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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Psychology2, 267:central identity or fundamental focus upon the mental plane of the life of God Himself. Essence,Psychology2, 269:plane, The touch of enlightenment upon the mental plane, there is summarized clearly and conciselyPsychology2, 277:of Descending Approaches, the Buddha from the mental plane and also upon it, embodied in HimselfPsychology2, 280:into manifested being. Over the Temple upon the mental plane, the Buddha presides and there willPsychology2, 286:energy. The energy of the abstract levels of the mental plane, inherent in the soul. Mental energy.Psychology2, 286:of the mental plane, inherent in the soul. Mental energy. This is the energy of the concrete levelsPsychology2, 286:This is the energy of the concrete levels of the mental plane, and is definitely a contribution ofPsychology2, 288:in mind here what was earlier pointed out: The mental body is governed by Rays 1, 4, 5. The astralPsychology2, 289:psychic healing. The technique of enlightenment. Mental education. We have before us in this studyPsychology2, 290:face until the final liberation is achieved. The mental elemental, the astral elemental and thePsychology2, 290:point in evolution. The elementals composing the mental body are spoken of in the Old Commentary inPsychology2, 290:He was not, then He was. The little lord of mental stuff also took form. Man's troublous journeyPsychology2, 290:bear out the statement earlier made that the mental body of every human being is composed ofPsychology2, 290:prior to incarnation. The soul builds a body of mental substance or attracts to it that particularPsychology2, 291:or attracts to it that particular type [291] of mental energy which will enable it to possessPsychology2, 291:- The Appropriation of the Bodies The Mental Body This provides (in the case of the unevolved orPsychology2, 292:ray upon which the creative worker is found. The mental body of every human being, at some time orPsychology2, 292:the probationary path. This means that the mental vehicle is governed by an elemental of fourth rayPsychology2, 293:to an "idée fixe" has not only a fifth ray mental body but either a sixth ray personality or aPsychology2, 293:body. In the advanced Man The true thinker, or mental type - awake and alert. The one who knows thePsychology2, 293:the above in connection with the rays of the mental body in order to enable us to grasp not onlyPsychology2, 295:aspect) - Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Ray of the mental body - Fifth Ray of Concrete Science. Ray ofPsychology2, 296:occurrence) we find that The fifth ray of the mental body relates the man to his egoic ray, therebyPsychology2, 297:problem. The soul (1st ray) and the mental body (5th ray) are along another line entirely, and thisPsychology2, 298:particularly intelligent, as only his fifth ray mental body relates him definitely and directly toPsychology2, 299:a very ancient chart. In it, the rays of the mental body and of the emotional body are mostPsychology2, 299:difficult to ascertain as there is so little mental expression or emotional experience. Only thePsychology2, 300:a better sense of proportion as to his own mental perception of himself. It would be interestingPsychology2, 302:the advanced man. The throat center - Mind. The mental aspect and energy. The solar plexus center -Psychology2, 304:in the etheric body: The sacral center - the mental elemental life Transferred later to the throatPsychology2, 304:the three higher centers. The head center - the mental consciousness. The throat center - thePsychology2, 307:At the stage of Intellection, the ray of the mental body [3o8] comes into activity. This secondPsychology2, 309:to be found upon the physical plane and the mental levels are omitted from the recognition of thePsychology2, 312:and the Dweller embodies all the psychic and mental forces which, down the ages, have been unfoldedPsychology2, 313:faced upon the Path of Discipleship. Upon the mental plane - The Angel of the Presence and thePsychology2, 313:to itself the form, utilizing for that purpose a mental unit and two permanent atoms, thusPsychology2, 313:bear in mind two things: That such terms as "mental unit", "permanent atom", etc., [314] are simplyPsychology2, 315:of the focal points of soul energy upon the mental, astral and physical planes, we will not thinkPsychology2, 322:[322] The separative impulses of the selfish mental body, The intellect, the synthesis of mind andPsychology2, 322:fusion of the lower energies (the astral and the mental) becomes dominant. The Soul, as thePsychology2, 322:type of sentient substance which we call higher mental matter. This eventually formed that aspectPsychology2, 329:and the soul has appropriated a form upon the mental plane through the will to exist, and one alsoPsychology2, 331:other from the initial appropriation upon the mental plane until the man, in consciousness, hasPsychology2, 331:down through the planes and back again to the mental plane, which brings him to the stage of thePsychology2, 331:stage of approach to the divine reality upon the mental plane and that of the final appropriation,Psychology2, 332:possible for him to make his approach upon the mental plane to the soul. This he does by RealizingPsychology2, 333:evolving form, and the final emergence upon the mental plane of the enriched, releasedPsychology2, 337:emphasis and state of longing into that of a mental consciousness, - intelligent, enquiring,Psychology2, 340:soul. The downpouring of soul energy, via the mental and the emotional bodies, into the brain, thusPsychology2, 349:the various aspects of his nature - emotional, mental and egoic - realizes himself first of all asPsychology2, 349:is increasingly so produced today) by a planned mental application to the task, and an intelligentPsychology2, 350:and sensitivity, he is rapidly adding reason, mental perception and other qualities of mind andPsychology2, 354:astral body is usually on the second ray, the mental body upon the fourth ray, and the physicalPsychology2, 356:a point of such intense inner focusing and alert mental detachment that he will be in a position toPsychology2, 358:stage upon the Path all the rays governing the mental body shift their focus onto rays one and two,Psychology2, 367:upon the three levels of personality work (mental, emotional and physical). It also lays the groundPsychology2, 370:the soul is an expression of the monad upon the mental plane, and both are expressions also of thatPsychology2, 379:demonstrates in a two-fold manner as mental power and personality force. It is found at a certainPsychology2, 379:force. Physical, emotional-sentient and mental energy (3) are also brought into relationship; onePsychology2, 390:higher [390] mind into activity upon the higher mental level which is that on which the creativePsychology2, 391:in manifestation upon the physical, astral and mental planes. When the Techniques of IntegrationPsychology2, 405:approaching or already made), and by the mental equipment. For the right understanding of ourPsychology2, 407:thinking people of the world, will produce great mental and material changes, with their transitoryPsychology2, 408:the third stage of integration, that of gradual mental development, is proceeding apace and can be,Psychology2, 408:direction of the physical vehicle from the mental level, then we shall see these three integrationsPsychology2, 410:Arising from these problems we find also Mental Problems. Certain definite complexes occur when thePsychology2, 417:Intelligence distinguishes the mind aspect or mental vehicle, and works through the clearing housePsychology2, 426:the emotional, sentient part of himself and the mental aspect is aware of need, of frustration andPsychology2, 430:sometimes to disaster, to forms of nervous or mental breakdown, and to generally chaotic andPsychology2, 432:or less casual reference to the spiritual and mental gains acquired in the school of life upon thisPsychology2, 433:perceived, and only the values - spiritual and mental - and those matters which concern the groupPsychology2, 434:system are directed and controlled, first by mental influence and then by conscious soul direction.Psychology2, 439:bridged, and the man discovers the vast field of mental activity which has opened up before him, hePsychology2, 439:non-existent. He will then work intensively on mental levels. This will prove only a passing matterPsychology2, 443:harmony through conflict. [443] Minor Energies Mental energy - Ray 3. The energy of intelligence.Psychology2, 443:Next, he discovered himself as a mind, and mental energy proceeded to complicate his problem.Psychology2, 444:eventually do so through the medium of third ray mental energy, influencing the first ray brain.Psychology2, 444:The trouble will be localized in the mental body or in the brain and can range all the way downPsychology2, 444:can range all the way down from idée fixe and mental crystallization to insanity (if thePsychology2, 453:Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology Mental problems It is with this theme that wePsychology2, 453:this theme that we shall now deal primarily. Mental stimulation is comparatively rare, if the totalPsychology2, 454:Those problems which arise out of intense mental activity, which produce undue mental focus andPsychology2, 454:of intense mental activity, which produce undue mental focus and emphasis, one-pointed intellectualPsychology2, 454:group of problems (those arising out of intense mental activity) are those of the pronouncedPsychology2, 455:frequency. As the race proceeds towards a mental polarization which will be as powerful as thePsychology2, 455:necessary to educate the race in The nature of mental substance. The triple purpose of the mind: AsPsychology2, 457:of Psychology The moment also that the entire mental powers of which a man is capable are employedPsychology2, 460:engaged with those problems which arise in the mental nature of man and from his power to create inPsychology2, 460:nature of man and from his power to create in mental substance. There is one aspect of thisPsychology2, 460:lower nature into unison with the recognized mental urge and the dominant mental demand. This, whenPsychology2, 460:with the recognized mental urge and the dominant mental demand. This, when strong enough, may workPsychology2, 460:its focus of attention more and more on to the mental plane: Those who remain mentally introverted,Psychology2, 461:which the man began his life of thought upon the mental plane. In the first case, you have genius;Psychology2, 462:they have reached (through their one-pointed mental focus) upon their fellow men. This constitutesPsychology2, 463:personality, impregnably surrounded by a wall of mental matter, will constitute a part of thePsychology2, 463:it in only one of its connotations. The intense mental focusing, producing undue mental emphasis,Psychology2, 463:The intense mental focusing, producing undue mental emphasis, wrong attitudes and anti-socialPsychology2, 463:and leaves out all contact with other areas of mental perception and induces an intense one-pointedPsychology2, 463:perception and induces an intense one-pointed mental stimulation of a particularly powerful kind,Psychology2, 463:refer in this part of our study relates to a mental focusing and attitude which attempts to [464]
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