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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTALLY

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Astrology, 232:will only happen when all men are polarized mentally and will take place and constitute theAstrology, 307:he must also be a trained occultist, mentally polarized and profoundly aware of the realities,Astrology, 367:by Gemini, that the final release can be mentally achieved. Ponder upon this statement, for inAstrology, 569:from the astral plane; he is awake and active mentally and as a functioning personality. But heAstrology, 571:their attempt to tread the occult way. They are mentally focused in their attitude; the higher wayAstrology, 587:in what manner aspirants and disciples who are mentally polarized can focus that will and safelyAtom, 104:responding to much outer stimuli; they are not mentally alive. One notices it, also, in children;Atom, 105:we are most of us intensely selfish, and only mentally interested in the things that are going onAutobiography, X:should have had to suffer - for she did suffer mentally and emotionally as well as physically. IAutobiography, 3:and circumstance, and when one remains [3] mentally quiescent in the face of life. That isAutobiography, 104:a man as gifted - spiritually, physically and mentally - as Walter Evans. It was not surprising,Autobiography, 111:I felt completely isolated, culturally and mentally and spiritually. It seemed to me that there wasAutobiography, 115:there in order to find out whether be was mentally right or not. Fortunately for me, the doctorAutobiography, 166:me that I was in no danger, either physically or mentally, and that I had the opportunity of doingDestiny, 122:the astral plane and undeveloped as they are mentally - they misinterpret to themselves and forDestiny, 133:undertaken synthesis and integration, mentally motivated and produced. The history of ChristianityDiscipleship1, XI:control of their own souls and are, therefore, mentally focused and attuned, are eligible for theDiscipleship1, 47:recognize relationships, quick to react to need, mentally, emotionally and physically attentive toDiscipleship1, 63:been disseminated in the world by the process of mentally impressing the mind of some [64] discipleDiscipleship1, 70:and illusion. We seek to control them today mentally and theoretically. But only the energy ofDiscipleship1, 111:they can be unfolded safely by the man who is mentally polarized and rightly oriented towardsDiscipleship1, 120:in the case of all aspirants thus conditioned mentally, the paramount cause of their non-magneticDiscipleship1, 151:physical or emotional form, you have not got it mentally. You are among those who take the kingdomDiscipleship1, 191:through which body you will work. Will you be mentally magnetic, and stimulate the mental bodies ofDiscipleship1, 192:the weak place in your alignment. When you are mentally alert, which is quite often, a temporaryDiscipleship1, 198:of achieving illumination? Can I see myself mentally as standing in the light of my soul and do IDiscipleship1, 229:by the inflow of love and light. They are mentally recognized crises of inclusiveness. These leadDiscipleship1, 231:He chants: I stand in love for ever. Then mentally carry your group brothers into the light and seeDiscipleship1, 282:life work, esoterically speaking, consists in mentally arresting and stimulating the thinkers andDiscipleship1, 312:one of your major assets in group work. You are mentally magnetic, and through a controlled astralDiscipleship1, 355:line. You work with energy and, actually and mentally, you are fairly well controlled andDiscipleship1, 370:or between you and your co-disciples. Mentally, you always understand and are inclusive. I do notDiscipleship1, 398:from any registration of joy? Can I see myself mentally, unbiased by any reaction from theDiscipleship1, 430:detached emotionally from any event? Can I see mentally, unbiased by any reaction from theDiscipleship1, 444:which may not be desirable? Can I observe myself mentally, unbiased by any reaction from theDiscipleship1, 457:you during the past twelve months. Physically, mentally and emotionally, you have been tried andDiscipleship1, 531:as yet entirely unrealized by yourself, either mentally or in fact. It is this hidden somethingDiscipleship1, 582:a planetary range in their thoughts. Then work - mentally and physically - within these limits. TheDiscipleship1, 589:distrust and criticism. Secondly, you are mentally and spiritually ambitious and yet you do notDiscipleship1, 604:to intricate and devious thought. Seek to live mentally much more simply. Ask and look for nothingDiscipleship1, 622:troubles of others with greater sensitivity. Mentally, you grasp a situation rapidly; mentally andDiscipleship1, 622:Mentally, you grasp a situation rapidly; mentally and by the use of sound speech, you respond toDiscipleship1, 623:you is a series of long normal breaths, saying mentally as you inhale: "I gather life andDiscipleship1, 623:life and strength." As you exhale, you will say mentally: "In love I send them forth." Thus theDiscipleship1, 680:borne in mind. The world need must be approached mentally and spiritually and not emotionally. SoDiscipleship1, 695:could be admitted into the Ashrams and so be mentally and astrally en rapport with the inner groupDiscipleship1, 719:definitely Aryan in their state of awareness, mentally focused and occupied with the future, areDiscipleship1, 759:respond to the Master's mind. He is, therefore, mentally aware of the content of the Master's mind.Discipleship2, 28:moves northward she too will be working entirely mentally. They are both of them of real service toDiscipleship2, 37:and its life? If you will do this, and thus mentally free yourselves, you can and will go on to aDiscipleship2, 55:the following activities, which require to be mentally grasped by the group: 1. That certainDiscipleship2, 115:controlled aspiration - deliberately stimulated, mentally appreciated, and emotionally propelled. IDiscipleship2, 116:in the region of the ajna center. This is done mentally. When this has been achieved and realized,Discipleship2, 146:when opportunity offers. Think the idea through mentally, emotionally, and practically, thusDiscipleship2, 243:present period as successfully - emotionally, mentally and spiritually - as possible. It goes farDiscipleship2, 289:the result of thought, and though these may be mentally grasped by the intelligent disciple, theyDiscipleship2, 295:for two reasons: Men are rapidly awakening mentally. The whole world is thinking, primarily alongDiscipleship2, 295:last analysis was all that was required, because mentally polarized aspirants to acceptedDiscipleship2, 296:exist primarily for that purpose. But the [296] mentally focused humanity of today cannot beDiscipleship2, 353:free agent, moving forward and becoming mentally inclusive, as rapidly or as slowly as he chooses.Discipleship2, 369:of Light must always be established by you mentally, alongside that of the revelation itself. IDiscipleship2, 428:plane. Because of this also, everybody who is mentally centered and controlled, as well asDiscipleship2, 496:form." Then sound the OM three times: Sound it mentally, breathing forth radiance on to the mentalDiscipleship2, 523:for you - physically, emotionally and mentally. Owing to the dominance of the first ray in yourDiscipleship2, 572:personality. Seek to tune in on world need mentally and not emotionally; add to your service inDiscipleship2, 627:for ten minutes to get into touch spiritually, mentally and emotionally with one or other of yourDiscipleship2, 643:accepted disciple, however, is suffering also mentally and to this must be added his capacity toDiscipleship2, 650:would remind you that pain, when it is lived out mentally for others, is the worst kind of pain.Discipleship2, 655:agony and distress for you, both physically and mentally. You have endured almost to the limit - inDiscipleship2, 656:than glamor is your major difficulty for you are mentally polarized. [657] Discipleship2, 686:place of love of the part. Take up the position mentally of the Observer. Your fourth ray mindDiscipleship2, 759:need for you to travel alone - spiritually and mentally speaking. From other angles you travel notEducation, 56:angle and the whole subject will be approached mentally, and not so definitely (as is the caseEducation, 67:when the student is intelligently polarized and mentally focused; it is only useful when theEducation, 72:wisely developed, highly intelligent and mentally directed human being. The trouble with theEducation, 136:and of sex hygiene and the development of mentally controlled relationships will steadily grow.Externalisation, 32:and the state of consciousness of the mentally polarized people of the race, of the intelligentsiaExternalisation, 43:of average humanity. When healers can work mentally, they deal with the causes of disease and notExternalisation, 108:is today further advanced spiritually and mentally than might appear from external happenings. TheExternalisation, 204:battling together, they will take their stand, mentally and spiritually, even if they are notExternalisation, 265:the conscious activity of the whole man, working mentally, emotionally and most emphaticallyExternalisation, 265:a difficulty. Those people today who work only mentally or who sit and send thoughts of loveExternalisation, 328:everywhere are organizing for the rebuilding (mentally, psychically and physically) of our worldExternalisation, 338:a time of crisis," hence made its appeal to the mentally focused aspirants and disciples. I amExternalisation, 356:of material force. Italy, individualistic and mentally polarized, is the expression of worldExternalisation, 381:engrossing. The man who loves his fellowmen is mentally poised and intelligently working; he isExternalisation, 391:personalities of men everywhere are engaged and mentally, emotionally and physically they are allExternalisation, 432:to this mystery. Glamor holds not those who are mentally and emotionally undeveloped; they areExternalisation, 465:May (Taurus) if the demand is strong enough, is mentally powerful and adequately focused. TheseExternalisation, 623:full of pain, bewilderment, disturbance, yet mentally aware of infinite possibilities, emotionallyExternalisation, 680:This attitude has now widened in its approach mentally, by the many diversified disciples in theFire, 172:reached a stage of very high development [172] mentally, corresponding to the fifth root-race, orFire, 1012:and abstractions which are, in the process, mentally clothed and vehicled, are pictured a fewGlamour, 111:of the day, but which they themselves do not mentally understand. That which they demand of beauty,Glamour, 126:deceived and until he is somewhat free mentally, it is not possible for him to face the waitingGlamour, 132:inevitably. The imposition of these humanly and mentally interpreted ideas in the form of limitedGlamour, 146:and cherished beliefs of those to whom you are mentally opposed (often under the guise of aGlamour, 163:of material force. Italy, individualistic and mentally polarized, is the expression of worldGlamour, 196:by such mystics as Meister Eckhart and the more mentally polarized modern esotericist. These latterGlamour, 212:up glamor in his individual life, he should be mentally polarized by decision and effort even if
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