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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTAL

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Reappearance, 68:next step to be taken becoming clearer to his mental perception, and influencing his attitude toReappearance, 68:perception," in contradistinction to the mental perception which is the human counterpart. It mustReappearance, 74:The chaos, turmoil, emotional disturbance and mental unbalance found in the world today will beReappearance, 74:corresponding cycle of calm, emotional quiet and mental poise, thus releasing humanity into a newReappearance, 88:from humanity a gradual response to truth and mental understanding. That is why, at the end of theReappearance, 88:we have formulated doctrines and a widespread mental or intellectual development. Reappearance, 101:knowledge and His thought, called His mind or mental body. These, the legend says, will be assumedReappearance, 101:supplementing Christ's Own emotional and mental equipment and providing Him with what He needs asReappearance, 102:of human evolution - physical, emotional and mental - have achieved control of the physical levelReappearance, 102:emotional-feeling nature, and have attained mental understanding and finally enlightenment. TheReappearance, 119:building suitable physical, emotional and [119] mental vehicles through which to learn the nextReappearance, 119:and directed from the soul level, upon the mental plane. Souls incarnate in groups, cyclically,Reappearance, 119:Law of Rebirth, is largely conditioned by the mental principle for "as a man thinketh in his heart,Reappearance, 126:of awareness and into new realms or spheres of mental and spiritual consciousness, during the nextReappearance, 128:levels of awareness (physical, emotional and mental) and - through that livingness - bringing intoReappearance, 133:Within the world of illusion, the world of the mental plane, appeared the Christ, the Lord of LoveReappearance, 135:the astral plane [135] by the Buddha, and on the mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. ItReappearance, 139:organizations of a religious nature? Why does Mental Science, the Unity Movement and the NewReappearance, 144:by any name that man may choose according to his mental or emotional bent, racial tradition andReappearance, 185:women throughout the world should break down the mental barriers existing between races, nationsSoul, 15:context, the development of which constitutes mental life. Opposed to this belief and altogetherSoul, 25:by introspection; deny its reality and hold that mental processes function without any suchSoul, 28:self, functioning in its own little world of mental, emotional and physical activities, or theSoul, 36:the bodily build is indisputable; and the mental outlook - the 'behavior complexes' - of theSoul, 41:mentioned, but confining our discussion to their mental and psychic effects. 1. The Pineal Gland -Soul, 44:development there will also be pronounced mental activity and endurance. It seems to have a verySoul, 44:a very close connection with our emotional and mental qualities. [45] The pituitary, as we haveSoul, 45:Personality, p. 178. Dr. Berman also adds, "Mental activity is accompanied by increased function ofSoul, 47:the "mobilization of energy for physical and mental purposes. It has two secretions, both insulin,Soul, 50:all human reactions - physical, emotional and mental - to sex and sex alone, and, back of everySoul, 51:and intangible processes, called emotions and mental concepts, are accounted for in terms ofSoul, 58:on three, the physical, the emotional and the mental. He is on the threshold of the recognition ofSoul, 70:in this chapter, - physical, sentient and mental, - form a coordinated unity for the first time inSoul, 71:future of the race by the aid of a sound mental hygiene. After the era of the charlatans has goneSoul, 75:in their turn, held that the soul (with all the mental faculties) was separable from the body,Soul, 88:animal spirits, whose functions were distinctly mental." - Hollander, Bernard, M.D., In Search ofSoul, 94:matter: Prana or life matter Psychic matter Mental matter Spiritual matter and it becomes apparentSoul, 97:The sumtotal of all force in the universe, mental or physical when resolved back to its originalSoul, 106:those of matter and those of the sentient mental nature, to the highest of the three energies, theSoul, 107:of the entire man, physical, sentient, and mental, and then a conscious unification with theSoul, 107:the Universal Spirit by certain physical and mental exercises. Yoga is the science which raises theSoul, 117:it a mere function of the brain. The fact that mental consciousness is affected or disappears withSoul, 119:by type, and the quality of the emotional and mental consciousness. According, then, to theSoul, 131:lower nature, the sumtotal of psychical and mental states. Through this method it is possible toSoul, 132:means, and there are those who are more purely mental in caliber, and who have utilized theSoul, 133:thus arriving at a knowledge of the mechanism, mental, emotional and physical, through which theSoul, 137:vague sensitiveness usually disappears as the mental faculties are developed. Later on, when theSoul, 141:pituitary body is the seat of the emotional and mental characteristics. In one lobe the reasoningSoul, 148:communication from mind to mind, which is mental telepathy, and that much rarer form ofSoul, 148:writings of the world, and has guided the mental processes of the great inventors and scientists,Soul, 157:woman being as yet emotionally centered, and the mental equipment (so necessary in true creativeTelepathy, 2:of energy, held in relation to the emotional and mental bodies and to the soul by theirTelepathy, 3:to that inner group of Thinkers Who, working in mental matter, control from the subjective side ofTelepathy, 4:of the planetary Hierarchy according to His mental bias and equipment, and the immediate needsTelepathy, 6:nature, he will discover the universality of the mental principle which is the first exotericTelepathy, 6:the same type of ideas and who react to the same mental impulse, simultaneously with himself.Telepathy, 6:of the first law produces results in the mind or mental body. The understanding of the second lawTelepathy, 6:through the strengthening of a man's own mental reaction by the mental reaction of others,Telepathy, 6:of a man's own mental reaction by the mental reaction of others, similarly receptive. It will beTelepathy, 8:undeveloped human being and the unthinking, non mental man or woman can be and often areTelepathy, 9:the solar plexus person has in it something of mental substance or energy. Pure feeling andTelepathy, 9:investigation is at this time concerned. Only mental types are involved, and the more that emotionTelepathy, 10:will be endeavoring to enter into rapport with a mental type. From this will result only confusion.Telepathy, 10:or one party is intensively occupied with some mental problem and is encased in a wall ofTelepathy, 14:We have, therefore: Instinctual telepathy. Mental telepathy. Intuitional telepathy. I would remindTelepathy, 16:enumerated above: instinctual telepathy, mental telepathy, and intuitional telepathy. These threeTelepathy, 17:this spiritual possibility, but at the same time Mental Telepathy is becoming increasingly [18]Telepathy, 18:of instinctual telepathy and the beginning of mental telepathy. This manifests, however, veryTelepathy, 18:The throat center is primarily involved where mental telepathy is concerned; there is alsoTelepathy, 19:- train travel, stations everywhere - telegraph Mental telepathy - ocean travel, ports on theTelepathy, 20:People today do not know whence various mental impressions come, and this greatly enhances theTelepathy, 20:of life at this time and increases the mental problem of thousands. Telepathic work from heart toTelepathy, 21:with the lower reflection, the personality. This mental sensitivity and rapport between soul andTelepathy, 21:for a long time relatively inchoate on the mental plane. That which is sensed remains too vague orTelepathy, 24:What is "public opinion," so called, but vague mental reactions by the mass of men beginning toTelepathy, 24:mass of men beginning to grope their way on the mental plane, to the activity and play of moreTelepathy, 26:The double line of contact must be that of mental energy and brain electrical energy. The magneticTelepathy, 26:will distinguish the new age. There must also be mental development and mental control. This formTelepathy, 26:age. There must also be mental development and mental control. This form of telepathy is not aTelepathy, 27:is sufficiently conditioned by the integrated mental person so that he is aware of and inclusive ofTelepathy, 27:so that he is aware of and inclusive of the mental state and thought processes of another person.Telepathy, 27:mentioned above. The idea, thought-form. or mental impression which must be recorded in the brainTelepathy, 28:of his conscious love for you. 2. By the use of mental energy through the effort to polarizeTelepathy, 28:through the effort to polarize yourself upon the mental levels of consciousness. By a definite actTelepathy, 28:of the will you lift your consciousness onto the mental plane and hold it there. This action is aTelepathy, 30:or in the rush of ill-regulated [30] mental energy or brain radiation which negates efforts.Telepathy, 31:underlying purpose and teaching value, and its mental appeal. Study its very being and identifyTelepathy, 33:Age. As the race achieves increasingly a mental polarization through the developing attractiveTelepathy, 33:through the developing attractive power of the mental principle, the use of language for theTelepathy, 33:the masses and those not functioning upon the mental plane. Already voiceless prayer and aspirationTelepathy, 33:definition of the new science of telepathy. Mental comprehension and mental sympathy will make trueTelepathy, 33:science of telepathy. Mental comprehension and mental sympathy will make true interplay possible,Telepathy, 34:Sensitivity to the thoughts of others through mental rapport with them upon the plane of mind. [35]Telepathy, 39:emphasis, any personality pressure and any mental pressure which is formulated in terms ofTelepathy, 39:in a group, to force an issue, to bring so much mental pressure to bear that an individual or groupTelepathy, 41:(more or less accurate) to the vibratory mental activity of some other mind or group of minds, ofTelepathy, 49:bulk of humanity is focused) on to the levels of mental perception. You will understand,Telepathy, 49:to the higher impressions and active in the mental creation of the needed thought-forms. The mind,Telepathy, 49:subject it to the concretizing effect of mental activity, produce the required form, and this, whenTelepathy, 49:and eventually found its place upon the mental plane. You will see also why disciples and world
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