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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Psychology2, 464:to that which lies beyond the individual's mental world. It is part of an effort to put him inPsychology2, 465:will be obvious to you that if there is a good mental equipment and a sound educational training,Psychology2, 466:or perhaps a complete breakdown of the mental forces, or the disruption of the brain cells throughPsychology2, 466:of the contact with a new world, and strong mental stimulation. Depression is as frequently aPsychology2, 466:is no life activity, no vocational calling, no mental occupation and no condition which cannotPsychology2, 468:There are, however, certain phases of this mental trouble which are induced by the illumination ofPsychology2, 468:as the one at the center, and interprets all the mental activity and contacts, all the fluidity,Psychology2, 468:making of plans as indicative not only of mental ability but of real spiritual insight and wisdom.Psychology2, 469:perpetual "thought form making activity of the mental body" engrosses the man so constantly thatPsychology2, 469:completion, for they all remain tentative on the mental plane, in their original vague state. ThePsychology2, 469:continues for too long a period, it produces mental strain, nervous breakdown and sometimesPsychology2, 469:man thus afflicted realize the futility of his mental life as he is living it. Then, choosing onePsychology2, 470:among all those who (through discovery of the mental plane and the use of focused attention)Psychology2, 470:to precipitate on to the concrete levels of mental substance. This accounts for the futility andPsychology2, 470:developed to its concrete conclusion, one mental process unfolded and presented in consciousnessPsychology2, 470:implications which he attaches to his so-called mental conceptions and ideas as to how it allPsychology2, 470:that the man is suffering from a sort of mental fever, with its accompaniments of hallucination,Psychology2, 470:of hallucination, over-activity, and mental irritability. The cure, as I said above, lies in thePsychology2, 470:contacted in meditation has revealed a level of mental phenomena and of thought forms with whichPsychology2, 471:still - even if unconsciously - full of [471] mental pride and spiritual ambition, he feels he hasPsychology2, 472:brain. The Problem of Glamor is found when the mental illusion is intensified by desire. What thePsychology2, 472:to live. Therefore: Illusion is primarily of a mental quality and is characteristic of the attitudePsychology2, 473:activity through the subjective influence of mental illusion or astral glamor or of both inPsychology2, 475:emotional, sensuous. The Caucasian or Aryan - mental or intellectual. This must never be forgotten.Psychology2, 476:normal, though undesirable. For the man who is a mental type or who is overcoming gradually thePsychology2, 477:that when a man is firmly polarized upon the mental plane, when he has achieved some measure ofPsychology2, 477:astral plane, and has left the secure place of mental poise and intellectual altitude (again I amPsychology2, 478:phenomena there contacted, and if the life of mental attention and mental living is still soPsychology2, 478:and if the life of mental attention and mental living is still so difficult to the vast majority,Psychology2, 479:his interest upon the physical plane or the mental plane, thus directing it away from thePsychology2, 479:the intermediate plane. Definite physical or mental occupation (again arranged according to type)Psychology2, 479:I would make to the psychologist or the mental healer are: Study with care the nature of the raysPsychology2, 483:thought which are called by many names such as Mental Science schools, New Thought groups,Psychology2, 486:of physical and tangible values is shut out; the mental world is equally shut out. I would ask youPsychology2, 489:aspirant (firm in his aspiration but weak in his mental polarization) upon the astral plane. ThesePsychology2, 490:Personality - Some Problems of Psychology 7. The mental world as well as the astral world is fullPsychology2, 490:their working disciples and aspirants to the mental and astral activities of ordinary intelligentPsychology2, 491:of a personality may work down from the mental body and be impressed upon the brain, and yet thePsychology2, 498:consciousness but is just beginning to develop mental activity) usually a sound and safe way toPsychology2, 502:will then leave him, and that the ghost of his mental and psychological disorder will then be laid.Psychology2, 504:Problems of Psychology 4. Dreams which are of a Mental Nature. These have their origin upon thePsychology2, 504:Mental Nature. These have their origin upon the mental plane and presuppose a consciousness whichPsychology2, 504:there is a measure of intellectual poise) some mental phenomena also. But there is no capacity toPsychology2, 504:is due to lack of alignment, and of true mental relation between the mind and the brain. [505] ItPsychology2, 505:"blind leading the blind". Dreams which are of mental origin are fundamentally of three kinds:Psychology2, 506:astral plane, and in the Hall of Wisdom on the mental plane. In the first Hall is the best that thePsychology2, 506:thus indicate the nature of these three basic mental experiences which find their way into thePsychology2, 510:the quiescent waiting brain. According to the mental development and educational advantages of thePsychology2, 511:come from evil, that the bad effects of man's mental laziness can be transmuted into teaching pointPsychology2, 513:of innate powers are regarded as evidence of mental derangement, of [514] delusions andPsychology2, 519:The vital or etheric body. The astral body. The mental body. The soul body or the egoic lotus, arePsychology2, 524:and astral forces, but occasionally respond to mental impacts. A period wherein the firstPsychology2, 526:aroused and is controlling, when desire for mental satisfaction has been satiated and the "son ofPsychology2, 532:development, if there were right guidance of the mental life and of thought, plus courageousPsychology2, 535:the man is a highly developed person and of a mental type. In other cases of premature soul inflow,Psychology2, 543:(and rightly) the notes of knowledge, of the mental approach to the problem of divinity, thePsychology2, 544:the treatise to describe the intelligent, highly mental man and his processes upon the Path ofPsychology2, 545:in the physical vehicle than in the astral or mental bodies. This point is seldom realized andPsychology2, 546:but surely and steadily made worse. The best mental rule of all mystics should be to keep the mindPsychology2, 556:(and frequently is) as man gains control of his mental processes and begins to work (as thePsychology2, 560:5. Emotional idealism 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st Mental plane 1. Higher clairaudience 2. PlanetaryPsychology2, 565:controlled; there is no supervised intentional mental perception of a directed message; there isPsychology2, 566:and Mystics True telepathy, however, is a direct mental communication from mind to mind and in itsPsychology2, 566:a level as possible and subordinating them to mental or soul uses. The difference [567] betweenPsychology2, 567:demonstration is that in this case there is full mental control and understanding, and in the otherPsychology2, 568:planes. You do not have the phenomena of the mental or soul levels. Bear this definitely in mind.Psychology2, 568:to the power of the unexpressed wish or the mental ability of the person or persons concerned. APsychology2, 576:with its coordinating capacity and its mental emphasis, will control the mass of the people, for inPsychology2, 576:proven - power. As you know, on the astral and mental planes centers exist which are [577] calledPsychology2, 579:faculties are frequently normal and there is no mental reaction of any kind and, therefore, noPsychology2, 581:become sensitized and used. This is the stage of mental development. The head center, involving thePsychology2, 582:their forces into the ajna center and to develop mental faculties. This has an integrating effectPsychology2, 583:completely is the medium divorced (as an astral-mental-soul individual) from his physical body thatPsychology2, 584:Hearing Clairaudience This leads eventually to mental telepathy and finally to spiritual knowledge.Psychology2, 585:mind, and from the Aryan consciousness, which is mental in nature. Sensitivity or the psychic sensePsychology2, 586:By a course of intellectual training and of mental development which would, if persisted in for aPsychology2, 586:It is well known in psychic circles that mental training does bring to a close the psychic cycle.Psychology2, 587:the use of the powers confers, and secondly, his mental perception is as a rule so undeveloped thatPsychology2, 588:time as evolution carries him to the stage of mental focusing and spiritual orientation. BeforePsychology2, 590:where there is a nervous breakdown and loss of mental grip and control, then it is essential thatPsychology2, 590:Today, many such cases - fighting hard for mental equilibrium and seeking to close the astral doorPsychology2, 590:and psychologists. Their trouble is not mental but is entirely related to the solar plexus. OnlyPsychology2, 593:and no lack of power - physical, psychic, mental and spiritual - is to be found in any part of thePsychology2, 601:of the mystic either to enter into the realm of mental perception or to bring his idealistic dreamPsychology2, 602:must eventually be transformed into a realized mental clarity; dualism must give place to thePsychology2, 603:seen in the Inquisition) and certain forms of mental breakdown. Occultly speaking, "the fieryPsychology2, 606:disciple who has learnt to focus himself in the mental nature. They are problems connected withPsychology2, 618:else and many other forms of selfishness and mental pride. These produce results in the physicalPsychology2, 633:They are developed just enough to respond to the mental control and suggestion of slightly morePsychology2, 653:lived, and will begin to live more in their mental natures, and to think clearly and wisely. As aPsychology2, 653:this will enable men to unfold their powers - mental and spiritual - normally. This is no picturePsychology2, 658:men and in world conditions; they are evoking a mental response from the public and the world. TheyPsychology2, 662:rapidity as possible, yet without any coercion, mental or physical. The laying of right foundationsPsychology2, 664:distinguished by the fact that they know no mental limitation, and their inclusiveness is such thatPsychology2, 686:initiates and disciples and to all aspirants of mental focus to cooperate as fully as they can inPsychology2, 696:of a large group of people. It is a strenuous mental endeavor, and involves the working withPsychology2, 700:be tabulated: The world of souls on the higher mental levels. The Master of his group. The solarPsychology2, 700:solar angel. The aspiring disciple on the lower mental levels. The personality, integrated andPsychology2, 704:and a feeling [704] of emotional fatigue and mental futility which tried many to the utmost. It isPsychology2, 704:and fanning that response, to evoke not only a mental understanding but also an [705] aspirational
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