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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Rays, 399:Logoi leads to the higher levels of the cosmic mental plane. Path 4. The Path to Sirius leads toRays, 399:plane. Path 5. The Ray Path leads to the cosmic mental plane. Path 6. The Path the Logos Himself isRays, 399:The Path of Absolute Sonship leads to the cosmic mental plane. Three Paths, therefore, lead to theRays, 403:of the Sun, and from thence to the cosmic [403] mental plane, passing through and pausingRays, 403:position of the Master A positive Focus - the mental attitude Sound, under the Law of Attraction -Rays, 405:indicates, He works consciously upon the cosmic mental plane; His activities will then be concernedRays, 405:finding Their way eventually on to the cosmic mental plane. Two things should be borne in mind inRays, 406:to the Heart of the Sun and later to the cosmic mental plane. There are "rainbow bridges" carryingRays, 408:the form of cyclic periods of contemplation and mental activity, followed by active periods ofRays, 412:inspiration and with greater freedom. The cosmic mental plane is not barred to Them, as hasRays, 412:the cosmic Path which emerges from the cosmic mental plane. All that we can contact and know isRays, 414:life: A stream of energy coming from the cosmic mental plane and from that focal point which is toRays, 416:The Spiritual Triad and the Personality. The mental unit and the manasic permanent atom.Rays, 419:to environment, to contact and to impressions - mental and spiritual. The history of evolution isRays, 424:elucidation here. The whole standard of the mental equipment of entering disciples is so muchRays, 424:so much higher than it used to be, owing to the mental and intuitive development of man, that thisRays, 431:of the nature of its desires, and of its mental peculiarities, as well as of the emotional statesRays, 432:heart and the heart center. As a recipient of mental energy or of energy from the soul, the ajnaRays, 436:the capacity to work with greater rapidity and mental coordination than does the averageRays, 436:all disciples lead produces also a rapidity of mental interpretation which is essential to the saneRays, 441:disciple for initiation, and therefore with his mental life and attitudes. This statement might beRays, 441:itself primarily with two major aspects of his mental life and not with the life of relationRays, 441:the soul-infused personality - oriented upon the mental plane, brings into increasing rapport: HisRays, 442:concerned with form and with concrete mental presentations; it is concerned with a pictorial andRays, 445:the soul body on the higher levels of the mental plane before being precipitated into incarnation -Rays, 446:is beginning to be definitely focused upon mental levels, and when therefore his mind isRays, 446:building. This necessarily involves a strong mental attitude and reorientation of the mind toRays, 446:As the disciple begins to focus himself on the mental plane (and this is the prime intent of theRays, 446:of the meditation work), he starts working in mental matter and trains himself in the powers andRays, 451:From the physical and astral vehicles to the mental body. One terminus is anchored in the head, andRays, 453:and forms a strong closely woven thread upon the mental plane. [454] Rays, 454:bridge which the disciple builds from the lower mental plane - via the egoic, central vortex ofRays, 454:side between the manasic permanent atom and the mental unit, between the higher abstract mind andRays, 458:by the aspiring disciple upon the lower mental plane. There - esoterically speaking - "he takes hisRays, 459:of them into the "higher wider reaches" of the mental plane, until the abstract mind and the lowerRays, 459:relationships. You know well that upon the mental plane the three aspects of mind, or the threeRays, 459:aspects of mind, or the three focal points of mental perception and activity, are to be found: TheRays, 462:of the three aspects of mind upon [462] the mental plane. The cosmic implications will not be lostRays, 462:takes his stand with definiteness upon the mental plane, and keeps his "focus of awareness"Rays, 462:of the mind as they express themselves upon the mental plane and produce the varying states ofRays, 462:man stands firmly upon the lower levels of that mental plane; he is then faced by the sevenRays, 462:full self-consciousness - he has seven states of mental awareness [463] to develop; these are allRays, 463:- The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation Mental Plane Lower mental awareness. The developmentRays, 463:the Mysteries of Initiation Mental Plane Lower mental awareness. The development of true mentalRays, 463:Lower mental awareness. The development of true mental perception. Soul awareness or soulRays, 464:Response to evolution The note of Nature The mental plane which must be bridged is like a greatRays, 465:and must become defined and conditioned upon the mental plane. They are there to be foundRays, 465:principle. Buddhi-manas. The reflection in mental substance of the Monad. Spiritual love-wisdom.Rays, 466:focused stations or points of power upon the mental plane. In humanity, however, the majorRays, 466:who finally builds the antahkarana across the mental [467] plane connects or relates these threeRays, 467:the three divine aspects. This involves intense mental activity; it necessitates the power toRays, 467:a dramatic attempt to build the Lighted Way in mental substance. This mental substance is - as weRays, 467:build the Lighted Way in mental substance. This mental substance is - as we have seen - of threeRays, 468:focus of the personality life is then upon the mental plane, because the transmutation processRays, 468:recognition and application) is fundamentally a mental process. The personality is also beginningRays, 468:True love is rightly understood only by the mental type who is spiritually oriented. TheRays, 468:sense only when the focus of the life is in the mental vehicle and the head as well as the heart isRays, 469:eventuates in creating the antahkarana upon the mental plane. You will note that at this earlyRays, 471:speaking, and speaking in terms of the mental consciousness, the realization of duality is only toRays, 471:only to be found in the three worlds and on the mental plane. When the third initiation is taken,Rays, 475:be built by the aspirant who is focused upon the mental plane, because it is mental substance (inRays, 475:is focused upon the mental plane, because it is mental substance (in three grades) which must beRays, 475:permanent atom, the Son of Mind or Ego, and the mental unit - are all involved in the process.Rays, 478:is developed and unfolded and man becomes a mental creature. This produces the full activity of theRays, 478:creature. This produces the full activity of the mental unit, the integration of the three aspectsRays, 480:bridge which links the various aspects of the mental plane. These three aspects they must employRays, 480:physical plane is a complete reflection of the mental; the lowest three subplanes reflect theRays, 480:and the four etheric subplanes reflect the four mental concrete planes. The manifestation of theRays, 480:planes. The manifestation of the Ego on the mental plane (or the causal body) is not the result ofRays, 481:out. When the antahkarana is built, and the mental unit is superseded by the manasic permanentRays, 481:then the adept knows that the lower mind, the mental body, is also an illusion and is, for him,Rays, 484:when advanced people began to create upon the mental plane; they dreamed dreams; they saw a vision;Rays, 484:idea they gave form and became creators upon the mental plane; they became artists in some form ofRays, 485:the antahkarana the disciple has to work also on mental levels, and that which he there constructsRays, 486:Initiation 1. Intention. By this is not meant a mental decision, wish or determination. The idea isRays, 486:more literally the focusing of energy upon the mental plane at the point of greatest possibleRays, 487:common expression) into the highest point of his mental consciousness and holding them there in aRays, 487:energy, and second, towards the Triad. A mental understanding of the task to be carried out. ThisRays, 487:that the needed energies are confined within a mental ring-pass-not, prior to the later process ofRays, 488:will be found to be present a focal point of mental energy which previously had been non-existent;Rays, 488:Up to this point the activity has been of a mental nature. The creative imagination has beenRays, 488:has been occupied within the mind and upon mental levels, and has "looked neither up nor down." ButRays, 489:tension; it there and then produces effects in mental substance. The tension is thereby increased,Rays, 489:and attracted by the point of tension upon the mental plane. At this stage the disciple is occupiedRays, 490:activity of impression. The tension of the mental vehicle, as it holds the needed energy-substanceRays, 490:passes through the reservoir of force upon the mental plane - it produces an interior activity andRays, 491:in the center which he has constructed upon the mental plane, and is drawing all his resourcesRays, 491:of excessive tension by the focusing of the mental impulse (an aspect of the will), the discipleRays, 499:sense of completion, but a closing of a cycle of mental perfecting, preparatory to a cycle whereinRays, 499:be a blending in consciousness, following on a mental appreciation of the Christ principle and itsRays, 502:all streaming into the center of tension on the mental levels of the lower mind. He is aware of asRays, 503:activity of "impression." The tension of the mental body. The imaginative processes of the astralRays, 509:and creatively sent out or projected from the mental unit, as far as possible towards the SpiritualRays, 512:Towards the soul Towards the Spiritual Triad. A mental understanding of the work to be done isRays, 517:intense fluidity leads to many words or to great mental activity, frequently carried forward underRays, 517:to do. But when he has succeeded in achieving "mental silence" and is simply a point of intelligentRays, 524:Science of Invocation and Evocation to the mental plane and made possible a new approach toRays, 529:carried our study of the esoteric aspects of mental unfoldment to a point where we have lifted theRays, 530:of the mind aspect in its three phases upon the mental plane, and with their extension into statesRays, 531:be thus presented but will be enacted on the mental plane, through the medium of symbols and not
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