: the mind reacts to thatPatanjali, 263:remembered, however, that this is a very active mental state, for the perceiving consciousness isPatanjali, 274:principle in the lower [274] man, linking the mental body and the etheric. He is, therefore, enPatanjali, 275:of past experience. This basis is strictly mental, and only those mentally polarized and with thePatanjali, 275:do those people see who are emotional and not mental, when they claim to know who they are, and toPatanjali, 275:reading the akashic records and because their mental control and equipment are not adequate, theyPatanjali, 281:from the physical plane and center it on the mental. At will he can "shut off the light and whenPatanjali, 285:or portents referred to, relate primarily to the mental world, where the real man dwells. ThroughPatanjali, 288:in the three worlds. Dispassion has more of a mental quality than the other two. It might be notedPatanjali, 295:the egoic center on the higher levels of the mental plane. The path from the heart center to thePatanjali, 295:body of the building of the antahkarana on the mental plane. "As above, so below." [296] 4. ThroughPatanjali, 296:such as the emotional or astral plane and the mental. At present the majority of us function onPatanjali, 298:or Christ consciousness. Group consciousness. 3. Mental Plane Mahendra World of the mind and of thePatanjali, 303:body, of the astral or desire vehicle and of the mental sheath. Patanjali, 319:via the soul body on the higher levels of the mental plane down into the physical vehicle. ThisPatanjali, 321:(functioning as a physical, an emotional, and a mental unit) and the divine spirit to be found inPatanjali, 323:Physical Hearing 2. Astral Touch or feeling 3. Mental Sight 4. Buddhic Taste 5. Atmic Smell APatanjali, 323:3rd 4. Imagination 2nd 5. Emotional idealism 1st Mental 1. Higher clairaudience 7th (Form) 2.Patanjali, 329:plane, The buddhic or intuitional plane, The mental plane, The emotional, astral or kamic plane,Patanjali, 334:At-one-ment Planes of Human Endeavor Plane V. Mental Fire Reflection of the Sea of Fire Human will.Patanjali, 336:Smell Ether. VI. Astral Taste Astral Light. V. Mental Sight Fire. IV. Buddhic Touch Air. III. AtmicPatanjali, 337:The speech or formulated thoughts of the mind - mental, The still small voice of the Christ withinPatanjali, 341:in two ways: first, as standing for the mental plane on which is the true home of the spiritualPatanjali, 341:or highest of the three abstract levels of the mental plane. Patanjali, 342:Astral Emotional Taste Solar Plexus Manasic Mental Sight Head Buddhic Intuitional Touch Heart AtmicPatanjali, 347:which reflects the will aspect of divinity, the mental plane. All the elements obey this force ofPatanjali, 349:the highest aspect of the personal self, the mental body will vibrate to the highest aspect of thePatanjali, 350:relation to their counterparts on the astral and mental planes. The five divisions are as follows:Patanjali, 353:Mind," the thinker on the higher levels of the mental plane, is the dominating factor now, and thePatanjali, 355:Response to touch or vibration. 3. Sight Aryan Mental plane Eye Response to vision. This thirdPatanjali, 357:fear, ambition, passion; and impeded by the mental forms of separateness and materialism. WhenPatanjali, 362:this truth which underlies the great systems of mental science and Christian Science in thePatanjali, 369:basic cause, personality, the effective result, mental vitality or the will to live, and thePatanjali, 369:of habit, however, the mind will reflect other mental impressions and perceive objects of sensuousPatanjali, 379:Power Creation by speech, or the method of the mental plane. 4. Intense desire The sublimation ofPatanjali, 379:by the initiates, is the sublimation of all the mental processes. Therefore the two final methodsPatanjali, 380:of the realizations achieved on the astral and mental planes. It might, therefore, be observed thatPatanjali, 384:obstructions are eliminated by: An opposing mental attitude, Meditation, The cultivation of rightPatanjali, 387:system, is responsible for the creation of his mental, emotional and physical bodies, his threePatanjali, 388:desire. Meditation of the right kind is a purely mental process and into it desire enters not.Patanjali, 392:plane. The plane of one-pointed thought - the mental plane. Those whose karma is white are thosePatanjali, 392:three worlds. This they do through: Study, or mental development, through an appreciation of thePatanjali, 396:basic cause, personality, the effective result, mental vitality or the will to live, and thePatanjali, 397:or result personality. 3. The will to live mental vitality. 4. The outward going life the object.Patanjali, 397:persist. It is kept in manifestation through mental vitality. This has been demonstrated time andPatanjali, 407:the why lies in man's comprehension of his own mental activities. An appreciation of God's greatPatanjali, 407:He constructs his own worlds by the power of his mental processes and the modifications of thatPatanjali, 415:orthodox thinkers along philosophical and [415] mental lines to admit the possibility of therePatanjali, 415:clarifies the work so marvellously done by the mental and Christian scientists. They havePatanjali, 417:direct spiritual perception take the place of mental perception, yet this stage is an advanced andPatanjali, 417:and dominated, and the physical, emotional and mental bodies form simply a channel for the divinePatanjali, 421:with knowledge itself, as during the stage of mental development either as an advanced man or as aPatanjali, 422:of habit, however, the mind will reflect other mental impressions and perceive objects of sensuousPatanjali, 425:all that concerns the physical, emotional and mental, and will raise his eyes and direct them awayPatanjali, 428:principle manas, or mind. 4. The fifth plane the mental. 5. The fifth ray concrete knowledge.Patanjali, ix:Now, in the Aryan race, the subjugation of the mental body and the control of the mind is broughtPatanjali, xii:of pride, the personification of the misused mental nature and the distorted perceptions of theProblems, 8:only to deal with the national psychoses and the mental conditions induced by the act of war andProblems, 9:and complexes. Each nation must aim at sound mental health and endeavor to implement sound,Problems, 10:the stage of their individual physical and mental well-being and are visioning the possibility ofProblems, 11:or habits but primarily upon the expressed mental attitude, the sense of relativity and a generalProblems, 33:and cooperative living and the newer aspects of mental training; no scientific bridging has beenProblems, 33:when the practical mystic and the man of high mental development as well as of spiritual visionProblems, 38:regarded as civilized when it sets a value on mental development, when it puts a premium onProblems, 52:lay emphasis in the future upon: A developing mental control of the emotional nature. Vision or theProblems, 54:results and why - given a certain emotional and mental equipment, plus an ascertained psychologicalProblems, 54:conditioning, his environment and his individual mental and emotional equipment and will seek toProblems, 55:the intellectual unfoldment and control of the mental processes will be emphasized; whilst in theProblems, 56:The nature - physical, vital, emotional and mental - of the boy or girl will be carefully [57]Problems, 61:educational facilities to the people. Their mental attainments and their knowledge of theirProblems, 89:depends), we must make an effort to keep our own mental and national attitude well in theProblems, 90:evolutionary process, men and races differ in mental development, in physical stamina, in creativeProblems, 109:and events, and meet all that transpires with a mental grasp and an intuitive perception which willProblems, 110:is creative, artistic and capable of the highest mental development when taught and trained - asProblems, 147:nature, in its origin, its spiritual and mental objectives, its capacities, its qualities and itsProblems, 150:tiny mind of man. Later, we are told, when the mental powers of the early humanity warranted it,Problems, 150:Holy Place could be entered through love. To the mental principle was added - again by the force ofProblems, 151:tread the Path of Illumination of which wisdom, mental perception and the intuition are aspects.Problems, 154:fury - the doctrines which hold the people in a mental prison and present those few and trueProblems, 157:into meditation; desire has been lifted into mental aspiration. This is supplanted by a sense ofProblems, 157:of humanity is moving forward into the area of mental understanding. The grasping nature of theProblems, 161:rapport has already been recognized by science; mental power is today registered as an energy,Psychology1, xvii:to be given must likewise increase their mental competency, and lead to that stabilization of thePsychology1, xix:and think upon them with clarity of thought. Mental appreciation of their significance will producePsychology1, xxiv:- leads inevitably to an unfoldment of the mental apparatus (with a subsequent development of the,Psychology1, xxv:Let nothing in the past - physical inertia, mental depression, lack of emotional control - keep youPsychology1, xxv:is steadily becoming more inclusive and mental, and so on and up to the stage of a perfected son ofPsychology1, 6:its reactions through the emotional and mental states, is of course recognized by many schools ofPsychology1, 16:are apt to be no more than the negation of all mental apprehension and a luxuriating in thePsychology1, 16:of truth being spiritual and others being mental. It is in the realm of so-called mind that thePsychology1, 38:intelligence whose characteristics are mind and mental awareness, which in turn demonstrate as thePsychology1, 38:with the appearance, these aspects of the mental principle produce in him the "great heresy of
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