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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Psychology1, 339:of the subjective world and the intangible mental and spiritual realities are more potent than thePsychology1, 341:of tangible experience, of emotional life and of mental interest, - all this expresses the effectPsychology1, 349:which warrant prompt destruction." This causes mental conditions of a set and static nature. ThePsychology1, 355:humanity again. The initiatory goal is today a mental at-one-ing. Nevertheless, the physicalPsychology1, 361:An interest in illumination, both physical and mental. Astrophysics and the newer astronomicalPsychology1, 365:of the body, of the emotional nature and of the mental processes, or of those ceremonialsPsychology1, 375:of the astral plane, and some few upon the mental plane. But large numbers of people today arePsychology1, 375:in the astral body and polarized either on the mental plane entirely or centered in the soul. ThisPsychology1, 376:is the mind which separates and divides; it is mental activity (divine and superhuman, as well asPsychology1, 380:consciousness of the aspirant, of the need for mental and spiritual control as a first step. ThePsychology1, 380:spiritual control as a first step. The world of mental unfoldment and control. The world of thePsychology1, 384:fact of illumination, which is the goal of all mental effort. When the intellect of the French isPsychology1, 389:and Italy are masculine and positive; they are mental, political, governing, standardizing,Psychology1, 391:and is the sum total of the desire tendency. The mental pattern. This emerges later in time andPsychology1, 391:the personality or form life. The emotional and mental patterns are the negative and positivePsychology1, 393:translated in terms of true benevolence. The mental pattern for the States is to be seen as massPsychology1, 402:the totality of astral atoms. The mind body or mental nature, and the caliber and quality of thePsychology1, 406:in the light. The Monadic ray influences the mental body, after integration of the personality hasPsychology1, 415:when energized by positive force becomes the mental unit. Sattva - Rhythm - Mental body - MentalPsychology1, 415:force becomes the mental unit. Sattva - Rhythm - Mental body - Mental Unit - Animal. Rajas -Psychology1, 415:the mental unit. Sattva - Rhythm - Mental body - Mental Unit - Animal. Rajas - Activity - AstralPsychology1, 466:dense physical body, the three worlds. 14. Mental energy or impulse, Universal manas. 15. Ray ofPsychology1, 420:of Sensation: Astral body. Plane: Lower mental plane. Sense: Consciousness as response toPsychology1, 422:form the personality of man: Ray I Power Ideas Mental Body Purpose. Life. Ray II Love Ideals AstralPsychology1, 422:the astral body. Ray VII Organization the mental body. Psychology1, 424:it inspiration, comfort and satisfaction of a mental kind. Divisions: Trees and shrubs. ThePsychology1, 429:ray of the personality. The rays governing: The mental body. The emotional or astral body. ThePsychology2, 8:of the feeling energy or sentient force, and the mental body which is the vehicle of thePsychology2, 13:is frequently the theory of unfoldment, and a mental grasp anent the facts of the initiatoryPsychology2, 13:and difficulty, and also much loss of time. The mental grasp of the individual is oft-times muchPsychology2, 13:They are those well meaning people whose mental understanding outruns the power of theirPsychology2, 14:the rays as they govern the various bodies, - mental, emotional and physical. It should bePsychology2, 15:sensitive instrument of the inner, emotional and mental selves, and gifted with great magneticPsychology2, 22:body is of very great power. The quality of the mental body. This, as far as the race is concerned,Psychology2, 22:between the Angel of the Presence and the mental man. It is this deep seated, though oftPsychology2, 23:until the third initiation, the ray of the mental body is subdued by the force of the petals ofPsychology2, 25:His consciousness is becoming more astral-mental, or kama-manasic, and the whole trend of his dailyPsychology2, 26:civilization. The energy of the ray of the mental body begins to pour in, and slowly to assertPsychology2, 26:can become more definitely the instrument of mental impulses. The brain consciousness begins toPsychology2, 32:sentient, emotional awareness, and from that to mental differentiation and separateness. He hasPsychology2, 40:of force with wrong motive, Intense material and mental activity, The realization of energy as anPsychology2, 42:Criticism, The power to rationalize and destroy, Mental separation, Desire for knowledge. ThisPsychology2, 42:of wrong emphasis, Distorted views of truth, Mental devotion to form and form activity Theology,Psychology2, 42:to Deity, to light and to wisdom; Spiritual and mental devotion; the power to take initiation.Psychology2, 49:Another such point of crisis occurs when the mental body is swept into activity and the ethericPsychology2, 50:antahkarana) is established between the lower mental body, the causal body, and the higher mentalPsychology2, 50:mental body, the causal body, and the higher mental worlds. When the work under the first categoryPsychology2, 52:present Aryan world - the appropriation of the mental body, with consequent intellectualPsychology2, 55:subjective group consciousness and take those mental forms that can be appreciated and appropriatedPsychology2, 56:inner, fluid, subjective nature, emotional and mental, in no way conforms to the pattern, and,Psychology2, 57:phrase), until the astral vehicle and the mental body are consciously appropriated, and asPsychology2, 60:second case, we are concerned with the purely mental apparatus, though the word "apparatus" isPsychology2, 63:consequently the set of qualities, the type of mental reaction, and the character with which anyPsychology2, 66:the physical plane, the astral plane, and on the mental levels, as well as in the three aspects ofPsychology2, 67:described as the "building of the bridge on the mental plane" between the above mentioned threePsychology2, 68:the lower personal self, but it is the higher mental aspect of the mind which links, subjectively,Psychology2, 68:atomic energy, vital energy, feeling energy and mental energy - plus the two energies of the soul,Psychology2, 70:the soul body on the higher levels of the mental plane before being "precipitated intoPsychology2, 71:is beginning to be definitely focused upon mental levels, and when therefore his mind isPsychology2, 71:building. This necessarily involves a strong mental attitude and a reorientation of the mind toPsychology2, 71:As the disciple begins to focus himself on the mental plane (and this is the prime intent of thePsychology2, 71:of the meditation work) he starts working in mental matter and trains himself in the powers andPsychology2, 99:functions through the following planets: The mental body expresses itself through the medium of thePsychology2, 101:a seventh ray personality may have a first ray mental body, a fifth ray astral body, and a thirdPsychology2, 102:Ego - fourth ray. Personality - seventh ray. Mental body - first ray. Astral body - fifth ray.Psychology2, 110:groups of souls on the higher levels of the mental plane which constitute the first of the majorPsychology2, 116:tabulated form: The world of souls on the higher mental levels. The Master of his group. The solarPsychology2, 116:solar angel. The aspiring disciple on the lower mental levels. The personality, integrated andPsychology2, 123:however, the service rendered is based upon a mental response to humanity's need, then the wholePsychology2, 135:might only indicate (if it seems to occur) the mental agility of the server to find means for thePsychology2, 153:or emotional-desire subplanes. The four lower mental subplanes. The eighteen degrees in Masonry,Psychology2, 154:all emotional reactions and the trend of the mental life, in terms of the underlying wishes,Psychology2, 155:urge for [155] intellectual enjoyment and the mental appropriation of truth, or the deep seatedPsychology2, 180:The work to be done is very largely upon mental levels. The spheres of daily service of thePsychology2, 181:in such groups has to learn to work in a close mental and spiritual cooperation with all thePsychology2, 182:be motivated and carried forward from the higher mental levels in the demonstration of thePsychology2, 185:of energy, held in relation to the emotional and mental bodies and to the soul by theirPsychology2, 185:to that inner group of Thinkers, Who, working in mental matter, control from the subjective side ofPsychology2, 187:be set in motion by any personality inertia or mental questioning. This great group trainingPsychology2, 187:The relationships in that group are entirely mental and astral, and hence the limitations of thePsychology2, 188:of attention. The emphasis is held steadily on mental and egoic relations. Psychology2, 189:from: Soul to soul, on the higher levels of the mental plane. This involves complete alignment, soPsychology2, 189:at-one. Mind to mind, on the lower levels of the mental plane. This involves the completePsychology2, 190:of energy to various parts of the nature - mental, astral and physical - of the human being,Psychology2, 190:of linking the three points of interest upon the mental plane, - the higher mind, the soul, and thePsychology2, 195:in the group are beginning to function upon the mental plane and are developing the capacity toPsychology2, 197:and is based upon love of humanity; on the mental plane the major linking takes place, from thePsychology2, 198:activities Love of Humanity Sympathy Compassion Mental Unity - The Disciples. 4. Repulse The fightPsychology2, 204:of purpose; they can seldom be trained along any mental line, and they very rarely exhibit skill inPsychology2, 204:complete incapacity to respond to emotional and mental training and culture. The souls who arePsychology2, 204:children. These are child souls, and though the mental equipment is there and some of them can bePsychology2, 205:classed as intelligent human beings, capable of mental application, if trained, and showing thatPsychology2, 207:simply "the Soul". They know this not only as a mental proposition, and as a sensed reality, butPsychology2, 242:and wrought out through the right use of the mental body, working under the influence of Atma orPsychology2, 243:the soul creates; it builds thought-forms on the mental plane and objectifies desire on the astralPsychology2, 250:and handicapped by too great an attention to mental training. It is based on inertia which findsPsychology2, 259:A vast number of people who are awakening to mental consciousness. The great mass of humanity, whoPsychology2, 265:equipment, and a sound emotional control and mental development. It is possible to have aPsychology2, 266:we have a man whose physical, emotional and mental natures can be fused and can subsequentlyPsychology2, 266:Coordination of the physical, astral and mental natures into one blended whole. This is taking
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