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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MENTIONED

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Healing, 524:necessary characteristics of the healer are mentioned and certain needed requirements areHealing, 597:three conditioning rays, making the five above mentioned: the mind ray, the ray of the astral bodyHealing, 599:which is below to that which is above." I have mentioned this phase of mankind's relation to theHealing, 601:thousands of years) between the type of healing mentioned above and the work of a less advancedHealing, 605:There is, however, a third possibility mentioned here which is slower, but in practically everyHealing, 646:work quite differently to either of the methods mentioned above. They are: Certain healers - fewHealing, 673:and also by the practice of what I have earlier mentioned: Divine Indifference. A Completed PointHealing, 705:technique. The [705] quiet, peace and silence mentioned above refer not only to physicalHercules, 87:for "crab". It was regarded as unclean and not mentioned. So is the material form regarded from theHercules, 223:his people." Scorpio, the Serpent or Adder Dan Mentioned twice as two sons are assigned to Gemini.Initiation, 9:involved. Take, for instance, the word first mentioned. Many are the definitions, and many are theInitiation, 58:take as many pupils as do the Masters previously mentioned. He is at present handling the majorityInitiation, 60:One other Master may here be briefly mentioned, the Master Serapis, frequently called the Egyptian.Initiation, 78:more characteristics of this stage might here be mentioned: The aspirant has an appreciation of theInitiation, 105:This conference took place at Shamballa. This is mentioned to show the close scrutiny given toInitiation, 188:relation between it and the Pleiades can only be mentioned, further speculation being impossible.Initiation, 197:retain their full physical energies on the diet mentioned in the preceding paragraph, but there theIntellect, 225:the lower nature - linked by the "silver cord" mentioned in the Christian Bible, the sutratma orIntellect, 257:Another result of over-stimulation might be mentioned. People find themselves becomingMagic, 46:objective man can be responsive to: The above mentioned types of force. Energies generated in andMagic, 74:various factors, which are too numerous to be mentioned here but which the student will find itMagic, 134:watch as they seek to be of use should here be mentioned: They must guard against over-emphasizingMagic, 174:used to cover the name. The six stages above mentioned have been paraphrased for occidentalMagic, 229:and he becomes then aware of the two paths, mentioned in our rule. One path leads back into theMagic, 317:to the Portal of Initiation. When first mentioned, it sounds of small moment, and to bring theMagic, 337:mechanistic and the introspective or subjective mentioned above, a third will manifest which willMagic, 381:Greece and many others. 9. Three things might be mentioned: The relatively low point of evolutionMagic, 453:to give the mantric words and phrases which are mentioned in Rule XI. They would be profoundlyMagic, 526:can become aware of the first type of energy, mentioned above. This energy of sentientMeditationalignment is fourfold and when the three above mentioned bodies are aligned with the body of theMeditation, 23:In this letter I deal only with the three above mentioned points. I deal, therefore, with thePatanjali, 11:modifications. These forms are the modifications mentioned in the various translations, conveyingPatanjali, 37:stages of meditation dealt with by Patanjali are mentioned as they give a clue to the entirePatanjali, 49:the Buddha, and in the Lord of the World, Who is mentioned in the Bible as the Ancient of Days,Patanjali, 81:centers. There are seven methods of attainment mentioned and therefore we can infer that the sevenPatanjali, 246:what he chooses. The four types of objects mentioned above carry the aspirant gradually inwards andPatanjali, 267:reader, that if meditation in its three above mentioned stages is carried forward correctly, allPatanjali, 300:body "not made by hands, eternal in the heavens" mentioned by St. Paul. In connection with thePatanjali, 304:section of the book, five of these centers are mentioned and they are the five which most closelyPatanjali, 357:II. Sutra 45, and intermediate to the condition mentioned there and that referred to in Book IV.Psychology1, 414:energy which is a combination of the two above mentioned, fire and water. The human kingdom isPsychology2, 62:recognized and can, therefore, be very briefly mentioned: 1. The soul informs the mechanism in twoPsychology2, 67:bridge on the mental plane" between the above mentioned three aspects. For the race of men as aPsychology2, 81:different in its technique to that of the two mentioned above. It might be said that the note whichPsychology2, 103:of consciousness is elsewhere. In the cases mentioned above, and where the antahkarana is not aPsychology2, 177:this importance? Some of the effects earlier mentioned in the initial discussion of this fifth lawPsychology2, 183:of the ancient Mysteries, and some of the groups mentioned previously in Letters on OccultPsychology2, 227:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and occasionally mentioned in the other writings. Modern science hasPsychology2, 236:they emerge in the human consciousness, are here mentioned because they must be recognized, and allPsychology2, 261:1525) were to be averted. The bad effects above mentioned are indicative of the difficultiesPsychology2, 330:of the approaches which have previously been mentioned in connection with such episodes in humanPsychology2, 341:with its three types of techniques previously mentioned, which are the techniques of integration,Psychology2, 358:later, but at this point a fact should be mentioned which has not hitherto been emphasized orPsychology2, 423:responsible for anti-social groups. I have mentioned only three of many possible recognitions butPsychology2, 445:is struggling against the imposed dominance, mentioned above. These can be either: Varying aspectsPsychology2, 530:This is of a different nature to the first mentioned. Sex becomes a dominating thought in thePsychology2, 650:for what they are, hence the religious field is mentioned last. It is encouraging for us toPsychology2, 653:result of a growing awareness of the two above mentioned groups, the masses, as a whole, will bePsychology2, 712:deeper in your reaction than those I have mentioned, then these teachings are not for you, for theRays, 199:is the Law. These higher veiling factors can be mentioned and enumerated, but more informationRays, 220:here is where the efficacy of the fourth quality mentioned by me appears. The group, at this stage,Rays, 250:and initiates. It might be useful here if I mentioned one or two of these new aspects of theRays, 251:Section of her day, to regret ever having mentioned Their names. That earlier presentation wasRays, 252:to the heads of the Theosophical Society, was mentioned very abstractly and vaguely in The SecretRays, 287:a certain extent. They know that the listening mentioned has naught to do with the sense ofRays, 359:flow through and create the four above mentioned planes and thus determine the nature of theRays, 424:in connection with the second Path. Nothing is mentioned in my earlier presentation of the sevenRays, 515:form I can give you for the word-form earlier mentioned. A little deep reflection on these wordsRays, 543:with the Hierarchy as a whole. It might be mentioned, in clarification somewhat of this ratherRays, 579:a triple reaction to the two streams of energy mentioned above: The unfoldment of the mentalRays, 690:he belongs. Both this energy and the one above mentioned are necessarily the energy of his soul rayRays, 701:in the scheme of things can here be noted. As I mentioned earlier, the initiate now works fromRays, 735:eighth and ninth initiations. Some of Them, as I mentioned earlier, aid the initiate of the seventhReappearance, 83:Age, whilst as the center of the Triangle above mentioned, He influences, enlightens, and producesReappearance, 92:be found working in all the fields of activity mentioned above. Reappearance, 96:of love. It is through the Triangle, earlier mentioned, that the energy of will eventually will beSoul, 38:especially, what are the ductless glands often mentioned? Dr. Cobb tells us: "Glands may be dividedSoul, 41:Behavior We shall now consider the seven glands mentioned, but confining our discussion to theirTelepathy, 21:They are possibilities only when the four above mentioned groups of telepathic impression areTelepathy, 21:in telepathic communication with other souls, as mentioned under our fourth heading. This is theTelepathy, 27:responds to or is receptive to the dual energies mentioned above. The idea, thought-form. or mentalTelepathy, 35:as well as individually. All the activities mentioned above must constitute group activity. InTelepathy, 75:these messages and it might be useful if I here mentioned some of them; what I have to say mayTelepathy, 88:are definitely mental in nature. With this last mentioned type of communication, there will beTelepathy, 99:This takes time and vast effort. Eventually - as mentioned above - the radiation of the soul isTelepathy, 100:lead finally to the substitution which I have mentioned above. This is an aspect of the truth which
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